Wheva DK v3.3 (7.2.5 Updated)
WEAKAURA Updated Jun 23rd 2017 User Wheva Views 13,461 Comments 9 Stars 6
Made by Wheva on US-Sargeras

This is an all-in-one Death Knight weak aura that works for all three specs. This is the third version of the weak aura, I plan on updating/improving it over time. So all feedback is greatly appreciated!

There are two complimentary auras:
Wheva DK Runes: https://wago.io/EysqlIfkm
Wheva DK Buffs: https://wago.io/V1qSFSPvf

I would like to credit Bloodfella for the Blood Shield Tracker, the original Weak Aura is here: https://wago.io/VkKOoWKI

Future Additions:
-Plan on investing more time into unholy and blood sides of the aura, going to make each fit the needs of each of the specs better then it does, if you have any suggestions now is the time!!!

Changelog v3.3:
-Added No pet aura for unholy
-Added Cold Heart Aura
-Updated Wheva DK Buffs Weak Aura
-Changed Blood Layout Drastically, made trackers for level 100 talents, moved Gorefiend Grasp Tracker, using frost and unholy trackers for AMS/IBF/WW instead
-Added Souldrinker Tracker

Changelog v3.2:
-Added defensive tracker for Frost and Unholy
-Changed order of unholy cooldown trackers to reflect the new playstyles (Apoc/DA/DT in order of the rotation from left to right)
-Made festering wounds stacks change colors based on whether or not its safe to use festering strike

Changelog v3.1:
-Added Blood Shield tracker
-Made runes sort themselves left to right based on how charged/full they are (NOW A SEPARATE AURA - READ ABOVE)

Changelong v3:
-Added Necrosis Tracker
-Fixed interactions between Gathering Storm, Frozen Soul, and Remorseless Winter CD
-Changed font of Cd/Debuff trackers to Expressway
-Changed size of fonts
-Changed layout of stacks/duration trackers
-Duration of buff/debuff on top
-Stacks of buff/debuff on bottom in different color text
-Removed flashing animation for frost/unholy CDs when usable
-Added shrinking animations when all major CDs become usable
-Added buffs to DK buff tracker (link above)

Changelog v2:
-Made Runebars prettier
-Added Full RP Bar
-Added Remorseless Winter timer

This is a collection of 65 auras:

BoS Active (icon)
ObliterationActive (icon)
Rune 1 (progresstexture)
Rune 1 Recharging (progresstexture)
Rune 2 (progresstexture)
Rune 2 Recharging (progresstexture)
Rune 3 (progresstexture)
Rune 3 Recharging (progresstexture)
Rune 4 (progresstexture)
Rune 4 Recharging (progresstexture)
Rune 5 (progresstexture)
Rune 5 Recharging (progresstexture)
Rune 6 (progresstexture)
Rune 6 Recharging (progresstexture)
Runic Power (progresstexture)
Runic Power 2 (text)
Frozen Soul (icon)
Gathering Storm (icon)
BoS CD (icon)
SummonGary CD (icon)
DRW CD (icon)
RemorselessWinterCd (icon)
DnD CD (icon)
Gorefiends Grasp CD (icon)
ObliterationCD (icon)
GA_CD (icon)
PoF CD (icon)
DarkTransformation CD (icon)
VampiricBlood CD (icon)
ERW CD (icon)
AMS CD (icon)
SoulReaper CD (icon)
Sindragosa's Fury (icon)
IBF CD (icon)
ApocalypseCD (icon)
Pillar of Frost Usable (icon)
DarkTransformation Usable (icon)
VampiricBlood Usable (icon)
SF Usable (icon)
IBF Usable (icon)
Apocalypse Usable (icon)
Remorseless Winter Usable (icon)
DnD Usable (icon)
Gorefiend Grasp Usable (icon)
ERW Usable (icon)
AMS Usable (icon)
SoulReaper Usable (icon)
Breath Usable (icon)
DRW Usable (icon)
SummonGary Usable (icon)
Obliteration Usable (icon)
GA Usable (icon)
IcyTalonsBar (aurabar)
Yes Frost Fever (icon)
Yes Virulent Plague (icon)
Yes Blood Plague (icon)
Razorice (icon)
Festering Wounds (icon)
No Frost Fever (icon)
No Soul Reaper (icon)
No Virulent Plague (icon)
No Blood Plague (icon)
No Bone Shield (icon)
No Festering Wounds (icon)
BoneShield (icon)
Blood Death KnightFrost Death KnightUnholy Death KnightPvE Utility
DK-Blood Death Strike v3.2
WEAKAURA Updated Jun 22nd 2017 User Hamsda Views 13,273 Comments 11 Stars 12
This aura indicates how much Death Strike will heal for, as a percentage of maximum HP.

