Zyke ElvUI (1920x1080)
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This is an ElvUI edit using ElvUI and ElvUI S&L (1920x1080) - Works for tanks and DPS (not optimal for healing)!
HEALING VERSION OF MY UI CAN BE FOUND HERE: https://wago.io/BJMS9BmIb (still a work in progress).

Please read:

I am currently not playing the legion expansion anymore, however, everything remains functional so far (atleast on my side), i might be able to update it if required.


Not every step in the setup guide is required, if you do not wish to mess around with adding textures / fonts to ElvUI, you should be able to simply install ElvUI and ElvUI S&L and import the string at the top right. The rest of the steps are only required if you want the exact same look.

I will attempt to provide as much support as i can, but please try to read the whole description / setup guide before you comment about a problem :).

Font and texture:
Font used: http://www.dafont.com/expressway.font
Texture used: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zv1skbvx4seeaed/infMid.tga?dl=0

I use this icon pack, just follow the instructions

Setup guide:
1: DL elvui https://www.tukui.org/countdown/ and install it into your addons folder.

2: DL S&L https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/elvui-shadow-light and install it into your addons folder.

3: DL sharedmedia https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/sharedmedia and install it into your addons folder.

4: DL infmid.tga and expressway.ttf from here (texture and font) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/m7g2r3101mk7phl/AADa3w6q1ug02sXPlmIC_7Eka?dl=0

5: Use this video to install the fonts and textures into sharedmedia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtNTIhYpZQ8

6: Go into game and do initial elvui setup, then use my copy paste string provided here on the site and import it into elvui here http://imgur.com/a/oncTL

7: Do a reloadui and everything should hopefully be good :)! (If it isn't, you might have to set the font and texture manually inside ElvUI's settings).

8: Download this Fonts folder and put it into your world of warcraft folder to get the same font on everything in wow (C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft in my case). https://www.dropbox.com/sh/r05rdam1rt4i7zp/AAD9XfALroasoB34GmEdnBMya?dl=0.

9: Install the icon pack (see link above under icons).

10: Install the following weakauras to track debuff and time
- Time: https://wago.io/rJ8GcrCVZ
- Debuffs: https://wago.io/Bkwm8Cq4W
- Type /ec, go into "buffs & debuffs" and click disable (i track player and target buffs at the top and my debuffs using a weakaura, this is because it allows me to hide the buffs when nothing is targeted, but the buffs cannot be rightclicked off. If you want to be able to rightclick buffs off, leave "buffs & debuffs" enabled and instead go into unitframes and disable player and target buffs, this gives you the normal blizzard buffs and debuffs, but they won't have the hiding effect. You also won't need the debuffs weakaura if you do this).

- Several people have already asked questions and had me solve them or solved it themselves!

Weakauras (only classes / specs i play myself):
- Hunter: https://wago.io/HyhY-iOL-
- Warrior: https://wago.io/HkXRei_IW
- Paladin: https://wago.io/SJuBzsO8Z
- Shaman: https://wago.io/r1v0GidIb
- Druid: https://wago.io/HyCuGjuUW
- Priest: https://wago.io/ByLjGInO- (still a WIP)

Extra addons:
I use the following extra addons, but i will not provide setups for these.
- Advanced Interface Options
- Angry World Quests
- Auctionator
- AutoTurnIn
- Bigwigs (See pictures for my placement)
- Details (see pictures for my placement)
- Garrison Mission Manager
- HideTalkingHead
- Kaliel's Tracker (Quest tracker, upper right in some pictures)
- ls: Toasts (better looking popups)
- ls: Toasts rehok (elvui skin)
- Weakauras
- Elvui Addonskins
- Elvui Actionbar Combat State

9/8/17 - Adjustment to focus frame and debuffs for it.
28/7/17 - Cleaned up description and put all weakauras into class specific collections to make it less cluttered.
24/7/17 - Minor adjustments to fix some misaligned elements and i made a healing version: https://wago.io/BJMS9BmIb
18/7/17 - Added hidden experience + artifact bars next to the damage meter bottom right (mouseover).
17/7/17 - Changed a chat hide setting in S&L and moved a few frames a bit due to collision.
14/7/17 - Added some of my "rotational" weakauras for the classes i play and changed boss frame position.
11/7/17 - Positioned the "real" buff and debuff frames in case people would like to use them, see comments on how to enable them and disable the other ones. Other minor adjustments were made.
8/7/17 - Adjusted target's target position and debuffs and focus frame position.
8/7/17 - Adjusted upper UI elements to not interfere with order hall bar because OCD.
6/7/17 - Minor adjustsments to positioning and party frame growth direction.
5/7/17 - Minor adjustments and added raid 40 frames.
5/7/17 - Completely redesigned UI using S&L.

