Vengeance DH Weakauras

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Demon Hunter

This is a collection of 35 auras:

Sigil of Flame (progresstexture)
Silence (progresstexture)
Misery (progresstexture)
Soul Fragments (icon)
Demon Spikes (progresstexture)
Soul Carver (icon)
Soul carver (icon)
Immolation Aura (icon)
Immolation Aura 2 (icon)
Metamorphosis (icon)
Metamorphosis 2 (icon)
Pain (progresstexture)
Pain 2 (text)
Soul Barrier (icon)
Soul Barrier 2 (icon)
Demonic Infusion (icon)
Demonic Infusion 3 (icon)
Consume Magic (icon)
Consume Magic 2 (icon)
Fiery Brand (icon)
Fiery Brand 2 (icon)
Throw Glaive (icon)
Throw Glaive 2 (icon)
Demon Spikes 2 (text)
Fel Devastation (icon)
Fel Devastation (icon)
Empower Wards (icon)
Empower Wards 2 (icon)
Spirit Bomb Cooldown (icon)
Spirit Bomb Ready (icon)
Last Resort Cooldown (icon)
Last Resort Ready (icon)
Torment (icon)
Torment 2 (icon)
JUmp (model)

This Weak Aura includes custom functions.



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