Demon Hunter - Havoc
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This is a collection of 62 auras:

Fury 2 (aurabar)
40 Fury Indicator 2 (texture)
Fel Rush - Charges (icon)
Fel Rush - Charges = 0 (icon)
Prepared - Active (icon)
Vengeful Retreat - Usable (icon)
Vengeful Retreat - CD (icon)
Momentum - Buff (icon)
Nemesis - Buff (icon)
Nemesis - Usable (icon)
Nemesis - Target Debuff (icon)
Nemesis - CD (icon)
Fel Eruption - No Fury (icon)
Fel Eruption Usable (icon)
Fel Eruption CD (icon)
Fury of the Illidari - CD (icon)
Fury of the Illidari - Usable (icon)
Fury of the Illidari - Debuff (icon)
Netherwalk - Usable (icon)
Netherwalk - Active (icon)
Netherwalk - CD (icon)
Blur - Usable (icon)
Blur - Active (icon)
Blur - CD (icon)
Blade Dance - Usable (icon)
Blade Dance - No Fury (icon)
Blade Dance - CD (icon)
Metamorphosis - Usable (icon)
Metamorphosis - CD (icon)
Chaos Blades Usable (icon)
Chaos Blades CD (icon)
Fel Barrage Usable (icon)
Fel Barrage CD (icon)
Fel Barrage Usable 2 (icon)
Fel Barrage CD 2 (icon)
FBladeReady (icon)
FBladeProc (icon)
FBladeOnCD (icon)
Imprison Usable (icon)
Demonic (icon)
Imprison CD (icon)
Imprison Usable 2 (icon)
Imprison CD 2 (icon)
Imprison Usable 3 (icon)
Imprison CD 3 (icon)
Eye Beam - Usable (icon)
Eye Beam - No Fury (icon)
Eye Beam - CD (icon)
Chaos Nova Usable (icon)
Chaos Nova - No Fury (icon)
Chaos Nova CD (icon)
Darkness Usable (icon)
Darkness CD (icon)
Throw Glaive - Charges (icon)
Throw Glaive Charge = 0 (icon)
Kick Usable (icon)
Kick CD (icon)
Gnawed Thumb Ring CD Time (icon)
Gnawed Thumb Ring Available (icon)
Horn of Valor (icon)
Umbral Moonglaives (icon)
Umbral Moonglaives L (icon)
Havoc Demon Hunter