Wil / Claptrap's 7.1.5 Elemental Shaman WAs

Date Dec 1st 2016 WoW 7.1 User Wildebeest Views 9,121 Comments 0 Stars 2 Link
Elemental Shaman

A complete redesign from the ground up of my Patch 7.0/7.1 WAs for a sleeker, more functional design. Eliminating custom .tga files simplifies import process as you no longer need to worry about changing files, simply deleting the old, and importing the new.

These WAs encompass all the spells / talents I have found necessary to track in patch 7.1.5 as of now (PTR is PTR and subject to change).

If you liked my last WAs set, you'll notice a distinct lack of circles and if this was a selling point i'm sorry, but through the AddOn Masque you may be able to recreate the experience. Aside from that, they are similar in design and functionality if not a little less flashy and more down to business.

A 7.1.0 version can be found at

Make sure your UI scale is set as low as possible and the built in UI timers are on in order for the WAs to work properly.
If you have a 1440p monitor you will more than likely need to shift the top left or right bars around, just nestle them at the same Y and on the left or right of the flame shock in the way their group names suggest, a 4 pixel gap between the start of the bars and the flame shock is recommended.



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