Easy-Colour Bars (M+)
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Easy Colour Bars
This setup is primarily focused to healing parties of 5 to mythic raid of 20 (40 supported but off-set)
If you prefer a less colourful but more informative layout - Check out my other profile 'Big Group Healing'

Groups are set into rows, this is to make healing mythic+ dungeons less of a chore, and allow you to focus on the more important stuff out there - like volcanic plumes! :-S
The coloured bars, prefered by most players due to their ease on the eye is a primary design feature for this profile.
Debuffs are shown in their typical icon and colour name text for each type of debuff (only removable ones will display - can be changed).
As healers tend to have more awareness of who's-who and less need to call out names, to reduce clutter and provide 'more healing bar visual', names are limited to 5 characters in length. Mana bars are shown only for other healers in the raid group.

Latest update (21st March 2017)
Minor changes to the UI, including mana bars reduced by 2 pixels for clearer debuff icons placement
Updated code for the latest Vuhdo update

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