Standard Eggo Waffle

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Keep the waffles frozen until you are ready to use the toaster, since defrosted waffles end up soggy. Read the manufacturer's instructions for your toaster to determine the right temperature setting. Typically, the lowest setting provides the best temperature for waffles.

Place your waffles in the toaster slots as you would two slices of bread. Depress the heating lever, and wait for the waffles to pop up. For added crispness, put the waffles back in the toaster for a minute or less, and disengage the lever once they reach their ideal temperature. Dialing the temperature setting to off releases the waffles automatically.

Enjoy with a dollop of butter and some drizzled room-temperature maple syrup. For best results allow butter to melt before eating.

Posted by Ilraei 14 days ago. Reply 2017-05-09 06:13
this guide is from 7.1 is it still relevant in 7.2??