Gnarth Auras (Feral Druid Timers)
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Gnarth Auras are a collection of Feral Druid timers.

WeakAuras are very useful, so why not also make them pretty?

Bleed Timers (Rip, Rake, Thrash) are positioned under your character's paws.

  • While active on your target, each bleed will show a green icon with a timer.
  • When your debuff has reached Pandemic range (the last 30% of your duration), brackets will appear around the appropriate icon to indicate that you should refresh it.
  • Rip and Rake will also show warning icons if you are in combat but your target is missing those debuffs.
  • The Rip icon changes when the target is below 25% health, notifying you to refresh it via Ferocious Bite.
Buff Timers (Berserk, Savage Roar, Tiger's Fury) are to the right of your character.
  • While active, each buff will show a green icon with a timer.
  • Savage Roar shows a warning icon if you are in combat but missing the buff.
  • Berserk and Tiger's Fury show warning icons when they are available for use.
  • Berserk and Tiger's Fury provide countdowns to when they will be available again.
  • All Berserk functions also apply for Incarnation: King of the Jungle.
Odds and Ends (Ashamane's Frenzy, Moonfire, Omen of Clarity, RNGesus)
  • Ashamane's Frenzy displays a warning icon when the ability is available, and a countdown as the cooldown finishes.
  • While active on your target, Moonfire will show a green icon with a timer, and a warning icon if it's missing from the target (while using Lunar Inspiration).
  • Large brackets appear around your character when Clearcasting (Omen of Clarity) is available.
  • RNGesus smiles upon your DPS while Predatory Swiftness is active and you're specced into Bloodtalons.
Each Gnarth Aura is self-contained and can be individually moved, activated, and customized to fit your needs. Auras requiring specific talents (Bloodtalons, Savage Roar, Lunar Inspiration, Incarnation) only activate while the appropriate talents are selected. Furthermore, all Gnarth Auras only load while you are in Feral spec.

Note: The video also shows IceHUD ( ) for tracking resources, which these auras have been configured to fit around. Gnarth is not associated with IceHUD, he just happens to like the mod.
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Tal's Feral Druid Collection - Legion
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Update 12/9/2016 Added moonfire tracking, including pandemic and Tiger's Fury buff modifier notification. Changed the way Predatory Swiftness and Bloodtalons displays on the HUD. They are now pulsing icons that appear along the top of the HUD when the buffs are active. Added mana bars and rage bar to the other forms.
Update 12/9/2016 Fixed an error with the pandemic code when the buffs/debuffs weren't active
Update 12/9/2016 Added pandemic indicator, this is displayed when the icons turn green.
Berserk/Incarnation has been moved to the 'Druid buffs large' which is apart of this collection.
Moonfire timer for Lunar Inspiration has taken the spot of Incarn/Berserk top of the HUD.
Added sub 25% execution. Ferocious Bite will replace Rip unless the dot has fallen off then Rip will display in grey.

There is a second group of weakauras that goes along with this, the Feral Cooldowns group.
It can be found here:


Rip/Rake/Moonfire/Thrash tracker icons with an indicator to tell you if you've applied these with Bloodtalons or Tiger's Fury active
Savage Roar/Incarnation/Soul of the Forest Icon
Timer icon on the top left to show Predatory Swiftness buff
Timer icons on the top right to show Bloodtalons charges and duration
Timer bar across the top to track Tiger's Fury and buff duration remaining.
Combo Point bar
Energy bar
Mana and rage bars for other forms

This is a collection of 32 auras:

Feral Energy (aurabar)
Feral Energy Text (text)
Feral CP1 (aurabar)
Feral CP2 (aurabar)
Feral CP3 (aurabar)
Feral CP4 (aurabar)
Feral CP5 (aurabar)
Feral CP BG (aurabar)
Savage Roar Inactive (icon)
Savage Roar (icon)
Incarnation CD (icon)
Incarnation Ready (icon)
Soul of the Forest Placeholder (icon)
Rake Inactive (icon)
Rake (icon)
Bloodtalons Rake Indicator (texture)
TF Rake Indicator (texture)
Rip Inactive (icon)
Rip (icon)
Bloodtalons Rip Indicator (texture)
TF Rip Indicator (texture)
Thrash Inactive (icon)
Thrash (icon)
Bloodtalons Thrash Indicator (texture)
TF Thrash Indicator (texture)
Incarnation (aurabar)
Tiger's Fury (aurabar)
Tiger's Fury CD (aurabar)
Tiger's Fury Ready (aurabar)
Predatory Swiftness (aurabar)
Bloodtalons 2 (aurabar)
Bloodtalons 1 (aurabar)

CD bar
Berserk Feral (icon)
Ashamane's Frenzy (icon)
Survival Instincts Feral (icon)
Renewal Feral (icon)
Displacer Feral (icon)
Wild Charge Feral (icon)
Dash Feral (icon)
Mighty Bash Feral (icon)
Mass Entanglement Feral (icon)
Typhoon Feral (icon)
Elune's Guidance Feral (icon)

Credit goes to Powered for his help in making these:
Credit also goes to Khakhan in WA Discord for help with the dot indicator code.

If your WA's are greyed out, it is a problem with Masque. All you need to do is disable that addon.

To get your WA's to look like mine, use Addonskins, an addition to ElvUI
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