DK Simplistic(Text) UI [Frostìtùte | US-Tichondrius]
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The plans for this pack have slightly changed, I have decided to make this into a minimalistic type UI standalone once it's all completed, until then it will be added onto slowly until this is achieved :D

Have suggestions on what to add or how you'd like to see this improved? Leave a comment and I'll go ahead and get on it :D

That being said, this is a super simple collection of text WeakAuras that are intended to be placed just over your character's head so that you can see them at a glance and take notice as to you cooldowns and other useful things :D.

The text will change based on how many runes you have remaining (as you use and gain them) and will also change colors (going from green at a full rune bank, yellow as you hit the mid range of runes, and finally to red when you have no runes).

Spec's Supported:
[Supported/Work In Progress]Frost
[Not Yet Fully Supported]Blood
[Not Yet Fully Supported]Unholy

To-Do List:
-PoF (Path of Frost)
-HRW (Hungering Rune Weapon)
-Dark Succor Procs?????

EDIT: Added support for Horn of Winter as well as a notifier that will match the color of the text for rune count at 1 rune and no runes if the spell is talented into and off cooldown.
-Will now also only display when in combat and hide itself when not.

EDIT 2: Added a bunch to the UI start (duration, cd, and if available)
-IBF (Icebound Fortitude)
-AMS (Anti-Magic Shell)
-BoS (yes this will show you the time your breath is active before showing the remaining cooldown)
-Sindragosa's Fury
-Mind Freeze
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