Shaman Elemental
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A utility [bottom] bar, a CD bar [long cooldowns] and a Spam bar [short cooldowns].
A cast bar with latency, which shows when you can cast a new spell but the last spell still will be used.
A GCD bar, which shows when you can click another spell on the global cooldown.

Bars only Show in Combat.
Cast Bar and GCD Bar show in and out of combat.
Buffs show when passive is proc'd, in and out of combat.
Buff icons have Tooltip on mouseover.
Attached to Personal Resource Display.
Icons show Cooldown text inside, show stacks outside of icon.
Icons desaturate [lose colour] when on Cooldown. Always shown, unless stated individually.
Removed when in Pet Battle, Vehicle or under Vehicle UI.

Resources Bar:
The bar can be made to stay on out-of-combat, addon allows edits to the game that were available in Interface prior to Legion,
Edits to AdvancedInferfaceOptions:
CVar Browser > type in resource, nameplateShowSelf, click the 0 and change it to 1.

To change link to personal resources display bar;
Display > scroll to bottom > Anchored To > change to Screen/Parent Group (to drag around WoW) or Select Frame (lock to another frame in WoW).

The resource bar's appearance look,
Why Kui > video [] talking about default nameplates, verses elvui, and others. Also cited here; "... use little or no CPU"
Edits to KuiNamePlates:
Cast Bars > *untick* Show own castbar.
Auras > *tick* Show Auras. *untick* Show on personal frame.
Class Powers > *untick* Show class resources [usually there is an override import, such as the DK runes, Warlock shards, etc].

WeakAuras Bars:
Each row is separated as a different script to import for easy moving of icons.

Utility bar is usually organised by "type of ability". All defensives next to each other for damage dealers, all interrupts next to each other, etc. Generally in importance of right to left, ie, interrupts to the right, defensives in the middle, etc.

Long CD and Spam bar are organised by cooldown, ie, shorter cooldowns at the top going down in length of time between use. The exclusion to this rule is when they only appear when resources are available, ie warlock shards and then disappear when no shards are available.

Elemental ShamanDamage Dealing
Elemental Shaman UI 7.3.0 (v2.4.0)
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Complete Weakauras set and ElvUI profile for Elemental Shaman (Ascendance / Lightning Rod / Icefury).
Designed to be used with Clean Icons for a clean minimalistic UI.

Includes code by Binkenstein, TheJixel and Zireael.

To-do list:
Trinkets tracking

v1.0.0: initial release
v1.1.0: maelstrom prediction [Ressources]
v1.1.1: code cleanup
v1.2.0: performance improvement [Ressources]
v1.3.0: code cleanup, improved rotations [Rotation], Whispers in the Dark buff and debuff [Buffs]
v1.4.0: rewritten rotation helper from SimulationCraft APL and Storm, Earth and Lava [Rotation], tweaks on buffs [Buffs]
v1.4.1: check if action is usable on target [Rotation]
v1.4.2: bugfix [Rotation]
v1.4.3: bugfix [Rotation]
v1.4.4: rotation altered when procs buffs < 2 seconds [Rotation]
v1.4.5: bugfix [Rotation]
v1.4.6: detect own Lightning Rod debuff only [Buffs]
v1.5.0: code cleanup, dynamic remaning time on CD [Offensive Available] [Offensive CD] [Defensive Available] [Defensive CD], Prydaz shield amount [Buffs]
v1.5.1: priority tweaks, Elemental Blast buffs [Buffs]
v1.5.2: small performance tweaks, Ascendance CD progression [Buffs], do not advise to cast Earth Shock during Ascendance (according to Storm, Earth and Lava) [Rotation]
v1.5.3: do not advise to cast Stormkeeper during Ascendance [Rotation]
v1.6.0: racial CD and duration tracking for each race [Defensive Available] [Defensive CD] [Buffs]
v1.6.1: Whispers in the Dark sounds [Buffs]
v1.7.0: defensive and offensive CD merged, do not display 1 stack of Lava Burst when Echo of the Elements is not selected [CD Available] [CD]
v1.7.1: Whispers in the Dark sounds, merged Eye of the Twisting Nether buffs, Netherwinds tracking [Buffs]
v1.7.2: rotation queue tweak [Rotation]
v1.8.0: WA and ElvUI frames realigned and resized with pixel precision, please update everything !
v1.8.1: target buffs and debuffs disabled cause I really never look at them [ElvUI]
v1.8.2: small tweaks [ElvUI]
v1.8.3: Lava Burst recharge timer for next charge when Echo of the Elements is selected [Rotation], Sephuz's Secret buff duration and ICD tracking [Buffs]
v1.8.4: re-enable and re-position debuffs [ElvUI]
v1.8.5: spacing tweaks [ElvUI]
v1.9.0: disabled buffs and debuffs icons, enabled aura bars under the unit frames [ElvUI], added cast bar with GCD and latency display [Ressources]
v2.0.0: code cleanup, updated [Rotation] and [Ressources] for 7.2 with Swelling Maelstrom, added Drums of the Mouintain [Buffs], layout tweaks [ElvUI]
v2.0.1: bug fix [Rotation] [Ressources]
v2.0.2: new color (yellow) for 100 maelstrom (i.e. 2 Earthquake casts) [Ressources]
v2.0.3: tweaks [Ressources], bug fix (interupt was disabled :-() [Rotation]
v2.0.4: alignment tweaks [ElvUI]
v2.1.0: last version before WA conditions integration
v2.2.0: code cleanup, new group [Procs], cast bar turns green when haste >= 50% [Ressources], alignment tweaks [ElvUI]
v2.2.1: tweaks [ElvUI]
v2.3.0: updated everything for 7.2.5
v2.4.0: changed PT Sans Narrow to Roboto Condensed Blod everywhere, tweaks
Elemental Shaman
ZerkinUI Competitive - Importable Modular Strings
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My Life's Crowning Achievement - Theory of Calculable Cognition!
I recently took the time to write a 6,000+ word thesis paper on a theory I have created over the last 10 years of my life. I have named it the Theory of Calculable Cognition. If you want to know the true nature of human nature, or merely wish to understand yourself or others better, I would say that this information is essential. You can check it out at my blog page here:

