Mend's Minimal Healer UI (ElvUI)

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This UI is originally created on a 3440x1440 (Widescreen) resolution. Some parts of the UI may be slightly out of place so some tweaking may be required.


Grid2 Profile used with this layout located here (created for Discipline Priests): https://pastebin.com/VV5hZqMr


I also run the DynamicCam addon to provide a better view and shift my character down on my screen. Settings below:

Dynamic Pitch: Enabled
Target Lock/Focus: Disabled

Camera Max Distance: 39
Camera Move Speed: 20
Camera Shoulder Offset: 0
Head Movement Strength: 0

- Dynamic Pitch Advanced Settings -
Base FOV Pad: .53
Base FOV Pad (Flying): .75
Base FOV Pad Downscale: .25

- Head Tracking Advanced Settings -
I don't use this feature, so you can either play around with this to your liking or disregard.


My other WeakAuras can be found here: https://wago.io/p/Mend


My UI Post on FocusedWill.com:



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