Demon Hunter - Vengeance
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7.2.5!!! 23/7/2017
Fixed Demonic Infusion, Added a couple things to make this complete for vengeance, no longer need other demon hunter collection

This is a collection of 59 auras:

SoulCarverRDY (icon)
SoulCarverCD (icon)
SoulCarverACTIVE (icon)
SpiritBombRDY (icon)
SpiritBombRDY_noSOULS (icon)
SpiritBombACTIVE (icon)
FelDevRDY (icon)
FelDevRDY_noPAIN (icon)
FelDevCD (icon)
InfernalStrikeRDY (icon)
InfernalStrike==1 (icon)
InfernalStrikeCD (icon)
InfernalStrikeCharge1 (aurabar)
InfernalStrikeCharge2 (aurabar)
InfernalStrikeBG1 (aurabar)
InfernalStrikeBG2 (aurabar)
FlameCrashRDY (icon)
FelEruptionRDY 2 (icon)
FelEruptionCD 2 (icon)
ImmoAuraRDY (icon)
ImmoAuraCD (icon)
DSpikesRDY (icon)
DSpikes==1 (icon)
DSpikesCD (icon)
DSpikesACTIVE (icon)
DSpikesCharge1 (aurabar)
DSpikesCharge2 (aurabar)
DSpikesBG1 (aurabar)
DSpikesBG2 (aurabar)
TormentRDY (icon)
TormentCD (icon)
FractureRDY (icon)
FractureRDY_noPAIN (icon)
DemonicInfusionRDY (icon)
DemonicInfusionCD (icon)
LastResortRDY (icon)
LastResortCD (icon)
SoulBarrierRDY (icon)
DH-Vengeance Soul Barrier v1.1 (icon)
SoulBarrierCD (icon)
EmpowerWardsRDY (icon)
EmpowerWardsCD (icon)
EmpowerWardsACTIVE (icon)
Soul Fragments (icon)
Soul FragmentsNONE (icon)
FieryBrand (aurabar)
Chains up (aurabar)
Chains CD (aurabar)
Flame CD (aurabar)
Flame up (aurabar)
Misery CD (aurabar)
Misery up (aurabar)
Sigils BG (aurabar)
Silence CD (aurabar)
Silence up (aurabar)
Siphon (icon)
SiphonRDY (icon)
Blade Turning off (icon)
Blade Turning (icon)
Demon Hunter