Meeps' Havoc Setup (Plain Bars + Health Bar)

Updated Apr 29th 2017 WoW 7.2 User Meeps Views 12,556 Comments 1 Stars 5 Link https://wago.io/VypB1O2OM
Havoc Demon HunterDamage Dealing

Havoc setup including all essential cooldowns and buffs. Compatible with most Havoc builds.

Latest update (4/28):
Fixed a few triggers to show the correct cooldown color.

A few features include:
  • Health bar changes colors based on current health threshold.
  • Damage taken and incoming heals shown to the right inside of the health bar.
  • Fury gains shown to the right inside of the Fury bar.
  • Spells with buffs will have a green hue while that buff is active.
  • Nemesis will show the corresponding creature type buff in a green hue and will have a pink hue if the player's target matches the creature type of the buff.
  • Spells will dim if they can't be used due to low fury.
  • Consume Magic will glow when the player's target is casting an interruptable spell.
  • Felblade will glow when its CD is reset by Demon Blades/Demon's Bite.
  • Swing timer.
  • GCD timer.

This Weak Aura includes custom functions.


Posted by User-593a46e970e54f6e0b081256 4 months ago. Reply 2017-06-09 06:59
This is my favorite Havoc setup, Great work!. but for some reason the GCD timer doesnt show up on this version with the health bar in it for me. Is there any way to fix that?