Crokxe's DK Wa's "v3.6.2" [All in One]
WEAKAURA Updated May 24th 2017 User Crokxe Views 100,249 Comments 20 Stars 41

Check weakaura addon version first required v2.4.1 or higher

>>Rune Tracker not included you should import from here<<
>>>RuneBar Without Timer :
>>>RuneBar With Timer :
>>Rune Tracker not included you should import from here<<

Frost Chromatic Anomaly Mythic
v2.1 Video

--IMPORTANT FOR VISUAL-- highly recommended
--if you using Elvui with Addonskins thick this option
--Recommended icon Pack (Clean icon-thin)
--Recommended Addon for font and texture
--My Font Folder (extract wow directory) \Program Files\World of Warcraft!uxc1zQpQ!IgaqSAK7c4wa8aGmbAe91SSF-HKoJDH71ovCfcsa_U0

DISCORD: Crokxe#4163

>ChangeLog<(/reload if you see double cd timer)
-Sindragosa's Fury now glow when 2500 str pot+POF+Unholy STR and Legionfall(52 trait) up
-Blood Shield tracker now progress bar,Instead of icon
-Add Souldrinker(Blood 42 Trait) now you can see Souldrinker % amount (right left heart icon)
-Add Concordance of the Legionfall (52 Trait)
-Add Skullflower's Haemostasis (Blood Shoulder) support.Now you can see stack
-Delete useless wa's
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Ipse's WA's - Death Knight
WEAKAURA Updated May 22nd 2017 User Ipse Views 75,215 Comments 22 Stars 52
7.2 Update - New Wound/Bone Tracker

My ElvUI profile:

Buff Tracker:

If the cooldown timers aren't showing up you'll have have to enable action bar timers, in the default wow interface under Actionbars > Show Numbers for Cooldowns.

I didn't really think i needed to put this here, but some of you are getting really confused about the festering wounds aura. It is NOT the aura on the top right, it is the bar above the rune bars. The icon on the top right tracks how many wounds are left to be burst for a free rune (Pestilent Pustules)

Any questions or suggestions about these auras, you can find me at this discord:

- New styles for Bone Shield and Festering Wounds trackers

- Fixed some aura positions to adjust for overlapping

Change Log

7.1.5 Changes
Changed some aura positions to reflect the class changes

- No longer loads in pet battles

- Now works on all language clients
- Moved the resource tracker to the middle of the power bar

- Added a tracker for Icy Talons and Razorice ( if talented into shattering strikes)
- Added a timer for remorseless winter
- Cleaned up a lot of the auras

- Added Icebound Fortitude timer and cd tracker for 7.1

- Added a timer for soul reaper buff on yourself
- Added a timer for dark transformation
- Fixed festering wounds to show 8 stacks
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Trix's All-in-1 DK
WEAKAURA Updated May 10th 2017 User TheSeanzy1988 Views 3,586 Comments 0 Stars 2
All 3 Specs in one handy setup =Win
This is a collection of 65 auras:

Runic Power (aurabar)
Heart Strike (icon)
Death Strike (icon)
Gorefiends Grasp CD (icon)
Gorefiends Grasp (icon)
Death Grip CD (icon)
Death Grip (icon)
DRW CD (icon)
DRW (icon)
DrW (aurabar)
DnD Go (texture)
Crimson Scurge (texture)
DK Absorb amount (text)
Consumption CD (icon)
Consumption (icon)
BoneStorm CD (icon)
BoneStorm (icon)
Bonestorm (aurabar)
Bone Shield 2 (progresstexture)
Bone Shield (text)
Blooddrinker Go (icon)
Blooddrinker (icon)
Blood Boil CD (icon)
Blood Boil 2 (icon)
Blood Boil (icon)
Runic Power Frost (aurabar)
Obliterate (icon)
Pillar of Frost (icon)
Pillar of Frost Go (icon)
Pillar of Frost 2 (aurabar)
Remorseless Winter (icon)
Remorseless Winter Go (icon)
Sindragosa's Fury (icon)
Sindragosa's Fury Go (icon)
Empower Rune Weapon (icon)
Empower Rune Weapon Go (icon)
Howling Blast (icon)
Hungering Rune Weapon (aurabar)
Killing Machine (icon)
Rime Proc (texture)
Breath of Sindragosa Go (icon)
Breath of Sindragosa (icon)
Breath of Sindragosa 2 (texture)
Runic Power Frost Unholy (aurabar)
Summon Gargoyle Go (icon)
Summon Gargoyle (icon)
Sudden Doom (texture)
Soul Reaper Go (icon)
Soul Reaper 3 (aurabar)
Soul Reaper 2 (text)
Soul Reaper (icon)
Scourge Strike (icon)
Festering Wound Timer (progresstexture)
Festering Wound 2 (text)
Festering Strike (icon)
FesteSoul Reaper Timer (progresstexture)
Death and Decay Go (icon)
Death and Decay (icon)
Virulent Plague (aurabar)
Dark Transformation (icon)
Dark Transformation Go (icon)
Army of the Dead Go (icon)
Army of the Dead (icon)
Apocalypse Go (icon)
Apocalypse (icon)
Blood Death KnightFrost Death KnightUnholy Death Knight
Wheva DK v3.1
WEAKAURA Updated May 2nd 2017 User Wheva Views 9,554 Comments 5 Stars 5
Made by Wheva on US-Sargeras

