Ryvean DPS UI for 7.3.2 (v.5.0)
ELVUI Updated Nov 16th 2017 User Ryvean Views 36,939 Comments 0 Stars 8
If you have some questions about the UI just ask me in my stream www.twitch.tv/itsPhilTV

This ElvUI contains my Setup for Elemental / Enhancer Shaman.

The "Background" for the DMGMeter on the right is the second Chat window without a chat!
If you dont want it or want to edit it: /ec > Chat > Panels > Right Chat

For WA's im using https://wago.io/EJohkuIKb

You will need to download some addons to get the same style.
You will need to have "ElvUI Datatext Bars 2", "ElvUI CustomMedia" & "ElvUI CustomTags"
I'm also using !Details as DMG Meter, DBM for Boss Timers & some utility addons like Opie, World Quest List and other stuff. :)

Fell free to ask some questions if you need help! :)

Change Log:

08.06 - v2.0 released (Screenshots not updated yet)
22.04 - Fixed some Font & Chat Problems
21.04 - Fixed some positions for Chat & Debuff
19.07 - Placed everything abit lower for more space - moved back to old Raidframes (Screens will come in the next days)
26.07 - Finally got my Black/White Theme running with a touch of transparance! :)
27.07 - Some small position things like PetBar and "pixelperfection"
12.09 - Finally got the time to update my UI, Screenshots will be updated aswell.
Positions of Raid/Party frames and textures are changed :) Enjoy the new Style! :D
10.10 - Fixed the Size of Debuffs @Nameplates
16.11 - Updated to v5.0! New Style & back to a more Black/White Design! :)
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