Murmur inspired weak aura for UH DK
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This is a collection of 145 auras:

dark trans (icon)
dark trans cd (icon)
cd DT buff (progresstexture)
CD DT bg (texture)
nocd DT bg (texture)
cd DT low (progresstexture)
cd DT (progresstexture)
DT UP (icon)
DT UP low (icon)
apoc avail (icon)
cd Apoc (progresstexture)
nocd Apoc bg (texture)
cd Apoc low (progresstexture)
cd Apoc bg (texture)
apoc cd high (icon)
apoc cd low (icon)
DND buff (icon)
nocd dnd bg (texture)
cd dnd low (progresstexture)
cd dnd (progresstexture)
cd dnd bg (texture)
dnd avail (icon)
dnd cd (icon)
VP low (icon)
VP On Target (icon)
cd vp (progresstexture)
cd vp bg (texture)
nocd vp bg (texture)
VP missing (icon)
BRW Actve (icon)
cd brw (progresstexture)
cd brw low (progresstexture)
cd brw bg (texture)
nocd brw bg (texture)
BRW CD (icon)
BRW Available (icon)
blight swing (progresstexture)
DC Proc (icon)
nocd dc bg (texture)
cd dc bg (texture)
cd dc (progresstexture)
DC avail (icon)
DC missing (icon)
Wounds 3 (icon)
cd fw (progresstexture)
nocd fw bg (texture)
cd fw bg (texture)
Wounds low (icon)
Wounds missing (icon)
Divine Shield Available 2 3 2 (icon)
cd aotd (progresstexture)
nocd aotd bg (texture)
cd aotd low (progresstexture)
cd aotd bg (texture)
Divine Shield CD Tracker 2 3 (icon)
nopet (icon)
defile avail (icon)
defile cd (icon)
defile stacks (icon)
epidemic 0 (icon)
epidemic max (icon)
nocd epidemic bg (texture)
cd epidemic low (progresstexture)
cd epidemic (progresstexture)
cd epidemic bg (texture)
epidemic rchrg (icon)
epidemic text (icon)
arbiter avail (icon)
arbiter cd (icon)
garg cd (icon)
cd garg bg (texture)
nocd garg bg (texture)
cd garg 2 2 (progresstexture)
cd garg low (progresstexture)
gargoyle avail (icon)
nocd sr bg (texture)
cd sr bg (texture)
SR cd high (icon)
SR cd low (icon)
soul reaper avail (icon)
cd sr (progresstexture)
cd sr low (progresstexture)
nocd kj bg (texture)
cd kj bg (texture)
KJ Trinket cd high (icon)
KJ Trinket cd low (icon)
KJ Trinket available (icon)
cd kj (progresstexture)
cd kj low (progresstexture)
IBF avail (icon)
cd ibf (progresstexture)
nocd ibf bg (texture)
cd ibf bg (texture)
cd ibf low (progresstexture)
IBF cd (icon)
IBF up (icon)
AMS available (icon)
cd ams (progresstexture)
nocd ams bg (texture)
cd ams bg (texture)
cd ams low (progresstexture)
AMS CD (icon)
AMS Active (icon)
Wraith Walk (icon)
cd ww (progresstexture)
nocd ww bg (texture)
cd ww low (progresstexture)
cd ww bg (texture)
Wraith Walk Available (icon)
Wraith Walk CD (icon)
Grip Available (icon)
cd grip (progresstexture)
nocd grip bg (texture)
cd grip bg (texture)
cd grip low (progresstexture)
Grip CD (icon)
Kick Available (icon)
cd MF (progresstexture)
cd MF bg (texture)
nocd MF bg (texture)
cd MF low (progresstexture)
Kick CD (icon)
death stacks (icon)
Death timer (progresstexture)
Death BG (texture)
Crusader (icon)
Crusader BG (texture)
Crusader timer (progresstexture)
Concord (icon)
Concord BG (texture)
Concord timer (progresstexture)
Garg duration (icon)
Garg BG (texture)
Garg timer (progresstexture)
valkyr duration (icon)
valkyr BG (texture)
valkyr timer (progresstexture)
t202pc (icon)
T202pc timer (progresstexture)
T202pc BG (texture)
reaper buff (icon)
reaper duration (icon)
SR Buff timer (progresstexture)
SR Buff BG (texture)
reaper on+stacks (icon)
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Unholy DK [Khakhan]
WEAKAURA Updated Jul 14th 2017 User Khakhan Views 53,393 Comments 19 Stars 24
Updated: Jul. 13th 7.2.5 Update v4. New GIF! Unholy aura collection. Changes below
Cold Heart, if you have it.
v4 Minor fixes and performance fix. Also moved Scourge of Worlds to be a small bar on top of Festering Wounds.
v3 Better Dark Arbiter support. Now has its own icon for better tracking. Added cd display for Army of the Dead if < 3 min remaining and gets huge at 5sec remaining. Changed Pestilent Pustules icon (now looks like a purple rune)
v2 Fixed Virulent plague to glow again < 3.5sec remaining (no longer alerts at 7sec at all). Added "FREE" on runic power bar if next deathcoil will be free. Added sound with 5sec remaining on Apocalypse cooldown ("Sonar") it's under conditions in the aura "Apocalypse CD" if you want it gone. Removed the "1 / 2" showing number of enemies that lacked Virulent Plague, I really like the idea of it but I just can't get it to consistently work.
v1 Cleaned up a few things with Soul Reaper and various code. Updated for 45 RP death coil.

