DK Health/Absorb/Runes

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Death Knight

This is a collection of 38 auras:

Runic Power (progresstexture)
Runic Power High (progresstexture)
DK Health Bar (progresstexture)
DK Health Bar Low (progresstexture)
DKAbsorbAura (progresstexture)
Rune 1 CD (texture)
Rune 1 CD Text (text)
Rune 1 Full (texture)
Rune 2 CD (texture)
Rune 2 CD Text (text)
Rune 2 Full (texture)
Rune 3 CD (texture)
Rune 3 CD Text (text)
Rune 3 Full (texture)
Rune 4 CD (texture)
Rune 4 CD Text (text)
Rune 4 Full (texture)
Rune 5 CD (texture)
Rune 5 CD Text (text)
Rune 5 Full (texture)
Rune 6 CD (texture)
Rune 6 CD Text (text)
Rune 6 Full (texture)
ResourceCoverDK (texture)
Rune 1 Cap (texture)
Rune 2 Cap (texture)
Rune 3 Cap (texture)
Rune 4 Cap (texture)
Rune 5 Cap (texture)
Rune 6 Cap (texture)
ResourcesGlossDK (texture)
Runic Power Text (text)
Runic Power High Text (text)
DKAbsorbValue (text)
DK Health/Absorb Value Text (text)
DK Health/Absorb Value Text Low (text)
DK Health/Absorb Percent Text (text)
DK Health/Absorb Percent Text Low (text)

This Weak Aura includes custom functions.


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