Blood DK
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Here are some relatively simple WA for Blood: Runes, Runic Power, Cooldowns, and talents are all tracked here!

Some quick notes on the WA: This includes both Concordance and T20 2 PC tracker. Blood Mirror/Bonestorm WA will change based on the talent chosen. There is also a Rune Tap WA that appears above the Raise Ally, if that talent is taken. AMS WA defaulted to 5 second duration, then cooldown appears, if using legendary cloak simply open WA > AMS CD > Trigger > Remaining Time <= 50

UPDATE: Added a quick fix to Bonestorm WA. Since the timer is dynamic based on how much RP is spent, you will see the duration appear on the icon in the upper left corner in YELLOW and the cooldown will appear in the bottom right corner in green, and the icon will desaturate for the duration of the CD.

This is a collection of 62 auras:

Runic Power (aurabar)
Bone Shield (aurabar)
Rune 1 (aurabar)
Rune1 CD (aurabar)
Rune 2 (aurabar)
Rune 2 CD (aurabar)
Rune 3 (aurabar)
Rune 3 CD (aurabar)
Rune 4 (aurabar)
Rune 4 CD (aurabar)
Rune 5 (aurabar)
Rune 5 CD (aurabar)
Rune 6 (aurabar)
Rune 6 CD (aurabar)
Vamp Blood (icon)
Vamp Blood CD (icon)
Vamp Blood Ready (icon)
Consumption (icon)
Consumption CD (icon)
Vampiric Aura (icon)
IBF Ready (icon)
IBF (icon)
IBF CD (icon)
DRW Ready (icon)
DRW (icon)
DRW CD (icon)
AMS Ready (icon)
AMS (icon)
AMS CD (icon)
Wraith Walk (icon)
Wraith Walk Ready (icon)
Wraith Walk CD (icon)
Concordance 2 (icon)
Gravewarden (icon)
Blood Mirror (icon)
Blood Mirror Ready (icon)
Blood Mirror CD (icon)
Bonestorm (icon)
Bonestorm Ready (icon)
Bonestorm CD (icon)
Blooddrinker (icon)
Blooddrinker Ready (icon)
Blooddrinker CD (icon)
Bloodboil (icon)
Bloodboil 2 (icon)
Bloodboil CD (text)
Bloodboil CD 2 (text)
DnD (icon)
DnD Ready (icon)
DnD CD (icon)
Asphyxiate (icon)
Asphyxiate Ready (icon)
Asphyxiate CD (icon)
Gorefiend's Grasp (icon)
Gorefiend's Grasp CD (icon)
Rune Tap (icon)
Rune Tap 2 (icon)
Rune Tap CD 1 (text)
Rune Tap CD 2 (text)
Rune Tap Buff (aurabar)
Raise Ally (icon)
Raise Ally CD (icon)
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