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Demon Hunter

This is a collection of 24 auras:

SigilofFlameOffCD (icon)
SigilofFlameBorderOffCD (texture)
SigilofFlameBorderOnCD (texture)
SigilofFlameGloss (texture)
SigilofFlameCDCircle (progresstexture)
SigilofFlameOnCDTimer (text)
SigilofSilenceOffCD (icon)
SigilofSilenceBorderOffCD (texture)
SigilofSilenceBorderOnCD (texture)
SigilofSilenceGloss (texture)
SigilofSilenceCDCircle (progresstexture)
SigilofSilenceOnCDTimer (text)
SigilofMiseryOffCD (icon)
SigilofMiseryBorderOffCD (texture)
SigilofMiseryBorderOnCD (texture)
SigilofMiseryGloss (texture)
SigilofMiseryCDCircle (progresstexture)
SigilofMiseryOnCDTimer (text)
SigilofChainsOffCD (icon)
SigilofChainsBorderOffCD (texture)
SigilofChainsBorderOnCD (texture)
SigilofChainsGloss (texture)
SigilofChainsCDCircle (progresstexture)
SigilofChainsOnCDTimer (text)

This Weak Aura includes custom functions.

Posted by Godcrow 4 months ago. Reply 2017-06-06 19:59
hey sloot..was wondering how i can increase the size of the sigils without fucking up everything else