Yuti's RS:Utility Bar

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Restoration Shaman

This is a collection of 36 auras:

RS:LB (icon)
RS:LB LS Proc (icon)
RS:LB CD (icon)
RS:LB CD <5s (icon)
RS:APT (icon)
RS:APT Active (icon)
RS:APT CD (icon)
RS:APT CD <5s (icon)
RS:EST (icon)
RS:EST Active (icon)
RS:EST CD (icon)
RS:EST CD <5s (icon)
RS:Interrupt (icon)
RS:Interrupt CD (icon)
RS:Interrupt CD <5s (icon)
RS:LST (icon)
RS:LST CD (icon)
RS:LST CD <5s (icon)
RS:AS (icon)
RS:AS Active (icon)
RS:AS CD (icon)
RS:AS CD <5s (icon)
RS:Hex (icon)
RS:Hex CD (icon)
RS:Hex CD <5s (icon)
RS:WRT (icon)
RS:WRT Active (icon)
RS:WRT CD (icon)
RS:WRT CD <5s (icon)
RS:GoW (icon)
RS:GoW CD (icon)
RS:GoW CD <5s (icon)
RS:SWG (icon)
RS:SWG Active (icon)
RS:SWG CD (icon)
RS:SWG CD <5s (icon)

This Weak Aura includes custom functions.



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