DK: Badsocks Unholy 1.0.1

Date Oct 20th 2017 WoW 7.3 User Badsocks Views 930 Comments 1 Stars 2 Link
Unholy Death KnightDamage Dealing

Collection of Unholy Death Knight Weakauras

Credit to Red for some of the general coding and theme (

***NOTE: If you want these to look EXACTLY like the screenshot or as you see on Twitch, you need to install the addon Masque: CleanUI Black***


-Virulent Plague & Festering Wounds applied to target auras (green and purple aura bars)
-Available cooldowns associated with Unholy
-Trinket Ready Icon (works for any trinket in the SECOND trinket slot)
-Icebound Fortitude / Anti-Magic Shell Cooldown progress / Available (green and blue aura bars
-Runic Power / Runic Power 45% / Runic Power 100% (removed Sudden Doom overlay)
-Health with absorb overlay
-Clickable UI


August 17, 2017
-Added GCD Aura bar
-Added "In combat" icon on the health portion of the HUD
-Added Raise Ally / Raid Dead CD
-Added Ring One to Priority CDs
-Added Cold Heart's aura to the group (stacks)
-Consolidated DnD + Defile CDs
-Consolidated DA + Gargoyle CDs
-Updated the all bars to WGlass
-Updated health color
-Updated Runic Power font (now matches the rest of the UI)
-Updated the entire collection to show out of combat as well (this can be changed if you personally do not enjoy this feature)


Posted by Badsocks 3 months ago. Reply 2017-08-17 19:13
Added some QoL updated on August 17, 2017. Read the changelog in the description to see what has been changed / updated.

I will more than likely be updating the Runic Power size soon (this weekend) as it is a crucial part of Unholy at the moment.