ZerkinUI Objective
It was designed with a Web 2.0 Minimalist design in mind, and everything is arranged to optimize player efficiency to the highest possible level. This was accomplished through the utilization of modern UI design standards, as well as implementing information regarding the human brain/eye and it's limited capabilities in peripheral vision and multi-tasking.

About Zerkin-Illidan

ZerkinUI is a created by Zerkin, a day 1 Classic resident of US-Illidan.

I was first known as Anderthall, an Undead Mage, then Deoxis, an Orc Shaman on which I raided with a guild named Paranoia, who went on to directly compete with Blood Legion and Team Ice in Sunwell.

I am also an ex Rank #10 Enhance Shaman in the West (Earth minus China) according to at 14/14h 10m Siege of Orgrimmar (pre-nerfs) in a rank #800-1100 West guild.

ZerkinUI Modules & Download Info

ZerkinUI is an all-in-one UI that was originally designed to be downloaded in it's entirety via a .rar/.zip archive. That version can be downloaded here:

ZerkinUI Configs & Strings is an all-in-one .zip (minus the addons) and is now available on Curse! You can view ZerkinUI on Curse here:

For portability I have made all of the exportable/importable elements of ZerkinUI available publicly at the ZerkinUI Collection page, accessed here:

The UnitFrame texture seen in these screenshots was also created by me, and can be downloaded here:

How to Support ZerkinUI

!! UPDATE !! -- As of 02.06.2017 Zerkin is officially homeless, living out of his car and accessing the internet only through his phone. He will still use any time he has at his PC, which is being stored at parent's house, to keep my additions to the WoW community current and updated. If you wish to support Zerkin financially, the donation info can be found at the bottom of this description.

!! ZerkinUI literally took upwards of 100 hours of fairly intense thought & effort worth of programming, drafting, and designing up to this point. That may sound crazy, but that includes the time it took for me to learn basic LUA scripting, as well as the time and effort associated with conceiving+coding+testing every WeakAura. I even conceived/drafted/tested 6 entirely different ElvUI layouts, all of which were made from my own mind and without external inspiration, in order to achieve this first official release. !!

!! If you wish to support or show your appreciation for the effort involved in the creation of ZerkinUI, you may do so by sending your support by PayPal to [email protected] - anything is greatly appreciated! !!

Thanks in advance,
Ryan "Zerkin" Perkins

Please RATE my work if you do try/test ZerkinUI or any of it's importable elements! Honest feedback is essential to creating something of value, so please, be blunt or candid in any comments you leave.
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