Wago my Eggo!

April fools! Hahaha!

After much deliberation I have decided to begin a transition for this site to my true passion: Eggo Waffles.

Wago.io will now be a fan site dedicated to the magnificent frozen waffle. As a preview of what is to come check out this Eggo Waffle meal plan for an entire day:

Begin your morning with a standard eggo waffle for breakfast.

For lunch, make your choice between a Bacon Lettuce Avacado Tomato Sandwich or a Monte-Cristo Sandwich.

Finally you will end your day with some Eggo Pizzas with an Apple Cinnamon Waffle Parfait for desert. You’ll impress your date by making this for your Friday night dinner.

You can expect to see additional Eggo related changes happening over the next few days as we alter the site focus to this amazing food product.