Well, it’s happened. I’ve had a number of people tell me to start a Patreon so that they could contribute to Wago and I’ve finally done it. I’m aiming to cover the growing server costs here and I am not willing to put ads on the site, so this looks to be the best option.

I want to be clear if you never even click that link, nothing will change for you on Wago. No features will suddenly stop working and I will continue to develop new ones that you can use.

But if you do become a monthly subscriber - Thank you so much! - you’ll gain early access to some upcoming beta features, and gold subscribers can create their own custom URLs for all imports. Please check Patreon for more details and know that any contribution you can make is greatly appreciated!

WeakAuras URL Feature

The latest release of WeakAuras has an exciting new feature! When right clicking a WeakAura in the options menu, the copy URL option will show up (if your WeakAura has the URL data field). is automatically adding this field to all WeakAuras so you’ll always know where you copied your WeakAura from and where to find an updated version if/when the author updates it.


Yes is on Cloudflare’s CDN and therefore affected by the recently announced Cloudbleed. I’ll keep this short since you’ve probably seen the announced vulnerability mentioned a bajillion times already. is not forcing password resets for everyone but if you use a local Wago account instead of a or other social login it’s a good idea to do so. Keep in mind Wago does not collect e-mail addresses or other forms on identification so there’s no way to reset your password should you lose it.

For more information on Cloudbleed, this post has the best write-up I’ve found on the situation.