Chekal's ElvUI Setup
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This is a setup meant for PvE. PvP works too, but I'm mostly a PvE player.

I've put a lot of effort into perfecting my UI and hope that you enjoy it as much as I do! Keep in mind that some aspects of this setup have not been modified (in example; Arena Frames), so don't be worried when certain things don't show up as they should be.

This requires Shadow & Light and BenikUI, as well as AddonSkins. These 3 addons are specifically ElvUI addons and can be found on the ElvUI website.

My addon list includes:
- AnnounceInterrupts | announces your interrupts
- Auctionator | lightweight auction addon
- Emoji | allows for Discord Emoji support
- GTFO | tells you to get out of the fire
- HandyNotes | allows you to mark things on your map
- MacroTalk | better macro functionality
- Masque | used for WA; allows for icon skinning
- Mik's Scrolling Battle Text | scrolling battletext, highly customizable
- MogIt | allows you to make outfits and mark items on a wishlist
- Prat | lightweight chat addon
- NPCScan | scans for rare NPCs
- NugComboBar | shows combo points
- Pawn | tells you what armour is best to equip
- Rarity | allows you to track and see where rare pets/mounts/toys are located
- Quartz | lightweight castbar
- SharedMedia | allows for wider texture use in WA
- Skada | lightweight DPS tracker
- SoDEndlessChat | removes chat letter limit
- TargetRole | greater macro functionality
- Tidy Plates: Threat Plates | replaces and improves NamePlates
- TotalRP3 | for RP purposes
- TomTom | shows you where to find a coordinate on the map
- WeakAuras2 | what do you think this is?
- Vilinka's Insanity | insanity bar
- WIM | popup whisper windows, supports in-game and whispers
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