DH HUD Havoc + Vengeance v1.1
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This is a collection of 73 auras:

Fellblade (icon)
Fellblade CD (icon)
Throw Glaive Base (icon)
Throw Glaive Ready (icon)
Throw Glaive CD (icon)
Demon Spikes Base (icon)
Demon Spikes Ready (icon)
Demon Spikes CD (icon)
Blade Dance Not Ready (icon)
Blade Dance Ready (icon)
Blade Dance CD (icon)
Empower Wards Base (icon)
Empower Wards Ready (icon)
Empower Wards CD (icon)
Eye Beam Base (icon)
Eye Beam Ready (icon)
Eye Beam CD (icon)
Immolation Aura Base (icon)
Immolation Aura Ready (icon)
Immolation Aura CD (icon)
Vengeful Retreat Base (icon)
Vengeful Retreat Ready (icon)
Vengeful Retreat CD (icon)
Fiery Brand Base (icon)
Fiery Brand Ready (icon)
Fiery Brand CD (icon)
Fel Rush Base (icon)
Fel Rush Ready (icon)
Fel Rush CD (icon)
Fel Devastation Base (icon)
Fel Devastation Ready (icon)
Fel Devastation CD (icon)
Spirit Bomb Base (icon)
Spirit Bomb Ready (icon)
Spirit Bomb CD (icon)
Nemesis Base (icon)
Nemesis Ready (icon)
Nemesis CD (icon)
Infernal Strike Base (icon)
Infernal Strike Ready (icon)
Infernal Strike CD (icon)
Chaos Blades Base (icon)
Chaos Blades Ready (icon)
Chaos Blades CD (icon)
Fel Barrage Base (icon)
Fel Barrage Ready (icon)
Fel Barrage CD (icon)
Soul Carver Base (icon)
Soul Carver Ready (icon)
Soul Carver CD (icon)
Metamorphosis Base (icon)
Metamorphosis Ready (icon)
Metamorphosis CD (icon)
Blur Base (icon)
Blur Ready (icon)
Blur CD (icon)
Consume Magic Base (icon)
Consume Magic Ready (icon)
Consume Magic CD (icon)
Fury of the Illidari Base (icon)
Fury of the Illidari Ready (icon)
Fury of the Illidari CD (icon)
Arcane Torrent Base (icon)
Arcane Torrent Ready (icon)
Arcane Torrent CD (icon)
Fury Bar (aurabar)
Fury Bar # (text)
Pain Bar (aurabar)
Pain Bar # (text)
Momentum CD (aurabar)
Meta CD (aurabar)
Demon Spikes Uptime (icon)
Empower Wards Uptime (icon)
Demon Hunter