Warlock Destruction
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A utility [bottom] bar, a CD bar [long cooldowns] and a Spam bar [short cooldowns].
A cast bar with latency, which shows when you can cast a new spell but the last spell still will be used.
A GCD bar, which shows when you can click another spell on the global cooldown.

Bars only Show in Combat.
Cast Bar and GCD Bar show in and out of combat.
Buffs show when passive is proc'd, in and out of combat.
Buff icons have Tooltip on mouseover.
Attached to Personal Resource Display.
Icons show Cooldown text inside, show stacks outside of icon.
Icons desaturate [lose colour] when on Cooldown. Always shown, unless stated individually.
Removed when in Pet Battle, Vehicle or under Vehicle UI.

Resources Bar:
The bar can be made to stay on out-of-combat, addon allows edits to the game that were available in Interface prior to Legion, https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/advancedinterfaceoptions.
Edits to AdvancedInferfaceOptions:
CVar Browser > type in resource, nameplateShowSelf, click the 0 and change it to 1.

To change link to personal resources display bar;
Display > scroll to bottom > Anchored To > change to Screen/Parent Group (to drag around WoW) or Select Frame (lock to another frame in WoW).

The resource bar's appearance look, https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/kuinameplates.
Why Kui > video [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFbuT8ITohg] talking about default nameplates, verses elvui, and others. Also cited here; "... use little or no CPU" https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748725094.
Edits to KuiNamePlates:
Cast Bars > *untick* Show own castbar.
Auras > *tick* Show Auras. *untick* Show on personal frame.
Class Powers > *untick* Show class resources [usually there is an override import, such as the DK runes, Warlock shards, etc].

WeakAuras Bars:
Each row is separated as a different script to import for easy moving of icons.

Utility bar is usually organised by "type of ability". All defensives next to each other for damage dealers, all interrupts next to each other, etc. Generally in importance of right to left, ie, interrupts to the right, defensives in the middle, etc.

Long CD and Spam bar are organised by cooldown, ie, shorter cooldowns at the top going down in length of time between use. The exclusion to this rule is when they only appear when resources are available, ie warlock shards and then disappear when no shards are available.

Destruction WarlockDamage Dealing
Ultimate Affliction Warlock Collection from Scentofamule - 7.3.0
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An alternative to all the bar-based DoT trackers out there for Affliction. This leverages heads up alerts in conjunction with timers along with 'The Bar' @ https://wago.io/S1z1KRltZ

This collection is broken down into four pieces:

DoTs, Pandemic and Cooldowns (Alerts for when DoTs drop off or enter Pandemic)

  • Phantom Singularity or Soul Harvest off cooldown
  • Haunt off cooldown
  • Contagion not on target
  • Agony off target/in Pandemic w/ timer
  • Corruption off target/in Pandemic w/ timer
  • Siphon Life off target/in Pandemic w/ timer
  • Low Mana warning at 25% and 10%

Buffs and Debuffs (HUD of buffs and debuffs that may alter your priority or gameplay)

  • Nefarious Pact
  • Devil's Due
  • Soul Harvest
  • Demonic Embrace (Target Life < 35%)
  • Demonic Speed (T20 4pc)
  • Nightfall

The Bar (Informational bar to track UA, defensives, trinkets and Reap usage)

See https://wago.io/S1z1KRltZ for The Bar collection without other WeakAuras

Top bar

  • Unstable Affliction on target with stacks and cumulative damage.
  • Wrath of Consumption with stacks and duration.
  • Compounding Horror stacks.
  • Tormented Souls stacks available for Reaping.
  • Time remaining on Deadwind Harvester buff from Reap Souls.

Dynamic Bottom Bar

  • Death's Embrace % damage on target.
  • Unending Resolve ready/active/on-cooldown w/ timers.
  • Dark Pact ready/active/on-cooldown w/ timers. (if talented)
  • Potion ready/active/on-cooldown w/ timers. (visible when in group/raid)
  • Soul Leech with absorb size.
  • Prydaz shield with absorb size. (if equipped)
  • Burning Rush on/off. (if talented)

Trinkets suppported on bottom bar (ready/active/on-cooldown):

  • Tome of Unraveling Sanity
  • Tarnished Sentinal Medallion/
  • Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish
  • Charm of the Rising Tide

Racials supported on bottom bar:

  • Orc
  • Troll
  • Blood Elf
  • Goblin

Focus Target Pandemic Rings Rings indicating a DoT that is off or has entered Pandemic for your focus target.

  • Red is Corruption
  • Green is Siphon Life
  • Orange is Agony

Soul Shard Bar by Ipse
See: https://wago.io/IpseShards
Affliction Warlock