Download the Rune Tracker HERE
Delete / set to 'Load - Never' the auras: "Runic Corruption BG", "Runes Unholy BG" and "4 Runes Warn" if you don't use my rune tracker.

What you're seeing in the GIF:
Abilities glow when it is a good time to use them. DK compendium and Icy Veins as my sources.
Death Coil will never glow and Scourge Strike will only glow if you're standing in your D&D
The number above the Virulent Plague icon is the number of enemies within 8 yards of you.
The purple Festering Wounds look-alike icon, next to Apocalypse, is a display for Pestilent Pustules, it counts down from 8-1, indicating when your next free rune will occur. (Changed after this GIF, now is a purple rune icon)
Not in the gif but Death and Decay will flash if it is cast and you aren't standing in it.
The background behind the runes will glow red if you have 4+ runes active. It will glow white/gray if Runic Corruption is active. Don't forget Rune Tracker!!!
The Runic Power Bar has several things going on.

  • It changes color based on how much RP you have. Dark Blue when RP is less than Death Coil cost. Regular blue when you can cast one Death Coil. Bright blue when you have > 80% of your max RP (including artifact traits). Yellow at max.
  • It also has an orange tick mark that gives a visual indicator of Death Coil's RP cost.
  • If you see "Free" that means your next Death Coil will cost no RP. (Sudden Doom)

Requires latest Weakauras update

Companion auras DK Utility & Defensives HERE


Updated: Jun. 29th 7.2.5 Update. Unholy aura collection. Changes below
Cleaned up a few things with Soul Reaper and various code. Updated for 45 RP death coil. I am not sure what to change with functionality. It seems to have the same rotation as before, unless you have the fourth lesson bracers. I think I am missing something, let me know.

Updated: Jan. 13th Updated for patch 7.1.5. Apocalypse triggers are now set to 6+ and Pestilent Pustules now resets at 8. Added "6 FW!" above apocalypse as a reminder to get 6 festering wounds so you can use apocalypse ASAP.
Updated: Oct. 29th Good sized update. Soul Reaper no longer cares if you will go over Runic Power cap. The Soul Reaper icon will now turn red if it is available and you haven't cast it yet. Added a flashing red background behind the runes if you have 4 or more runes active. Death Coil no longer glows at all, the runic power bar will just have to be enough. Tweaked the VP tracker, still will have issues here and there with mobs that become un-targetable but then come back in combat.

Updated: Sep. 29th Added a bar to track Necrosis. Added a tracker for Risen Skulker, he is an air totem. (aka totem #4) You have been Shaman's all this time and just didn't know it. VP tracker should be more reliable. Made Dark Succor stop shaking if you have >95% hp.
Updated: Sep. 12th Minor update. Made apocalypse only glow if soul reaper is on longer than 5sec CD (If talented). Reverted Scourge Strike aoe change, no longer requires festering wounds.
Updated: Sep. 9th Tons of stuff! First, added GCD sweeps. The most work was done on when things glow. Festering Wounds now glows when below 3 stacks, Soul Reaper now takes Apocalypse into account (for glowing), Scourge Strike now shows up when it should. (mainly it now requires 3+ Festering Wounds)
Fixes: Fixed Scourge of Worlds, Epidemic now shows a red icon if it isn't usable, DT now only shows if you have a pet.
Added: Companion auras DK Utility & Defensives
Unholy Death Knight