Tal's Retribution Paladin Collection - Legion Patch 7.1
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Update 1/11/16
* v1.1 Updated rotation helper, this should all be working for 7.1 and beyond!

Compilation of Retribution Paladin WeakAura's for any use.

Credit to @Hekili for his *amazing* rotation WA I was able to build this pack around! No need to import it, but here is a link to his WA so PLEASE show him some love too! https://wago.io/VJ68LVvwb

For any questions/suggestions about these Weak Aura's you can find me at this discord; https://discord.gg/ShRhBUv

Twitch channel: http://twitch.tv/soupavixen

Twitter: http://twitter.com/soupavixen

What you can find in this WA:

Above Main HUD
Greater Blessing of Kings
Greater Blessing of Might
Greater Blessing of Protection
* Note: These will only appear when not in combat and when not in a rested place, mounted or in a vehicle.

Glow above HUD
The Fires of Justice

Icons Main HUD
Left to Right
Lay on Hands
Divine Shield
Shield of Vengeance
Hekili's Ret Priority Helper
Divine Steed
Blessing of Freedom

Timer Bars
Avenging Wrath/Crusade
Crusade Stacks appear middle of the bar.
Holy Power Bar

CD Bar
Hammer of Justice
Blessing of Protection
Cleanse Toxins
Hand of Hindrance
Hand of Reckoning
Execution Sentence
Blinding Light
Eye for an Eye
Word of Glory
Holy Wrath

Icons (Paladin Buffs)
Lust Paladin
SoV Buff
Seal of Light
Divine Shield
Divine Protection
Eye for an Eye
Symbol of Hope

If your WA's are greyed out, it is a problem with Masque. All you need to do is disable that addon.

To get your WA's to look like mine, use Addonskins, an addition to ElvUI

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