Catacrusis' Frost Death Knight
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Blood and Unholy versions are still in progress since I haven't played much of either spec since Legion launched. PvP talents are not implemented or tracked in these Weak Auras.

This is broken up into multiple different weak auras so you can discard or move them as you see fit.

Razorice Tracking is not currently implemented.


Tracks Wratih Walk, Death Grip, Anti-Magic Shell, Icebound Fortitude, Raise Ally. Blinding Sleet and Mind Freeze icons appear when they are on cooldown. A glowing Mind Freeze icon will appear if your target is casting an interruptable spell.

Icy Talons stacks and duration are tracked as a blue bar on top of this element. If Breath of Sindragosa is selected a runic power bar with text for the current duration of your BoS will appear. These bars will overlap if both talents are selected, but both should not be selected in any build since they work against eachother.

Dark Succor procs are tracked as a red bar below this element.

A notifier that Pillar of Frost is ready will appear if you are in an instance and the spell is available.


Large icons that appear when specific cooldowns are available and go away when on cooldown. This element tracks Pillar of Frost, Sindragosa's Fury, Horn of Winter, Obliteration, Breath of Sindragosa and the Faulty Countermeasure trinket. Duplicate or modify the Faulty Countermeasure depending on your current gear setup. This element is only visible while in combat.


This element appears above my rune display. This will track Frost Fever, Rime Procs, Tier 100 talents (BoS, Glacial Advance and Obliteration, and Remorseless Winter. A stack counter appears above the Remorseless Winter icon for Gathering Storm, which can stack up to 10 times. This element is hidden if you are not in combat.


This element appears below my rune tracker. This will track Empower/Huntering Rune Weapon (as well as stacks if using the Seal of Necrofantasia), Sindragosa's Fury and Pillar of Frost. This element is always visible while in an instance, but will only be visible while in combat if you are not in an instance.


This element is a duplicate of the default blizzard notifications for Rime and Killing Machine procs, but it has reduced opacity fades depending on the duration of each buff.

Death Knight Acherus

Vertically stacked runes that deplete from right to left inspired by the discountinued Acherus mod. Runic power appears below the stacked runes. A vertical red bar will appear to the left of your runes when Unholy Frenzy is active. This element is hidden if you are not in combat.
Frost Death Knight