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Windwalker Monk

This is a WA that seeks to reinvent how primary rotational abilities are represented to you as cooldowns. Seriously, remove SotWL/FoF/RSK/WDP/CW/FSK from your UI otherwise if you want to understand what this WA is about. You can remove your Energy bar and TP as well.

What this WA shows you:
- All of your resource spenders and short HC uptime CDs (CW, FSK) visually. To plan out your Chi numbers (e.g. pool vs weave BoK's)
- How long a GCD / FoF Channel will take so you can plan effectively without constant head-arithmetic, just intuitive visuals
- When below 50 energy, how long until you'll be at 50 energy again (for Tiger Punch)
- Serenity/SEF buff duration (as a line showing the moment when it will end), so you know exactly what abilities you can sneak in towards the end
- How long until you reach energy cap (so you can plan well ahead of time to not hit energy cap during a GCD, FoF channel, or even a sequence of multiple abilities)
- When EE will come back up, so you can easily plan your energy depletion strategy with perfect EE timing

Example planning: In the first screenshot, you can see that RSK is going to come up right as the FoF channel ends, so I clearly want to get to 5 chi before using FoF and have my Energy Cap (yellow line) pushed past the RSK GCD (it already is in this case, woo!). If I'm at 3 Chi and just used TP, it's clear that I can Chi Wave -> TP when it comes up -> its GCD will end shortly before FoF comes up -> FoF -> RSK.

Windowing example: In the Serenity screenshot, it's visually clear that after my SotWL, I have enough time to RSK before hitting FoF and still get the CD reduction on FoF and the damage boost on at least the first tick.

What this WA does not do: aside from things like generate real life cash moneys
- Tell you when you should use Serenity or Touch of Death. Tracking those CDs and using them well is up to you. It'd be trivial to add them to the TP bar like how EE is shown, but overcrowding it will be net negative (YMMV) and those usually shouldn't be used "the moment they come up" anyway, so it'd give a false intuitive impression.
- Tell you when your BoK has procced (just use the actual ability icon)
- Tell you when you're not in melee range (this is the main reason why I keep TP+BoK on my bar)
- Tell you how much Chi you have. I know it's in one of the screenshots.
- Tell you how far into the current GCD/Channel you are (too busy immediately showing how long until the thing comes back up. Could show in TP when energy >= 50, but that's too much crammed into that one bar)
- Switch RSK to SCK based on stacks or something. (Seriously, it's kind of jarring getting used to how sweet this method of planning is -> have to detach yourself from it when it's time to go into AoE SCK mode)
- Do really any of the other things you don't see in the most-simple screenshot(s). Others are there just to show you how I've used my WA
- Doesn't currently support talents I don't care about like Power Strikes or Chi Burst. Maybe I should care more about them, feel free to convince me :)

Personalizing this WA:
- First off, I'd love feedback, good or bad, so please let me know your feels (WW discord or comments)
- Right now, the timespan of the bars is 18.0 seconds. If you want to change that, change it by clicking on the "Izeo's WW Bars" group -> Actions -> On Init, change the first line of text from 18.0 to whatever other number you want.
- I color coded the bars based on the ability icon's most iconic/flavorful color -- reasonably subjective. Editing the colors should be very easy, just change Bar Color for the "RSK" bar for example (not "RSK GCD", unless you don't like my grey for GCDs/channels)
- The icons on the right. Honestly I put them on the right for visual balancing, they probably belong on the left because that's where your eyes will often be initially. I still prefer them where they are, but if you want to move them (it's just a box, easy to change), be sure you: Change it in both the bar and the GCD bar, AND make sure you move the Serenity/SEF/Energy Cap/EE auras all to the right to compensate. (and note there are copies of TP/Energy Cap/EE for SEF because I move that bar down, and WA doesn't have a better solution for this afaik)

Some notes:
- If you try it on a training dummy (and hide the buttons I mentioned), you'll probably immediately see what's cool about this addon if it's for you. But when you take it to combat it'll be a learning experience, you're getting used to something new/significant. Do some LFR with it, etc. I'm biased but I think it's worth it -- you'll become much more aware of any gaps in your planning (e.g. RSK delays), plan your TPs/Energy Cap/EEs better, give almost no thought to whether Chi Wave / FSK is up for a Hit Combo filler, etc. It's super cool, ~shameless~
- It's polling for CDs constantly, so yes it'll work with Haste (including trinket procs, Bloodlust, etc.), and is fairly robust because of it (e.g. our Tier 2 Nighthold effect, the current PTR Serenity changes, the SEF legendary. All work just fine). Some of the only hardcoded elements are that FoF's base channel time is 4 seconds, a WW's GCD is 1 second no matter the haste, and that TP costs 50 energy. If any of these change, some of the code will need to change, but I've put forth some effort to make it easy/understandable (despite WeakAuras making it really difficult to write maintainable code)

This Weak Aura includes custom functions.



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