Maelstrom Bar ++

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Elemental Shaman

Advanced and Customizable version of the Maelstrom Prediction Bar : https://wago.io/VyA9jZtIZ

With the options you'll find in Actions>OnInit you can change/set many things :

  • Show Mana Bar

  • Enable Dynamic Earth Shock (showing optimal Ms to spend) or Static

  • Add Markers (individually hideable) : 20 and 50 Ms,Earth Shock

  • Change Textures, Basic Colors (RGBA from 0 to 1)

  • Dynamically change color, either through steps or linear way

  • Show Maelstrom Prediction and take incount or not Totem Mastery

  • Castbar : Bar or Spark (2 anchors possible)

  • Chance Texture at a certain Maelstrom value

  • Play a sound after a certain Maelstrom value (SFX)

  • Many more to come

After importing or changing options, it's highly recommanded to do a simple /reload !
Text Size and Fonts, Main Bar Size can be changed in display.

How to update : copy your previous options, get the new version, change new options (at the top), paste old options just below to replace defaults, save, rename, delete previous.
If you ever skip a version, the latest options will always be at the top, so check if they were or not in your previous one!

If you have an error under the Action>OnInit textbox, try going to the bottom of the text and pressing enter.
Special thanks to Notes and Keyimin for their testings and recommandations!

This Weak Aura includes custom functions.


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