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Weak Aura Strings That Offer A Rotation Helping Module, Along With CD's. These Are Not My Weak Auras, Just A Collection Of My Favorites. Thank You To The Creators! You guys rock!

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Dëlix Monk UI
WEAKAURA Updated Jul 28th 2017 User Dëlix Views 9,184 Comments 2 Stars 8
This UI was created with inspiration from Birg's Monk UI ( ).

To get the full effect from it; 3 additional texture files are required to display the class specialization icons. You can download the zip file here :

Unzip the file and copy the "media" folder to your World of Warcraft Interface directory. The path should look similar to this C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\media\*.tga

Installation Guide :

The purpose of these WA are primarily to create a pleasing and interesting UI. For cooldown/buff tracking please install these additional WA groups :

Dëlix Monk CD1:
Dëlix Monk CD2:
Dëlix Monk CD3:

Last Update : 28/07/2017

-New ISB Charge tracking
-Handful of new animations
-Enhanced visibility for others

-Replaced Spell Name with Spell ID whenever possible (exceptions Soothing Mist, Fists of Fury, Crackling Jade Lightning).
-Made Mistweaver animations smaller.
-various miscellaneous fixes

-Target HP shouldn't display a variable anymore when a target dies.
-Target Power should now display for all Specilizations but ONLY in combat.
-Target Power is now a Progress Texture and not a Progress Bar to fit with the rest of the UI.
-Chi changed model for better visibility.
-Added % Mana display for Mistweaver at the bottom of the class orb.
-The WA Group shouldn't load in Pet Battles anymore.


This is a collection of 83 auras:

Monk Background (texture)
Monk Health deficit 2 (progresstexture)
Monk Castbar (progresstexture)
Monk Castbar 2 (progresstexture)
Player HP (text)
Target HP (text)
Target Power (progresstexture)
Brewmaster (texture)
Brewmaster 2 (progresstexture)
Brewmaster 3 (model)
Brewmaster 4 (model)
Brewmaster Player (progresstexture)
Brewmaster Target (progresstexture)
Ironskin Brew (aurabar)
Keg Smash (model)
Keg Smash 2 (model)
Breath of Fire 3 (model)
Breath of Fire 2 (model)
Breath of Fire 1 (model)
Niuzao (model)
Expel Harm (model)
Zen Meditation (model)
Fortifying Brew (model)
ISB 3 (progresstexture)
ISB 3.2 (progresstexture)
ISB 2 (progresstexture)
ISB 2.2 (progresstexture)
ISB 1 (progresstexture)
ISB 1.2 (progresstexture)
ISB Spark (progresstexture)
ISB Spark 2 (progresstexture)
ISB Spark 3 (progresstexture)
ISB Spark 4 (progresstexture)
ISB Glow (model)
ISB Glow 2 (model)
ISB Glow 3 (model)
Mistweaver (texture)
Mistweaver 2 (progresstexture)
Mistweaver 3 (model)
Mistweaver 4 (model)
Mistweaver 5 (text)
Mistweaver Player (progresstexture)
Mistweaver Target (progresstexture)
Soothing Mist (model)
Life Cocoon (model)
Effuse (model)
Enveloping Mist (model)
Renewing Mist (model)
Revival (model)
Fortifying Brew 2 (model)
Teaching of the Monastery (texture)
Teaching of the Monastery 2 (texture)
Teaching of the Monastery 3 (texture)
ChiJi (model)
Thunder Focus Tea (model)
Mana Tea (model)
Windwalker (texture)
Windwalker 2 (progresstexture)
Windwalker 4 (model)
Windwalker 3 (model)
Windwalker Player (progresstexture)
Windwalker Target (progresstexture)
Storm, Earth, and Fire (progresstexture)
Flying Serpent Kick (model)
Fists of Fury (model)
Touch of Karma (model)
Touch of Death (model)
Touch of Death 2 (model)
Serenity (model)
Xuen (model)
Diffuse Magic (model)
Dampen Harm (model)
Rising Sun Kick (model)
Leg Sweep (model)
Blackout (model)
Tiger Palm (model)
Crackling Jade Lightning (model)
Paralysis (model)
Chi (model)
Chi 2 (model)
Chi 3 (model)
Chi 4 (model)
Chi 5 (texture)
Brewmaster MonkMistweaver MonkWindwalker Monk
Disc Priest PvP HUD
WEAKAURA Updated Jul 8th 2017 User User-595f8eb3555da5385 Views 1,723 Comments 0 Stars 2
HUD containing just about everything needed for Disc priest minus a few select talents

Top bar tracks your Fade CD and the duration of the damage reduction from you artifact trait
Second bar is an atonement counter with the duration of the next expiring atonement shown, if the bar is flashing, you don't have your own atonement on yourself
Third bar shows as solid but is only visible when healing your target would give twist of fate, then counts down the duration of the buff

Texture over HUD for Power of the Dark Side
Archangel and Dark archangel depending on selected talent
I only run Solace when I don't need premonition and can get away with Trinity, therefore Solace and Premonition are in the same spot

Missing talents are: Schism, Divine Star, Halo, Power Infusion and Evangelism

This is a collection of 51 auras:

PotDS proc (texture)
MDispel Rdy (icon)
MDispel CD (icon)
Feather Rdy (icon)
Feather CD (icon)
Shining Rdy (icon)
Shining CD (icon)
Trinket Rdy (icon)
Trinket CD (icon)
Racial Rdy (icon)
Racial CD (icon)
Leap Rdy (icon)
Leap CD (icon)
Rapture Rdy (icon)
Rapture CD (icon)
Barrier Rdy (icon)
Barrier CD (icon)
PS Rdy (icon)
PS CD (icon)
Scream Rdy (icon)
Scream CD (icon)
Solace Rdy (icon)
Solace CD (icon)
Prem Rdy (icon)
Prem CD (icon)
Arch Rdy (icon)
Arch CD (icon)
Dark Arch CD (icon)
Dark Arch Rdy (icon)
Mindbender Rdy (icon)
Mindbender CD (icon)
SF rdy (icon)
SF CD (icon)
Artifact Rdy (icon)
Artifact CD (icon)
ToF incoming (aurabar)
ToF Duration (aurabar)
Fade Rdy (aurabar)
Fade Duration (aurabar)
Fade CD (aurabar)
No Atone (aurabar)
No Self Atone (aurabar)
Self Atone (aurabar)
PWS Rdy (icon)
PWS CD (icon)
Purify Rdy (icon)
Purify CD (icon)
PWR Rdy (icon)
PWR CD (icon)
Penance Rdy (icon)
Penance CD (icon)
Discipline PriestPvP Utility


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