Mana Pool | Resto Shaman Weak Aura Suite
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Mana Pool is a Weak Aura suite which allows you to see various cooldowns, procs, and information regarding your Shamans needs.

The purpose of Mana Pool was to create something simplistic yet elegant. You can see specific procs at the blink of an eye such as Tidal Waves. With Mana Pool you have easy visual access to your current state of mana with a brilliant blue orb as a holding place for all of your needed cooldowns.


Version 1.2 - May 27, 2017

  • Adjusted Cloudburst Totem so that it now shows "Healing Collected" within the WA circle. Thanks to /u/xAsdruvalx for helping make this happen!

  • Version 1.1 - May 26, 2017

  • Added Undulation to the "Mana Pool - Shaman" string. This allows you to see when Undulation's proc is available.

  • Version 1.0 - May 25, 2017

    Most CD's are available which you would want to see. Some are not available such as Earthbind Totem, Wind Shear, and Purify Spirit. I do not intend to create these CD's, as I personally don't find them useful to see. If I receive requests for these, then I will create them.

    Art Texture Suite:

    How to install: (you need the Weak Auras 2 addon in order for anything to work. You can find it on Curse/Twitch App)

    STEP 1: Create a folder named ManaPoolAuras in your Addons folder (where all of your other addons are). Path should look something like: …/World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns/ManaPoolAuras
    STEP 2: Download all art files (Art Texture Suite) above and place them in this ManaPoolAuras folder
    STEP 3: Import whatever corresponding Weak Aura strings you want by copying the Import String area in the links below (there are 21 total. Make sure to import "Mana Pool" and then any other CD's you wish you have), and then when in-game type /wa and then select New (top left of the Weak Auras window), then click the Import option (bottom right area of the Weak Auras window). Paste the string in here and click import in the new box that shows up. Continue this process to import all of the WA strings in the suite.
    STEP 4: Completely restart your WoW client.
    STEP 5: Remember to favorite and bookmark this link for future updates :) (Any updates will be noted in the 'Changelog' above)

    Seeing green squares? Go back to Step 1 and make sure everything is properly located and named. The 'ManaPoolAuras' folder is named with zero spaces. Make sure to download all art textures from the link above and place them inside of that folder.

    There are 21 stings for the entire suite. I decided to keep each string separated instead of making one big group. This keeps things more organized in Weak Auras and allows you to find things and adjust as needed easier.

    NOTICE: This WA may or may not be a perfect fit for you. It is a Weak Aura suite I created for myself and my own playstyle. Therefor, you are using this WA as it was intended for myself.

    Tip: You may need to keep scrolling down once you hit the bottom of this page, more might load. This site is a little buggy and doesn't load all of the strings right away (there's 21 total).
    Restoration ShamanHealingPvE Utility
    Elemental Shaman UI 7.2 (v2.2.1)
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    Complete Weakauras set and ElvUI profile for Elemental Shaman (Ascendance / Lightning Rod / Icefury).
    Designed to be used with Clean Icons for a clean minimalistic UI.

    Includes code by Binkenstein, TheJixel and Zireael.

    To-do list:
    Trinkets tracking

    v1.0.0: initial release
    v1.1.0: maelstrom prediction [Ressources]
    v1.1.1: code cleanup
    v1.2.0: performance improvement [Ressources]
    v1.3.0: code cleanup, improved rotations [Rotation], Whispers in the Dark buff and debuff [Buffs]
    v1.4.0: rewritten rotation helper from SimulationCraft APL and Storm, Earth and Lava [Rotation], tweaks on buffs [Buffs]
    v1.4.1: check if action is usable on target [Rotation]
    v1.4.2: bugfix [Rotation]
    v1.4.3: bugfix [Rotation]
    v1.4.4: rotation altered when procs buffs < 2 seconds [Rotation]
    v1.4.5: bugfix [Rotation]
    v1.4.6: detect own Lightning Rod debuff only [Buffs]
    v1.5.0: code cleanup, dynamic remaning time on CD [Offensive Available] [Offensive CD] [Defensive Available] [Defensive CD], Prydaz shield amount [Buffs]
    v1.5.1: priority tweaks, Elemental Blast buffs [Buffs]
    v1.5.2: small performance tweaks, Ascendance CD progression [Buffs], do not advise to cast Earth Shock during Ascendance (according to Storm, Earth and Lava) [Rotation]
    v1.5.3: do not advise to cast Stormkeeper during Ascendance [Rotation]
    v1.6.0: racial CD and duration tracking for each race [Defensive Available] [Defensive CD] [Buffs]
    v1.6.1: Whispers in the Dark sounds [Buffs]
    v1.7.0: defensive and offensive CD merged, do not display 1 stack of Lava Burst when Echo of the Elements is not selected [CD Available] [CD]
    v1.7.1: Whispers in the Dark sounds, merged Eye of the Twisting Nether buffs, Netherwinds tracking [Buffs]
    v1.7.2: rotation queue tweak [Rotation]
    v1.8.0: WA and ElvUI frames realigned and resized with pixel precision, please update everything !
    v1.8.1: target buffs and debuffs disabled cause I really never look at them [ElvUI]
    v1.8.2: small tweaks [ElvUI]
    v1.8.3: Lava Burst recharge timer for next charge when Echo of the Elements is selected [Rotation], Sephuz's Secret buff duration and ICD tracking [Buffs]
    v1.8.4: re-enable and re-position debuffs [ElvUI]
    v1.8.5: spacing tweaks [ElvUI]
    v1.9.0: disabled buffs and debuffs icons, enabled aura bars under the unit frames [ElvUI], added cast bar with GCD and latency display [Ressources]
    v2.0.0: code cleanup, updated [Rotation] and [Ressources] for 7.2 with Swelling Maelstrom, added Drums of the Mouintain [Buffs], layout tweaks [ElvUI]
    v2.0.1: bug fix [Rotation] [Ressources]
    v2.0.2: new color (yellow) for 100 maelstrom (i.e. 2 Earthquake casts) [Ressources]
    v2.0.3: tweaks [Ressources], bug fix (interupt was disabled :-() [Rotation]
    v2.0.4: alignment tweaks [ElvUI]
    v2.1.0: last version before WA conditions integration
    v2.2.0: code cleanup, new group [Procs], cast bar turns green when haste >= 50% [Ressources], alignment tweaks [ElvUI]
    v2.2.1: tweaks [ElvUI]
    Elemental Shaman