Cold Heart - Chains Cast Helper
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This aura will play a bell tone and flash an icon on your screen when you should cast Chains of Ice with Cold Heart equipped.

Here is the logic:
Version 5.5 **Updated 10/12/17**
Frost DK:
If you have obliteration running do not call for Cast. If not...
If you have >10 stacks of Cold heart, with <=3 seconds of POF: Cast
If you have >16 stacks of Cold heart, with Unh Str up, and POF on CD for > 6 secs: Cast
If you have 20 stacks:
If POF is ready to cast or is already running: Cast
If POF isn't up (>6 sec cd), check for Unh Str, if it is up: Cast
Otherwise when at 20 stacks: wait 5 seconds checking all conditions before just having you cast.

Unholy DK:
If you have 20 stacks, check to see if you have Concordance or Unholy Strength procced. If you do, Cast. If not, wait up to 5 seconds to call for the cast. If the 5 seconds expires, it will tell you to cast.

Theorycrafting: Thanks Melekus and Achiron!
Coding: Special thanks to Rivers from the WeakAura discord and Soulreavir from for helping with some aspects of the logic coding.

Change Log:
10/12/17 - v5.5 Made weakaura sound easy to enable/disable/edit.
9/7/17 - V5.1 Made weakaura not load if you are in a vehicle.
9/2/17 - V5 Updated to the 7.3 cast priority. \o/
8/22/17 - Added Concordance triggers to frost dk logic (==20 stacks Cold heart, and >15 stacks Cold heart)
7/27/17 - Changed WA to be based on spellid in order to work with multi-language
7/22/17 - Updated to new ideal cast windows

To Remove Sound:
Type /wa
Go to Chains Cast Helper
Click "Trigger"
Click "Expand Text Editor"
Change "local sound_on = true" to "local sound_on = false"
Hooray no sound!

To Change Sound:
Type /wa
Go to Chains Cast Helper
Click "Trigger"
Click "Expand Text Editor"
Change "local sound_clip = " to point to the preferred sound file.
Hooray new sound!
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