Tal's Disc Priest Collection - Legion
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Updated 28/11/2016
* Added tracker above the SW:P/PTW timer (top left) to indicate lowest Atonement duration
* Added more Atonement colours! Green 1-6, yellow 7-12, red 13-18
* Added number of Atonements out, this is displayed in the Atonement bar on the right hand side.
* Fixed an issue with the ToF placeholder!

Updated 27/10/2016
* Added SW:P/Purge the Wicked DoT timer above the HUD, this will pulse when the dot has hit pandemic.
* Moved Fiend/Bender due to nerfs to the CD bar, PW:S has taken it's place in the HUD!
* Added ToF and Contrition placeholders when spec'd into these
* Fixed alignment issues with some icons and atonement bar

Updated 11/9/2016
* Added Overloaded in Light as a glow above the HUD
* Changed PotDS to display as a 'glowing' penance icon
* Added Light's Wrath CD

Compilation of Disc Priest WeakAura's

The current WA is dynamic and will shift and change accommodating talent changes. These WA's were based/inspired by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wF49o9rl1c4

For any questions/suggestions about these Weak Aura's you can find me at this discord; https://discord.gg/ShRhBUv

Please note, the Atonement tracker in this set is to give you an idea/indication on how many Atonements you have out to further indicate if Plea will be worth casting

Twitch channel: http://twitch.tv/soupavixen
Twitter: http://twitter.com/soupavixen

If your WA's are greyed out, it is a problem with Masque. All you need to do is disable that addon.

To get your WA's to look like mine, use Addonskins, an addition to ElvUI
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