KalixUI v1.5.1 - Healer [Clean and simple (w/ Pics)]
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ElvUI Profile for raiding and arena. Works well with Healer Specs.
Action bars are visible on mouse-over. The profile requires you to be well versed in your keybind layout, but you can turn them visible just as easily in the options menu for each Bar.

Plenty of room to drop your weak auras under/around your character. Feel free to use this as a base to customize the UI even further. Please comment! Always interested in hearing suggestions/critiques.

RAID FRAMES can be moved either to the side of the character or to the bottom of the screen depending on users' preference.

>>Not ideal for DPS/TANK. You can find a profile for them here: https://wago.io/SJdjhdGE- <<

You will need:

1. ElvUI
2. Shadow & Light
3. Square Minimap Buttons
4. AddonSkins
5. Details! - You'll need to size it yourself to fit it on the right-chat-panel
6. Fontain - So all of your fonts will be the same :) I personally use Homespun XCT
7. XCT - Scrolling combat text for tracking incoming and outgoing dmg
8. WeakAuras
9. CleanBossButton


1. Player Castbar: https://wago.io/HJxhAem4-
2. Target Castbar: https://wago.io/r19H1zQ4Z
3. Date/Time: https://wago.io/BkbhnWQNW

Nice to have but not necessary
1. Combat Indicator https://wago.io/Bk1TpZmV-
2. BDcore and BDnameplates addons for better nameplates than what elvui provides

1. Type /ec
2. Under General, click the "cooldown text" tab and click the checkbox to disable the option. It will overlap with another cooldown counter
3. type /fontain and change your font to whatever you'd like. make sure to click "override shared media" or it won't affect all of your addons' fonts simultaneously.

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