Ultimate Affliction Warlock Collection from Scentofamule - 7.3.0
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An alternative to all the bar-based DoT trackers out there for Affliction. This leverages heads up alerts in conjunction with timers along with 'The Bar' @ https://wago.io/S1z1KRltZ

This collection is broken down into four pieces:

DoTs, Pandemic and Cooldowns (Alerts for when DoTs drop off or enter Pandemic)

  • Phantom Singularity or Soul Harvest off cooldown
  • Haunt off cooldown
  • Contagion not on target
  • Agony off target/in Pandemic w/ timer
  • Corruption off target/in Pandemic w/ timer
  • Siphon Life off target/in Pandemic w/ timer
  • Low Mana warning at 25% and 10%

Buffs and Debuffs (HUD of buffs and debuffs that may alter your priority or gameplay)

  • Nefarious Pact
  • Devil's Due
  • Soul Harvest
  • Demonic Embrace (Target Life < 35%)
  • Demonic Speed (T20 4pc)
  • Nightfall

The Bar (Informational bar to track UA, defensives, trinkets and Reap usage)

See https://wago.io/S1z1KRltZ for The Bar collection without other WeakAuras

Top bar

  • Unstable Affliction on target with stacks and cumulative damage.
  • Wrath of Consumption with stacks and duration.
  • Compounding Horror stacks.
  • Tormented Souls stacks available for Reaping.
  • Time remaining on Deadwind Harvester buff from Reap Souls.

Dynamic Bottom Bar

  • Death's Embrace % damage on target.
  • Unending Resolve ready/active/on-cooldown w/ timers.
  • Dark Pact ready/active/on-cooldown w/ timers. (if talented)
  • Potion ready/active/on-cooldown w/ timers. (visible when in group/raid)
  • Soul Leech with absorb size.
  • Prydaz shield with absorb size. (if equipped)
  • Burning Rush on/off. (if talented)

Trinkets suppported on bottom bar (ready/active/on-cooldown):

  • Tome of Unraveling Sanity
  • Tarnished Sentinal Medallion/
  • Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish
  • Charm of the Rising Tide

Racials supported on bottom bar:

  • Orc
  • Troll
  • Blood Elf
  • Goblin

Focus Target Pandemic Rings Rings indicating a DoT that is off or has entered Pandemic for your focus target.

  • Red is Corruption
  • Green is Siphon Life
  • Orange is Agony

Soul Shard Bar by Ipse
See: https://wago.io/IpseShards
Affliction Warlock