Vegeta - DK Weakaura 7.1.5 // "v1.2"
WEAKAURA Updated Mar 20th 2017 User Vegeta Views 3,102 Comments 0 Stars 2
Update 1.2 -20.03.2017
-Added bars for Unholy Strength , Pillar of Frost and Empowered rune weapon.
-some minor fixes of Unholy Auras

Update 1.1.4 -15.03.2017
-Added Final message of Breath of Sindragosa┬┤s Duration and Damage

Update 1.1.3 -13.03.2017
-Added Duration of Breath of Sindragosa
-Fixed some minor Bugfixes
-Added a new GIF for preview

Update 1.1.2 -13.03.2017
-Lightning Animation if Full Runic Power
-Fixed some Spells for working on every language clients.

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This is a collection of 73 auras:

BoS Active (icon)
BoS CD (icon)
Runic Power Bar Full (model)
Runic Power Bar (progresstexture)
Runic Power Text (text)
AMS CD (icon)
AMS Usable (icon)
Apocalypse Usable (icon)
ApocalypseCD (icon)
BoneShield (icon)
DRW CD (icon)
DRW Usable (icon)
DarkTransformation CD (icon)
DarkTransformation Usable (icon)
DnD CD (icon)
DnD Usable (icon)
Festering Wounds (icon)
Frozen Soul (icon)
GA Usable (icon)
GA_CD (icon)
Gorefiend Grasp Usable (icon)
Gorefiends Grasp CD (icon)
IBF CD (icon)
IBF Usable (icon)
IcyTalonsBar (aurabar)
No Blood Plague (icon)
No Festering Wounds (icon)
No Soul Reaper (icon)
No Bone Shield (icon)
No Virulent Plague (icon)
Obliteration Usable (icon)
ObliterationActive (icon)
ObliterationCD (icon)
SoulReaper CD (icon)
SoulReaper Usable (icon)
SummonGary CD (icon)
SummonGary Usable (icon)
VampiricBlood CD (icon)
VampiricBlood Usable (icon)
Yes Blood Plague (icon)
Rune 1 (progresstexture)
Rune 1 Animation (model)
Rune 1 Recharging (progresstexture)
Rune 2 (progresstexture)
Rune 2 Animation (model)
Rune 2 Recharging (progresstexture)
Rune 3 (progresstexture)
Rune 3 Animation (model)
Rune 3 Recharging (progresstexture)
Rune 4 (progresstexture)
Rune 4 Animation (model)
Rune 4 Recharging (progresstexture)
Rune 5 (progresstexture)
Rune 5 Animation (model)
Rune 5 Recharging (progresstexture)
Rune 6 (progresstexture)
Rune 6 Animation (model)
Rune 6 Recharging (progresstexture)
RemorselessWinterCd (icon)
Remorseless Winter Usable (icon)
Remorseless Winter Duration (text)
Razorice (icon)
PoF CD (icon)
Pillar of Frost Usable (icon)
Gathering Storm (icon)
Sindragosa's Fury (icon)
SF Usable (icon)
ERW Usable (icon)
ERW CD (icon)
Breath Usable (icon)
Yes Virulent Plague (icon)
No Frost Fever (icon)
Yes Frost Fever (icon)
Blood Death KnightFrost Death KnightUnholy Death KnightPvE Utility