DK Simplistic(Text) UI [Frostìtùte | US-Tichondrius]
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The plans for this pack have slightly changed, I have decided to make this into a minimalistic type UI standalone once it's all completed, until then it will be added onto slowly until this is achieved :D

Have suggestions on what to add or how you'd like to see this improved? Leave a comment and I'll go ahead and get on it :D

That being said, this is a super simple collection of text WeakAuras that are intended to be placed just over your character's head so that you can see them at a glance and take notice as to you cooldowns and other useful things :D.

The text will change based on how many runes you have remaining (as you use and gain them) and will also change colors (going from green at a full rune bank, yellow as you hit the mid range of runes, and finally to red when you have no runes).

Spec's Supported:
[Supported/Work In Progress]Frost
[Not Yet Fully Supported]Blood
[Not Yet Fully Supported]Unholy

To-Do List:
-PoF (Path of Frost)
-HRW (Hungering Rune Weapon)
-Dark Succor Procs?????

EDIT: Added support for Horn of Winter as well as a notifier that will match the color of the text for rune count at 1 rune and no runes if the spell is talented into and off cooldown.
-Will now also only display when in combat and hide itself when not.

EDIT 2: Added a bunch to the UI start (duration, cd, and if available)
-IBF (Icebound Fortitude)
-AMS (Anti-Magic Shell)
-BoS (yes this will show you the time your breath is active before showing the remaining cooldown)
-Sindragosa's Fury
-Mind Freeze
Blood Death KnightFrost Death KnightUnholy Death Knight
Wheva DK
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This is an all-in-one Death Knight weak aura that works for all three specs. This is the first version of the weak aura, so I plan on constantly updating/improving it over time. So all feedback is greatly appreciated!

If your looking to get the buff tracker on the left side you need to install my other weak aura: Wheva DK Buffs

This is a collection of 65 auras:

BoS Active (icon)
ObliterationActive (icon)
Rune 1 (progresstexture)
Rune 1 Recharging (progresstexture)
Rune 2 (progresstexture)
Rune 2 Recharging (progresstexture)
Rune 3 (progresstexture)
Rune 3 Recharging (progresstexture)
Rune 4 (progresstexture)
Rune 4 Recharging (progresstexture)
Rune 5 (progresstexture)
Rune 5 Recharging (progresstexture)
Rune 6 (progresstexture)
Rune 6 Recharging (progresstexture)
Runic Power (progresstexture)
Runic Power 2 (text)
Frozen Soul (icon)
Gathering Storm (icon)
BoS CD (icon)
SummonGary CD (icon)
DRW CD (icon)
RemorselessWinterCd (icon)
DnD CD (icon)
Gorefiends Grasp CD (icon)
ObliterationCD (icon)
GA_CD (icon)
PoF CD (icon)
DarkTransformation CD (icon)
VampiricBlood CD (icon)
ERW CD (icon)
AMS CD (icon)
SoulReaper CD (icon)
Sindragosa's Fury (icon)
IBF CD (icon)
ApocalypseCD (icon)
Pillar of Frost Usable (icon)
DarkTransformation Usable (icon)
VampiricBlood Usable (icon)
SF Usable (icon)
IBF Usable (icon)
Apocalypse Usable (icon)
Remorseless Winter Usable (icon)
DnD Usable (icon)
Gorefiend Grasp Usable (icon)
ERW Usable (icon)
AMS Usable (icon)
SoulReaper Usable (icon)
Breath Usable (icon)
DRW Usable (icon)
SummonGary Usable (icon)
Obliteration Usable (icon)
GA Usable (icon)
IcyTalonsBar (aurabar)
Yes Frost Fever (icon)
Yes Virulent Plague (icon)
Yes Blood Plague (icon)
Razorice (icon)
Festering Wounds (icon)
No Frost Fever (icon)
No Soul Reaper (icon)
No Virulent Plague (icon)
No Blood Plague (icon)
No Bone Shield (icon)
No Festering Wounds (icon)
BoneShield (icon)
Blood Death KnightFrost Death KnightUnholy Death Knight