All of the options can be found in Actions > On Init > Custom:
  • aura_env.showAbsolute: Set to true to show absolute healing instead of percent.
  • aura_env.numDecimals: Set the number of decimals for percent display.
  • aura_env.colors: Add/remove entries in the table to color the text when the prediction reaches certain values.

It takes into account the following:
  • Damage Taken
  • Bone Shield damage reduction (including Rattlegore Bone Legplates legendary, Spectral Deflection, and Skeletal Shattering, requires LibArtifactData-1.0)*
  • Vampiric Blood (including Vampiric Fangs, requires LibArtifactData-1.0)
  • Versatility
  • Carrion Feast (requires LibArtifactData-1.0)
  • Death and Decay with Lana'thel's Lament legendary
  • Skullflower's Haemostasis legendary
  • Guardian Spirit
  • Divine Hymn
  • Protection of Tyr

*This is only an estimate though! There is no amount of reduction/absorb by Bone Shield in the combat log any more. And because there is no indicator if Skeletal Shattering procc'd, there is no accurate way of knowing how much damage BS mitigated. Each time you lose a BS charge, I try to find the according melee hit, reconstruct how much BS reduced it by (16% baseline, crit chance times 8% for Skeletal Shattering, 2% for legendary), and therefore how much DS will consider for the healing part.

  • 2017-06-23 v3.2: Fixed %% display for newest WA version and fixed Bursting spellid.
  • 2017-06-10 v3.1: Added Quaking and Bursting to excluded spells list.
  • 2017-04-09 v3.0: Added Bone Shield estimation, Skullflower's Haemostasis and Rattlegore Bone Legplates legendaries, Carrion Feast and Skeletal Shattering traits, and two new options (number of decimal places being shown and coloring options).
  • 2017-02-28 v2.6: Leech doesn't affect self heals.
  • 2017-02-02 v2.5: Excluded spellids (Parasitic Fetter and Crushing Grip) that don't add to healing.
  • 2017-01-10 v2.4: Added Protection of Tyr.
  • 2016-10-07 v2.3: Added leech support.
  • 2016-08-28 v2.2: Added Lana'thel's Lament legendary
  • 2016-08-27 v2.1: Added option to display absolute healing
Blood Death Knight
DK-Blood CDs v2.12
WEAKAURA Updated Jun 22nd 2017 User Hamsda Views 6,397 Comments 3 Stars 1
This is a group of auras to show defensive cooldowns and externals for Blood Death Knights as well as a summary of the total mitigation, both physical and magical.

The defensive cooldowns are:
  • Dancing Rune Weapon
  • Vampiric Blood
  • Anti-Magic Shell
  • Icebound Fortitude
  • Blood Mirror** (not based on the player's buff but instead shows the full duration, because the damage is still reduced even if the target of Blood Mirror dies and the buff fades)
  • Will of the Necropolis (will only display if you are actually below 35% HP, even though it also reduces parts of hits that take you below 35%)
  • Bone Shield**
  • Rune Tap
  • Pain Suppression
  • Guardian Spirit
  • Blessing of Sacrifice
  • Blessing of Spellwarding
  • Ironbark
  • Safeguard
  • Devotion Aura

The mitigation summary takes into account the above mentioned cooldowns and the following:
  • Armor*
  • Versatility
  • Power Word: Barrier
  • DR trinkets (Grotesque Statuette, Writhing Heart of Darkness)

*The armor reduction for bosses that are much higher level than the player will display incorrectly. Best to assume they'll kill you!
**These DRs are effectively absorbs in game.

  • 2017-06-23 v2.12: Fixed %% display for newest WA version.
  • 2017-02-28 v2.11: Added AMS.
  • 2017-02-10 v2.10: Added Mists Timewalking dungeon IDs.
  • 2017-01-10 v2.9: Added 7.1.5 changes.
  • 2016-10-25 v2.8: Added Icebound Fortitude.
  • 2016-10-18 v2.7: Added DR trinkets.
  • 2016-08-27 v2.6: Added Guardian Spirit
Blood Death Knight