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Restoration ShamanHealing

This is a collection of 29 auras:

RS:Riptide Charge 2 (icon)
RS:Riptide Charge 2 Combat (icon)
RS:Riptide Charge 1 (icon)
RS:Riptide CD (icon)
RS:Riptide CD <5s (icon)
RS:UL (icon)
RS:UL Active (icon)
RS:UL CD (icon)
RS:UL CD <5s (icon)
RS:HST Charge 2 (icon)
RS:HST Charge 2 Combat (icon)
RS:HST Charge 1 (icon)
RS:HST CD (icon)
RS:HST CD <5s (icon)
RS:GotQ (icon)
RS:GotQ CD (icon)
RS:GotQ CD <5s (icon)
RS:CBT (icon)
RS:CBT Active (icon)
RS:CBT CD (icon)
RS:CBT CD <5s (icon)
RS:AG (icon)
RS:AG Active (icon)
RS:AG CD (icon)
RS:AG CD <5s (icon)
RS:Ascendance (icon)
RS:Ascendance Active (icon)
RS:Ascendance CD (icon)
RS:Ascendance CD <5s (icon)



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