Gundribur's ElvUI
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The Interface I came up with over the last few expansions and which I use for all of my characters. Strictly tailored to my personal needs and build around my ideas, design preferences and experiences mainly in PvE content and raiding specifically.

This may not fit everyones taste but maybe a few people have fun experimenting with it or find bits and pieces they can use as inspiration for their own interface.

This UI should work for most melee and ranged dps classes, I tagged the ones I atleast entered a raid with while using this setup. I played BM and MM hunter as mains, so I recommend it for these two specialisations in particular. Casters may want to use a more centered and slightly larger castbar.

The main thing you need to keep in mind is that I like to keep things clean. Many parts of the UI are hidden, mouseover or fade out when of no interest (set global fade transparency for action bars and unit frames to 100% if you don't like "cinema mode").
I don't really have any action bars enabled apart from 5 main buttons because I use weakauras to track cooldowns and stuff (you can can get the most important ones from my profile here at So to be able to make use of this profile you will first need to enable all action bars and move your stuff around.

Things you should enable or modify in the ElvUI settings if you don't feel like creating weakauras to track stuff:
- action bars (only the first 5 buttons of action bar 1 are visible by default)
- power/resource/combopoints (moved behind the bottom left chat since I don't use them)

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to hit me up.
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