Welcome to Beta

Several updates have been added over the last few days and I am now comfortable upgrading the site’s status from Alpha to Beta.

  1. ElvUI Import Strings

    • ElvUI profile strings are now supported on Wago and work much the same way that WeakAuras do. You can view the full table data and (if you know what you’re doing) edit it by hand and save your changes to create a new string.
    • Also like imported WeakAuras, you can also include a description, screenshots and videos of your ElvUI setup.
  2. Videos

    • Did I mention videos? Youtube and Twitch videos can now be added to all of your imports.
  3. Search

    • Advanced Search can now find all the content with additional filters. Search specific types of content, search inside of custom code, find what you want. In the coming days I’ll add some of these options to category and profile views as well.
  4. Images

    • User Crelam has spent some time with game-icons.net and created over TWO THOUSAND custom media files that can be used in any WeakAura. Star your favorites to add them to your custom MyWago addon!

Collect'm All!

No geocaching here. All Weakauras can now be included in Collections!

When logged in you’ll see the new My Collections dropdown on any aura page, which allows you to create a new collection or add/remove the current WA to any of your existing collections. This can be used to organize groups of auras or to create a sort of package of auras for guilds they can share the link with. I’ll be adding more options in the coming days but do let me know your feedback on Discord.

In other, probably boring news, I’ve refactored some of the code and re-organized the database. Things should be a bit speedier and it will help a great deal for the upcoming Advanced Search options.

Hello World

This is the new DevLog for Wago.io. I’ll keep this updated with new features as they get added.

Here are the main features that are currently available:

  1. WeakAura Import Strings
    • Yup, those giant nonsense-looking strings can be imported from the game directly into Wago. You can then modify the data and generate a new string you can import back into the WA2 addon in-game!
    • The editor can pick out (most) custom functions and let you edit them directly with code editor. You can make and save changes to your WeakAura without changing the URL.
    • There is an Embed option to embed the string directly on your own website. This will automatically show the most recent version.
  2. Media
    • Images can be uploaded and converted to/from .tga, .blp, .png or .jpg so that they can be used in-game.
  3. Code Snippits
    • When importing a string you can instead import some lua code. The importer will automatically detect it and save your submission as a Lua code snippit.
  4. Favorites
    • Star anything - Import strings, media, snippits and you can easily track them on your “My Starred” list under the user menu when logged in (top right).
  5. MyWago Addon
    • All starred media, plus any media that you’ve uploaded yourself can be packaged and downloaded as a custom-built MyWago addon. Place this in your WoW addons directory like any other addon and all of the media will be available in-game. This works just like the Shared Media addon.
    • Yes you can post comments! To enable linkable URLs you must be verified as a human. Currently the only method of proving this to Wago is by logging in with a Battle.net account with a max level character.