Server Update

Now that things are more or less back to normal, here is a little answer to “What the heck happened!”

It was a combination of unchecked growth of the site and a very high spike in traffic. The short version is that at about 1:30 AM my time (PST) the server was getting hammered with traffic and as a result, some local backups and log files plus all the site content ended up filling the disk space to capacity. This resulted in the database going nuts!

Wago was running on a single server - all processing, database lookups file downloads running through a single machine. This was all fine until ToS opened.

Illidan was right. Wago was not at all prepared for this!

It took some hours of mulling about, restoring, repairing and doing everything I could to get Wago back up and running again. There was so much traffic trying to get in that my initial fixes just ended up crashing again because the database couldn’t handle the number of requests.

I had to make more drastic steps and fully embrace the cloud. After re-writing what I needed to, Wago is now utilizing seven servers: five database servers and two web servers, and I am able to add more as necessary (when the next raid is released) relatively easily.

Let’s finish by taking a look at some graphs, everyone likes those. This is the spike that caused Wago to crash:

Tomb of Sargeras

Hi guys! is getting hammered with a huge amount of traffic right now due to the new raid being open and as a result things aren’t running very quickly. I’m doing what I can to get things speedy again so thanks for your patience!

Update - We’re back with a few concessions and the odd glitch - just refresh if you get a 500 error. Sorry for the downtime and enjoy the new raid!

I’ll post some more details in the next few days for anyone that’s curious.


Happy Birthday turns one year old today. Wow what a year! Still just an infant but the site’s growth continues to rise and through Patreon’s crowdfunding, the hosting costs are covered. Thanks to everyone for your support! There’s always a spike in traffic whenever a new patch comes out so I’m excited to see what numbers we can hit for 7.2.5!

The dark theme has progressed through the Patreon beta and is now live as an option for all registered users, if you’re not a fan of the white then go check it out on the account options page.

I’ve got some big ideas for the next year, more to come!

Wago my Eggo!

April fools! Hahaha!

After much deliberation I have decided to begin a transition for this site to my true passion: Eggo Waffles. will now be a fan site dedicated to the magnificent frozen waffle. As a preview of what is to come check out this Eggo Waffle meal plan for an entire day:

Begin your morning with a standard eggo waffle for breakfast.

For lunch, make your choice between a Bacon Lettuce Avacado Tomato Sandwich or a Monte-Cristo Sandwich.

Finally you will end your day with some Eggo Pizzas with an Apple Cinnamon Waffle Parfait for desert. You’ll impress your date by making this for your Friday night dinner.

You can expect to see additional Eggo related changes happening over the next few days as we alter the site focus to this amazing food product.