DH (Vengeance)

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Vengeance Demon Hunter

Updated 11/20/2016

Weakaura created specifically for myself, power bar not included (using ElvUI for pain bar)

Left green is felblade available/proc
purple spikes are demon spikes
big green progress bar is meta
little green progress bar is empower wards
right purple progress bar is feast of souls

This is a collection of 55 auras:

Soul Fragments (icon)
Soul Fragments (none) (icon)
Immolation Aura (icon)
Immolation Aura (CD) (icon)
Sigil of Flame (icon)
Sigil of Flame CD (icon)
Demon Spikes 2 (icon)
Demon Spikes 2 NoPain (icon)
Demon Spikes 1 (icon)
Demon Spikes 1 NoPain (icon)
Demon Spikes 0 (icon)
Infernal Strike 2 (icon)
Infernal Strike 1 (icon)
Infernal Strike CD (icon)
Metamorphosis (icon)
Metamorphosis CD (icon)
Fiery Brand (icon)
Fiery Brand CD (icon)
Empower Wards (icon)
Empower Wards CD (icon)
Sigil of Silence (icon)
Sigil of Silence CD (icon)
Sigil of Misery (icon)
Sigil of Misery CD (icon)
Consume Magic (icon)
Consume Magic CD (icon)
Torment (icon)
Torment CD (icon)
Soul Cleave Dump (icon)
Soul Cleave (icon)
Soul Cleave NoPain1 (icon)
Arcane Torrent (icon)
Arcane Torrent CD (icon)
Felblade (icon)
Felblade CD (icon)
Soul Carver (icon)
Soul Carver CD (icon)
Sigil of Chains (icon)
Sigil of Chains CD (icon)
Fel Eruption (icon)
Fel Eruption CD (icon)
Fel Devastation (icon)
Fel Devastation CD (icon)
Soul Barrier (icon)
Soul Barrier CD (icon)
Demon Spikes On (progresstexture)
Meta Active (progresstexture)
Empower Wards Up (progresstexture)
Immo Aura On (progresstexture)
Felbadle Texture 1 (texture)
Feast of Souls (progresstexture)
Spirit Bomb (icon)
Spirit Bomb Up (icon)
Last resort (icon)
Last resort CD (icon)


Posted by Hikerike a year ago. Reply 2016-10-09 11:03
Awesome! Now this is going to be so awefull of me but could you add in a aura for Soul barrier? Maybe something that shows how much the shield will absorb if i cast it now , and when i have the shield how much health the shield has left. Great WA anyway!