Zyke ElvUI (1920x1080) - Healing version
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This is an ElvUI edit using ElvUI and ElvUI S&L (1920x1080) - Works for tanks, dps and healers (although it's mainly made for healing)
The other version of my UI, more oriented towards tanks and dps roles can be found here: https://wago.io/N18RJzFAf

Please read:

I personally use action bar 4, 5 and 6. If you do not wish to use these for any reason, simply disable them in the options!

Not every step in the setup guide is required, if you do not wish to mess around with adding textures / fonts to ElvUI, you should be able to simply install ElvUI and ElvUI S&L and import the string at the top right. The rest of the steps are only required if you want the exact same look.

I will attempt to provide as much support as i can, but please try to read the whole description / setup guide before you comment about a problem :).

Font and texture:
Font used: http://www.dafont.com/expressway.font
Texture used: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zv1skbvx4seeaed/infMid.tga?dl=0

I use this icon pack, just follow the instructions

Setup guide:
1: DL elvui https://www.tukui.org/countdown/ and install it into your addons folder.

2: DL S&L https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/elvui-shadow-light and install it into your addons folder.

3: DL sharedmedia https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/sharedmedia and install it into your addons folder.

4: DL infmid.tga and expressway.ttf from here (texture and font) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/m7g2r3101mk7phl/AADa3w6q1ug02sXPlmIC_7Eka?dl=0

5: Use this video to install the fonts and textures into sharedmedia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtNTIhYpZQ8

6: Go into game and do initial elvui setup, then use my copy paste string provided here on the site and import it into elvui here http://imgur.com/a/oncTL

7: Do a reloadui and everything should hopefully be good :)! (If it isn't you may have to manually set the font and statusbar inside ElvUI's settings).

8: Download this Fonts folder and put it into your world of warcraft folder to get the same font on everything in wow (C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft in my case). https://www.dropbox.com/sh/r05rdam1rt4i7zp/AAD9XfALroasoB34GmEdnBMya?dl=0.

9: Install the icon pack (see link above under icons).

10: Install the following weakauras to track debuff and time
- Time: https://wago.io/rJ8GcrCVZ
- Debuffs: https://wago.io/Bkwm8Cq4W

Weakauras (only classes / specs i play myself):
- Hunter: https://wago.io/HyhY-iOL-
- Warrior: https://wago.io/HkXRei_IW
- Paladin: https://wago.io/SJuBzsO8Z
- Shaman: https://wago.io/r1v0GidIb
- Druid: https://wago.io/HyCuGjuUW
- Priest: soon(TM)

Extra addons:
I use the following extra addons, but i will not provide setups for these.
- Advanced Interface Options
- Angry World Quests
- Auctionator
- AutoTurnIn
- Bigwigs (See pictures for my placement)
- Details (see pictures for my placement)
- Exorsus raidtools (for raid CDs)
- Garrison Mission Manager
- HideTalkingHead
- Kaliel's Tracker (Quest tracker, upper right in some pictures)
- ls: Toasts (better looking popups)
- ls: Toasts rehok (elvui skin)
- Weakauras
- Elvui Addonskins
- Elvui Actionbar Combat State

9/8/17 - Minor adjustsments to raid frames and added some action bars that i use for cooldowns.

Upcoming plans:
- World domination
Restoration DruidMistweaver MonkHoly PaladinDiscipline PriestHoly PriestRestoration Shaman
KalixUI v1.5.1 - Healer [Clean and simple (w/ Pics)]
ELVUI Updated Jun 30th 2017 User Kalix Views 5,926 Comments 6 Stars 3
ElvUI Profile for raiding and arena. Works well with Healer Specs.
Action bars are visible on mouse-over. The profile requires you to be well versed in your keybind layout, but you can turn them visible just as easily in the options menu for each Bar.

Plenty of room to drop your weak auras under/around your character. Feel free to use this as a base to customize the UI even further. Please comment! Always interested in hearing suggestions/critiques.

RAID FRAMES can be moved either to the side of the character or to the bottom of the screen depending on users' preference.

>>Not ideal for DPS/TANK. You can find a profile for them here: https://wago.io/SJdjhdGE- <<

You will need:

1. ElvUI
2. Shadow & Light
3. Square Minimap Buttons
4. AddonSkins
5. Details! - You'll need to size it yourself to fit it on the right-chat-panel
6. Fontain - So all of your fonts will be the same :) I personally use Homespun XCT
7. XCT - Scrolling combat text for tracking incoming and outgoing dmg
8. WeakAuras
9. CleanBossButton


1. Player Castbar: https://wago.io/HJxhAem4-
2. Target Castbar: https://wago.io/r19H1zQ4Z
3. Date/Time: https://wago.io/BkbhnWQNW

Nice to have but not necessary
1. Combat Indicator https://wago.io/Bk1TpZmV-
2. BDcore and BDnameplates addons for better nameplates than what elvui provides

1. Type /ec
2. Under General, click the "cooldown text" tab and click the checkbox to disable the option. It will overlap with another cooldown counter
3. type /fontain and change your font to whatever you'd like. make sure to click "override shared media" or it won't affect all of your addons' fonts simultaneously.

Restoration DruidMistweaver MonkHoly PaladinDiscipline PriestHoly PriestRestoration Shaman