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This collection of WeakAuras automatically tracks your currently-equipped trinkets. It is comprised of almost-entirely custom Lua code.

Last Updated:
22th of March, 2017
Last Update: Using an RPPM trinket in slot14 while a non-RPPM trinket was in slot13 will no longer cause "Stack" errors.
Previous important update: Shows stacks by default, minimum 2 stacks to display (tested with: Erratic Metronome)

Intellect DPS
Other Roles -- See below for adding missing trinkets.

Generic Tags (Text) -- Display Text: %s, %p, etc. function properly (%s enabled by default).
Missing Trinkets -- Considered "dead" and will be ignored.
Updates -- A simple import and you're done. See below for adding missing trinkets.
Coding-Style -- This is a very complex system, it's not meant to be tampered with. Feel free to ask questions, though!

BUFF support.
DEBUFF support.
RPPM support. -- Displays an estimated proc chance. Fits any mechanic.
PROC support. -- Essentially RPPM without tracking auras or RPPM's proc rates.

Always supported. -- You can use the "Group" tab to change Height and Width, but re-positioning should be done manually for Trinket auras.
Globals -- Available to your WeakAura addon.
Adding your own code -- While possible, please understand that changing any Lua code will almost certainly cause errors or bugs.

If you wish to update a trinket manually, the process is very, very simple.
There are 3 critical elements people tend to mess up:
a.) They don't follow my instructions.
b.) They use the wrong Spell ID...which means you'll never detect it.
c.) They did not update the "dead" or "live" table with the trinket's Item ID, thus it's not detected.

1.) Find the ItemID on Wowhead. Locate the table "liveTrinkets" and insert the ItemID into this table. (Follow the format.) :: Found in "TrinketDatabase: Trigger 1"

2.) Locate the table "TrinketDB" and copy the first entry ( " [0] " ..through.. " }, " ) and scroll down to the bottom of the table, and paste it before the last " } " :: Found in "TrinketDatabase: Trigger 1"

3.) Find the Spell ID of the spell that goes on your aura bars. If there is no trackable aura, just as a damaging proc, use the Spell ID that fires in the combat.

Some addons display this Spell ID on the buff/debuff itself, some other spells take a bit more work because they have no buff/debuff. Update all the information about your trinket's effect. Use the comments, seen after each line, as a guide to help input the proper information.

4.) After completing this, reload your UI and swap your trinkets around to check to see if they've been entered into the database. A message will be entered into your chat log if an equipped trinket has not be found in the database (and is also not in the ignored table).

5.) After verifying your trinket works properly, please feel free to share the database entry and it will become a permanent fixture in the code. :)
Damage Dealing