T20 - Tomb of Sargeras (Flex & Mythic)
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Comprehensive collection of de/buff indicators and cast alerts for ToS. Loads for all languages.
T19 - Nighthold WeakAuras: https://wago.io/VJJIupZVf

Several of these auras include sound cues; these can be removed or changed through the Actions tab on a per-aura basis or as a group. Throughout Tomb of Sargeras' lifespan, these WeakAuras will be updated for completion and brevity. Please report any loading issues via Twitter, Discord, or the comments.

There is a timer for each aura under "2. Text" in the Display settings. For most auras, it is off by default. I suggest using OmniCC to add CD text to your auras.

Suggestions, questions, & hate mail: https://twitter.com/mfwchris

CHANGE LOG - 29 June 2017 (12:00 AM CDT)
- You will no longer get a /say alert when you stand in Remanence (Heroic+ Maiden of Vigilance).
- Added a time-until-impact aura for Rain of Brimstone (Mythic Goroth)
- Added a timer for Remanence (Heroic+ Maiden of Vigilance). While the Remanence persists, players of the opposing color have to watch for and dodge swirls. When this timer ends, it's safe to stack again. Timer might not be perfect, pending more testing.

- Re-ordered and added emphasis to auras for more important mechanics. Cut out some redundancies.
- Goroth: Added an aura for the initial impact of Crashing Comet (not the DoT).
- Harjatan: Added a high energy alert (=>75 by default) and a stack counter for Frigid Blows.
- Mistress Sassypants: Added a time-until-impact aura for Call Velius.
- Desolate Host: Added cast alerts for Sundering Doom and Doomed Sundering, with relevant instructions for both phases. Added an aura for Bonecage Armor.
- Maiden of Vigilance: Added an absorb-remaining aura for Titanic Bulwark.
- Fallen Avatar: Added auras for Shadowy Blades, Touch of Sargeras, Maiden of Valor energy (>=85 by default), and Cleansing Protocol.
- Kil'jaeden: Added an aura for Bursting Dreadflame and a soak timer for Armageddon.

GR - Burning Armor (Tank)
GR - Melted Armor
GR - Crashing Comet
GR - Shattering Star
GR - Infernal Burning
GR - Fel Pool
GR (M) - Rain of Brimstone

DE - Scythe Sweep (Tank)
DE - Unbearable Torment
DE - Bone Saw
DE - Calcified Quills
DE - Fel Squall
DE - Echoing Anguish
DE - Suffocating Dark

HR - Jagged Abrasion (Tank)
HR - Frigid Blows (Boss)
HR - Drenched
HR - Aqueous Burst
HR - Fixated
HR - Drenching Waters
HR - High Energy

SM - Lunar Fire (Tank)
SM - Discorporate (Tank)
SM - Suffusions
SM - Incorporeal Shot
SM - Embrace of the Eclipse
SM - Moon Burn
SM - Twilight Glaive
SM - Debuff Soup
SM (M) - Astral Vulnerability

MS - Burden of Pain (Tank)
MS - Hydra Shot
MS - Hydra Acid
MS - Consuming Hunger
MS - Thundering Shock
MS - Jaws from the Deep
MS - Befouling Ink
MS - Debuff Soup
MS (M) - Delicious Bufferfish

DH - Wailing Souls
DH - Tormented Cries
DH - Wither
DH - Shattering Scream
DH - Spirit Chains
DH - Soulbind
DH - Spear of Anguish
DH - Sundering Doom
DH - Doomed Sundering
DH - Debuff Soup

MV - Unstable Soul
MV - Infusions
MV - Grace & Vigor
MV - Blowback
MV - Titanic Bulwark
MV (M) - Fragment Burst

FA - Desolate (Tank)
FA - Desolate (Cast)
: Only loads if dungeon role is set to Tank.
FA - Shadowy Blades
FA - Rupture Realities
FA - Unbound Chaos
FA - Touch of Sargeras
FA - Maiden Energy
FA - Cleansing Protocol
FA - Dark Mark
FA - Black Winds
FA - Debuff Soup
FA (M) - Tainted Essence

KJ - Felclaws (Tank)
: Only loads if dungeon role is set to Tank.
KJ - Shadow Reflections
KJ - Armageddon
KJ - Bursting Dreadflame
KJ - Focused Dreadflame
KJ - Sightless Gaze
KJ - Darkness of a Thousand Souls
KJ - Gravity Squeeze
KJ (M) - Lingering Reflections
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