This is an all-in-one Death Knight weak aura that works for all three specs. This is the third version of the weak aura, I plan on updating/improving it over time. So all feedback is greatly appreciated!

There are two complimentary auras:
Wheva DK Runes:
Wheva DK Buffs:

I would like to credit Bloodfella for the Blood Shield Tracker, the original Weak Aura is here:

Future Additions:
-Plan on investing more time into unholy and blood sides of the aura, going to make each fit the needs of each of the specs better then it does, if you have any suggestions now is the time!!!

Changelog v3.1:
-Added Blood Shield tracker
-Made runes sort themselves left to right based on how charged/full they are (NOW A SEPARATE AURA - READ ABOVE)

Changelong v3:
-Added Necrosis Tracker
-Fixed interactions between Gathering Storm, Frozen Soul, and Remorseless Winter CD
-Changed font of Cd/Debuff trackers to Expressway
-Changed size of fonts
-Changed layout of stacks/duration trackers
-Duration of buff/debuff on top
-Stacks of buff/debuff on bottom in different color text
-Removed flashing animation for frost/unholy CDs when usable
-Added shrinking animations when all major CDs become usable
-Added buffs to DK buff tracker (link above)

Changelog v2:
-Made Runebars prettier
-Added Full RP Bar
-Added Remorseless Winter timer

This is a collection of 65 auras:

BoS Active (icon)
ObliterationActive (icon)
Rune 1 (progresstexture)
Rune 1 Recharging (progresstexture)
Rune 2 (progresstexture)
Rune 2 Recharging (progresstexture)
Rune 3 (progresstexture)
Rune 3 Recharging (progresstexture)
Rune 4 (progresstexture)
Rune 4 Recharging (progresstexture)
Rune 5 (progresstexture)
Rune 5 Recharging (progresstexture)
Rune 6 (progresstexture)
Rune 6 Recharging (progresstexture)
Runic Power (progresstexture)
Runic Power 2 (text)
Frozen Soul (icon)
Gathering Storm (icon)
BoS CD (icon)
SummonGary CD (icon)
DRW CD (icon)
RemorselessWinterCd (icon)
DnD CD (icon)
Gorefiends Grasp CD (icon)
ObliterationCD (icon)
GA_CD (icon)
PoF CD (icon)
DarkTransformation CD (icon)
VampiricBlood CD (icon)
ERW CD (icon)
AMS CD (icon)
SoulReaper CD (icon)
Sindragosa's Fury (icon)
IBF CD (icon)
ApocalypseCD (icon)
Pillar of Frost Usable (icon)
DarkTransformation Usable (icon)
VampiricBlood Usable (icon)
SF Usable (icon)
IBF Usable (icon)
Apocalypse Usable (icon)
Remorseless Winter Usable (icon)
DnD Usable (icon)
Gorefiend Grasp Usable (icon)
ERW Usable (icon)
AMS Usable (icon)
SoulReaper Usable (icon)
Breath Usable (icon)
DRW Usable (icon)
SummonGary Usable (icon)
Obliteration Usable (icon)
GA Usable (icon)
IcyTalonsBar (aurabar)
Yes Frost Fever (icon)
Yes Virulent Plague (icon)
Yes Blood Plague (icon)
Razorice (icon)
Festering Wounds (icon)
No Frost Fever (icon)
No Soul Reaper (icon)
No Virulent Plague (icon)
No Blood Plague (icon)
No Bone Shield (icon)
No Festering Wounds (icon)
BoneShield (icon)
Blood Death KnightFrost Death KnightUnholy Death KnightPvE Utility