Rennae's Platespinning HUD
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Rennae's Platespinning HUD

My UI:

These were made for personal use. If you find a problem with them, my discord tag is Blue#8569.

To get these weakauras to look like the screenshot you need some things.

  • The Masque: Dream skin.

  • SharedMediaAdditionalFonts ( I use Boris Black Bloxx as my font of choice.

  • Some custom textures, available at - Unzip the CustomArt folder into your Interface/Addons folder, and then you need to restart the game if it's open.

  • My auras do not look fancy. They're meant to maximize visibility and efficacy.


    Here are the auras included in this package:

    Rennae Aspects

    These are a simple progress bar to shows your eagle and turtle durations.

    Also includes Camouflage.

    Rennae Energy

    This is a simple energy bar. It also includes spellcast feedback, which is a simple display that blinks whenever you cast a spell.

    Rennae Health

    This is a health bar for you and your pet. It's big; it's red, and it's easy to see.

    Rennae Icons

    This is a collection of reminders that highlight spells that aren't part of your main rotation.

    The Caltrops one turns dark blue when there is still debuff time remaining from the last cast.

    The Butchery one includes support for the Butcher's Bone Apron, in which it shows the stacks above the charges.

    Rennae MOK

    This is an aura that uses a custom texture to show a closing ring. The text shows how many GCDs you have left, and you should press raptor strike at "1". This aura uses a safety net of 300ms by default, which can be tweaked in the Actions tab, at the top of the custom code. This aura also feeds the Rotation module with data to cause the MOK button to flash at two and one GCDs left.

    Uses CustomArt (see top).

    Rennae Mongoose Fury

    A neat Mongoose Fury timer that includes a FotE CD display.

    The READY aura turns dark blue when your FotE CD is nearing 14 seconds. In other words, it warns you when you can wait a few seconds to have FotE up at the end of the fury window. (DISCLAIMER: That "waiting" feature was implemented back when we had very little mastery, and it might not be a good idea to follow anymore.)

    The number of stacks shown is actually number of Mongoose Bite casts, and can go past six.

    Rennae Mouse

    This is a simple aura that shows you where your mouse is when panning the camera. It's meant for helping you aim your traps.

    Uses CustomArt (see top).

    Rennae Range Dots

    These are range assistants. Green dot is melee range; yellow dot is 5yd range, and red dot is out-of-range. The red dot turns blue out of combat if you're within 20 yards, telling you that your Spitting Cobra will be in range for a pre-pull cast.

    Note that survival's autoattack range is slightly shorter than your ability range, so if you're standing at max "yellow-dot" range, your autoattacks will not work.

    Rennae Rotation

    Special rotation helpers. These are special cooldown displays. They turn black when a spell is on CD, and start to fill with a faded color when a spell has less than 3 seconds of cooldown left.

    By default, Explosive trap is red, Flanking Strike is green, Lacerate is blue, Raptor Strike is purple, and Dragonsfire Grenade is yellow.

    You might want to rearrange these to match your keybinds to help out your brain. For example, I have Explosive Trap on "Alt-1", Flanking Strike on "2", Lacerate on "3", and Raptor Strike on "4". Dragonsfire is bound to my mouse, so I put it to the far right.

    Lacerate works in a special way. It just shows treats the remaining duration on the target as the cooldown, and also takes into account Pandemic, in that it will show that it is "off CD" when lacerate duration is less than 33%.

    The Raptor Strike CD works in a very special way too. If not specc'd into MOK, it works like lacerate, except uses Serpent Sting (and doesn't show up if not specc'd into either).

    For MOK, it's basically a reminder to keep MOK up. It does some things on the side too, such as:

    - Only tells you to press it if your normal rotation is on CD if you have more than 2 stacks.

    - Tells you to press it early if you're nearing the end of a Mongoose Fury phase, where casting FotE at the end will make it fall off. (This you need to watch out for, because you can still use FotE early and avoid the early refresh. You'll get a feel for it by looking at the other MOK timer.)

    Rennae Spellcasts

    A display that just shows what spells you use. It's not very useful other than showing some extra feedback.

    Rennae Traps

    A nifty display for your traps. Freezing trap includes timer for CC.

    Survival Hunter