Gummer UI - Assassination Rogue Weak Auras Setup
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This is my new Assassination Rogue Weak Auras Setup, updated and ready for World of Warcraft: Legion.

My setups include different aura groups that will help you playing your Assassination Rogue. It features several tracking auras and bars, so you can easily track your Energy, Combo Points abilities and DoTS, buffs, debuffs and utilities. It also includes a rotation helper based on single target standard rotation. I have also added some aesthetic auras to make it more visual appealing. In order to get the same crisp black border looking of my auras, I recommend using Clean Icons Pack, which you can obtain in the following link: I also recommend using pixel perfect fonts, which ensure best readability and are super cool looking. The fonts used in my UI are Visitor TT2 BRK Regular (the smallest one) and V5 Cuadra2 Thick (the biggest one) with Monochrome Outline setting.

Please note that this (like any other Weak Auras Setup or addon) is an interface utility (and / or aesthetic) enhancement that does not (and must not) replace knowledge and mastering of your class . Use it accordingly. You can find more of my setups for my different characters classes and being up to date about new setups by visiting my blog, Youtube channel or checking my social media.

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