Impetus - ToS - The Desolate Host - v1.4

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The Desolate Host

This is a collection of 9 auras:

Shattering Scream (icon)
Spear of Anguish (icon)
Tormented Cries (icon)
Soulbind (icon)
doomed sundering RUN (text)
doomed sundering SOAK (text)
sundering doom RUN (text)
sundering doom SOAK (text)

Also includes:
Bonecage Armor WA from salty - https://wago.io/HkBylEYLW
Spear of Anguish Immunity Check WA from Causese - https://wago.io/HyyDdB5B-#

This Weak Aura includes custom functions.


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