выстрел гидры
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"i": 133578,
"m": "d",
"s": "2.4.12",
"d": {
"yOffset": 250,
"outline": "THICKOUTLINE",
"version": 1,
"id": "rassvet_naga_shot_indicator",
"additional_triggers": [
"untrigger": [],
"trigger": {
"unit": "player",
"debuffType": "HARMFUL",
"spellIds": [
"type": "aura",
"event": "Health",
"subeventPrefix": "SPELL",
"subeventSuffix": "_CAST_START",
"inverse": true,
"names": [
"Выстрел гидры",
"Выстрел гидры"
"disjunctive": "all",
"regionType": "text",
"activeTriggerMode": -10,
"justify": "CENTER",
"numTriggers": 2,
"displayText": " %c",
"customText": "function() \n if WeakAuras.IsOptionsOpen() then\n return '\\124TInterface\\\\TargetingFrame\\\\UI-RaidTargetingIcon_1:12\\124t |cFFFFFF00Отсосать |r\\124TInterface\\\\TargetingFrame\\\\UI-RaidTargetingIcon_1:12\\124t'\n end \n \n return aura_env.display_msg or \"TEST\"\nend",
"width": 307.13555908203,
"actions": {
"start": {
"sound": "Interface\\Addons\\WeakAuras\\PowerAurasMedia\\Sounds\\bam.ogg",
"do_sound": false
"load": {
"use_never": false,
"faction": {
"multi": []
"use_difficulty": true,
"use_encounterid": true,
"talent": {
"multi": []
"race": {
"multi": []
"role": {
"multi": []
"encounterid": "2037",
"pvptalent": {
"multi": []
"difficulty": {
"single": "mythic",
"multi": []
"talent2": {
"multi": []
"init_started": 1,
"trigger": {
"duration": "6",
"custom_hide": "timed",
"message": "_naga_assign",
"use_messageType": true,
"messageType": "CHAT_MSG_WHISPER",
"use_sourceName": false,
"unevent": "custom",
"custom": "function(event, message,...) \n if string.find(message, \"_naga_assign \"..UnitName(\"player\")) then \n local Mark = \"\"\n local color = \"\"\n local t, t2, markz = strsplit(\" \", message) \n \n if markz == \"0\" then\n Mark = \"\\124TInterface\\\\TargetingFrame\\\\UI-RaidTargetingIcon_1:12\\124t\"\n color = \"|cFFFFFF00\"\n elseif markz == \"1\" then\n Mark = \"\\124TInterface\\\\TargetingFrame\\\\UI-RaidTargetingIcon_2:12\\124t\"\n color = \"|cFFCC6600\"\n elseif markz == \"2\" then\n Mark = \"\\124TInterface\\\\TargetingFrame\\\\UI-RaidTargetingIcon_3:12\\124t\"\n color = \"|cFF660066\"\n elseif markz == \"3\" then\n Mark = \"\\124TInterface\\\\TargetingFrame\\\\UI-RaidTargetingIcon_6:12\\124t\"\n color = \"|cFF0070DE\"\n end\n \n aura_env.display_msg = Mark..color..' Отсосать |r'..Mark\n return true\n end\n return false\nend",
"message_operator": "find('%s')",
"event": "Chat Message",
"type": "custom",
"custom_type": "event",
"sourceName": "Хэйк",
"use_message": true
"untrigger": {
"message_operator": "find('%s')",
"use_messageType": true,
"messageType": "CHAT_MSG_RAID",
"message": "_naga_remove_marks",
"use_message": true
"url": "https://wago.io/H15RqbKHb/1",
"height": 42.212223052979,
"fontSize": 42
"v": 1421,
"wagoID": "H15RqbKHb"
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Disenchant List [Pre-Legion]
SNIPPET Updated Oct 1st 2017 User Swatch Views 138 Comments 0 Stars 0

All disenchantable items in the game [Pre-Legion].
This is rings, trinkets and necks. Things that cannot be used for transmog and should be instantly DE'd unless for specific reasons.

TSM List: https://pastebin.com/D6fYFSP3

If someone wants to make a WA similar to https://wago.io/UseArtifactPower for disenchanters, this list could be utilised.

Items are Pre-Legion [pre Lvl 100/ iLvL 700] for reasons such as 101 twinking (ie some items are worth hundreds and thousands of gold) but can be added through altering on the links below.

List is made through:
How to use:

> Imported from Wowhead into Group Master.
> Copy and Paste Group Import String into Word Document.
Ctrl + h, Find i: Replace [
Ctrl + h, Find , Replace ] = true,
Click "other options" then tick regular expressions;
Ctrl + h, Find , Replace ,\n (n = enter).
If you wish to;
Ctrl + h, Find ^. Replace [ (press space four times).
Ctrl + h, Find ^. Replace \t& (t = tab).

To alter to include Legion (in wowhead links);
Change 100 from Maximum to Minimum
Change 700 from Maximum to Minimum
These will get up the Legion quality items.

Taken from;
Amulets: http://www.wowhead.com/amulets/max-level:700/max-req-level:100/quality:2:3:4/live-only:on?filter=161:8;1:1;0:0#0+2
Rings: http://www.wowhead.com/rings/max-level:700/max-req-level:100/quality:2:3:4?filter=161:8;1:1;0:0#0+2
Trinkets: http://www.wowhead.com/trinkets/max-level:700/max-req-level:100/quality:2:3:4/live-only:on?filter=161:8;1:1;0:0#0+2

Remember when you import these lists. See how it says "Source" in the last column. This column also imports codes. So if there is anything like "cache item xyz" that the item comes from (rarely listed as usually comes from multiple sources) it will also import that code but only once if you import all the pages (group maker supresses duplicates). Remember to go back and remove these source codes.

Do so by opening one of each item, for example the items to be removed from the rings wowhead list are;
114669 Tranquil Satchel of Helpful Goods
114655 Scorched Satchel of Helpful Goods
45986 Tiny Titanium Lockbox
52005 Satchel of Helpful Goods
119032 Rusted Challenger's Strongbox
119000 Highmaul Lockbox
119123 Formidable Ring
119122 Grandiose Ring
114120 Big Crate of Salvage
102291 Timeless Signet
114052 Gleaming Ring
Example link; http://www.wowhead.com/item=114669/tranquil-satchel-of-helpful-goods, that will sometimes pop up in the source column. If u see in the html there is an item=104345. Copy the 104345, and ctrl + f in your document and delete that line. Thats it. Just go back through the pages n exclude the few random source codes. Spells dont count, only if you open it and it says item=, if it says spell= then group maker won't import it.

Layout for code snippet kudos to Ora for local itemDB = {; https://wago.io/VkCpPXZL-
Code Snippets