Upcoming plans:
- Will probably update some screenshots to reflect some of the changes that i've made and to show off some of the rotational weakauras i use with it.
- World domination
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Except's DPS UI
ELVUI Updated Sep 23rd 2017 User Except Views 34,175 Comments 7 Stars 14
Redesigned my UI for use by DPS classes/specs. (https://discord.gg/011CGgxFqikk9Ih5K)
I'm constantly working on the UI and am going to be updating this page as often as I can as well. If you have any questions or need help please feel free to drop by my Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/exceptstreams) or Discord at any time (https://discord.gg/011CGgxFqikk9Ih5K)

Included ElvUI Modifications:
- ElvUI
- AddOnSkins
- Clean Boss Button
- ElvUI Shadow & Light


(23/09/2017) 1.2a Changelog:

- Minimap no longer hides on entering combat, as per popular demand. It was kinda bad, I know.
- Setup NamePlate filters to make Fel Explosives green and large so this mythic+ week is even easier.
- Some oither minor fixes.

(10/09/2017) 1.2 Changelog:

Version jump. There was never a 1.1, you didn't miss a thing. Changing the numbering to fit the design of the Healer UI v1.2

- Enabled Smooth Bar transitions
- Enabled Combat Fade on Player and Target Frames and a 90% one on the 2 main Action Bars.
- Enabled Raid-wide Sorting
- Disabled the pesky offline indicator through Shadow and Light
- Disabled Threat indicators everywhere I could find them.
- Slimmed down the Power Bar on Player and Target frames to 4px
- Moved Action Bar 3 to be next to the two main ones. Still mouseover.
- Moved all the main elements up maybe 50 pixels.
- Minimap and the adjacent elements are now disabled in combat.
- Decreased Minimap size to 200.
- Decreased the icon size to 28.
- Fixed the bags so they are not huge now. (Now 28 same as icons)

(01/07/2017) 1.0
- Completely revamped the Party and Raid frames so that they look less stupid.
- Got rid of the portrait overlay on the Boss frames.
- Moved the Focus Frame to the left part of the screen.
- Moved Action Bar 1 to the bottom and Action Bar 2 to the top.

(20/05/2017) 0.9 beta

Textures and Fonts


I use ElvUI Blank as the texture for all the power bars, timer bars and nameplates. If you want something more vibrant and eye-catching rather than flat, a good replacement is PolishedWood or ElvUI Norm. Both compliments the other textures of the UI very nicely.

Wherever I can't use ElvUI Blank I use Minimalist instead but it turns out much nicer if you keep all the accents the same.


The dominating font used in the UI is HaxrCrop (http://www.fonts2u.com/haxrcorp-4089-cyrillic-altgr-regular.font). I absolutely love it but there's a little problem. Since it's a bitmap font, anything beyond 17p in size looks abysmal. In order for it to look good at 17p please use "monochrome outline" wherever it is available. If it's not, play around with the sizes and the outline types but it should always look decent with just an "outline" at 16p.

I'm pretty sure that after the import the font is going to be broken and if you want to keep using the font from the screenshot here's what you need to do:
1. Download the font (http://www.fonts2u.com/haxrcorp-4089-cyrillic-altgr-regular.font). The reason we are using this link is because ElvUI will only eat .ttf while all the other variations of this font are .fon
2. Copy it into "World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\ElvUI\media\fonts\"
3. Rename the font into "HaxrCorp12cyr" while leaving the extension the same
4. Open "World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\ElvUI\media\sharedmedia.lua" with a text editor
5. Add exactly this line at the end of the file: LSM:Register("font","HaxrCorp12cyr", [[Interface\AddOns\ElvUI\media\fonts\HaxrCorp12cyr.ttf]])
6. Save it and restart the game.

Wherever I can't use HaxrCrop, usually because I need larger-sized text, I use Expressway. Works great if you need a font for BigWigs, xct+, the chatbox etc.


1. Map Area (Bottom-right corner)

The bottom-right area is a place mostly for all the out of combat things you could need. There are 3 hotbars, one of which only has 4 slots, and the other two while having the full 12 only visible on mouseover to not clutter the screen. There are 3 databars, including the visible Artifact and Reputation bars and the hover-over Honor bar which is just a little extra that you can disable if it's irrelevant. On top of the map there's the traditional menu in case you need anything. The DPS meter is also a togglable window right over the minimap. Obviously not embedded into the preset or anything so you'll have to set that up yourself.
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