Demon Hunter: Havoc
WEAKAURA Updated Nov 12th 2017 User Mnejing Views 3,353 Comments 13 Stars 3
HUD/Rotation for Havoc Demon Hunter

Requires Level 110. Unexpected errors may occur at lower levels.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This pack was created with ElvUI and Kui Nameplates installed. It uses fonts from both. More importantly, it uses the icon skinning from ElvUI, which may cause this to look strange if using another UI package. There is, however, a Masque skin that replicates it pretty closely, and can be used instead. (Fonts in use are Accidental Presidency and Homespun)
Should account for most DH specs.
• Progress bars on left side for Blur and Netherwalk (if talented).
• Progress bar on right side (not shown in action shot animated gif) for Momentum, if talented.
• Blade Dance and Chaos Strike will correctly update to Death Sweep and Annihilation when Metamorphosis is active.
• Throw Glaive not shown on main icon bar unless Felblade isn't talented. Will show TG charges if running Master of the Glaive.
• Metamorphosis bar works correctly with Demonic. If you proc Demonic, the Meta bar will show remaining duration.
• Cooldown bars on the bottom correctly adjust in size/position depending on talents chosen. 2 bars will show if using Chaos Blades/Fel Barrage and Nemesis, or one bar if using only Chaos Blades/Fel Barrage or only Nemesis. No bars will show up if using none of these talents.
• Couldn't think of an acceptable way to show Demon's Bite if not running Demonblades. I'm open to suggestions, provided they don't mess with the overall flow.
• Range checking desaturates to a red color when the ability is not in range.

Update - November 12, 2017
• Fixed localization issues.

Update - November 6, 2017
• Added fix to ensure Artifact glaives are equipped to squelch rare error.

Update - November 5, 2017 - Update #2
• Somehow missed another one. Updated again.

Update - November 5, 2017
• Fixed comparing number to nil error in cooldown bar custom text. Possible performance increase.
• Fixed issue with Meta bar not accounting for GCD. Should be far less spammy now.
Color Stuff: (ignore this if you like the current colors)
The purple and red desaturation colors can be adjusted in each individual aura. Check the custom triggers, custom duration or custom text (it's set differently in different places for various reasons). Any colors you want to change are in the SetVertexColor lines. It uses percentage RGB, which you can either get from using an online calculator or doing a bit of math with your own calculator.
1. is a great tool. You can convert Hex color or standard 0-255 RGB to RGB percentage. (i.e. 65% = 0.65)
2. Using your own calculator, you can divide your desired RGB value by 255, trim all but 2 decimal places and use that (e.g. 166/255 = 0.65).

Examples (and original values):
...SetVertexColor(0.42,0.3,0.75,1) is the purple desaturated color at 100% alpha (the final value of the 4 values, 1) when an ability cannot be used at the moment (on CD or not enough charges)
...SetVertexColor(0.65,0.22,0.30,1) is the red desatured color at 100% alpha when an ability cannot be used as you are out of range.
Havoc Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter - Havoc
WEAKAURA Updated Oct 16th 2017 User Necro Views 2,063 Comments 0 Stars 1
This is a collection of 62 auras:

Fury 2 (aurabar)
40 Fury Indicator 2 (texture)
Fel Rush - Charges (icon)
Fel Rush - Charges = 0 (icon)
Prepared - Active (icon)
Vengeful Retreat - Usable (icon)
Vengeful Retreat - CD (icon)
Momentum - Buff (icon)
Nemesis - Buff (icon)
Nemesis - Usable (icon)
Nemesis - Target Debuff (icon)
Nemesis - CD (icon)
Fel Eruption - No Fury (icon)
Fel Eruption Usable (icon)
Fel Eruption CD (icon)
Fury of the Illidari - CD (icon)
Fury of the Illidari - Usable (icon)
Fury of the Illidari - Debuff (icon)
Netherwalk - Usable (icon)
Netherwalk - Active (icon)
Netherwalk - CD (icon)
Blur - Usable (icon)
Blur - Active (icon)
Blur - CD (icon)
Blade Dance - Usable (icon)
Blade Dance - No Fury (icon)
Blade Dance - CD (icon)
Metamorphosis - Usable (icon)
Metamorphosis - CD (icon)
Chaos Blades Usable (icon)
Chaos Blades CD (icon)
Fel Barrage Usable (icon)
Fel Barrage CD (icon)
Fel Barrage Usable 2 (icon)
Fel Barrage CD 2 (icon)
FBladeReady (icon)
FBladeProc (icon)
FBladeOnCD (icon)
Imprison Usable (icon)
Demonic (icon)
Imprison CD (icon)
Imprison Usable 2 (icon)
Imprison CD 2 (icon)
Imprison Usable 3 (icon)
Imprison CD 3 (icon)
Eye Beam - Usable (icon)
Eye Beam - No Fury (icon)
Eye Beam - CD (icon)
Chaos Nova Usable (icon)
Chaos Nova - No Fury (icon)
Chaos Nova CD (icon)
Darkness Usable (icon)
Darkness CD (icon)
Throw Glaive - Charges (icon)
Throw Glaive Charge = 0 (icon)
Kick Usable (icon)
Kick CD (icon)
Gnawed Thumb Ring CD Time (icon)
Gnawed Thumb Ring Available (icon)
Horn of Valor (icon)
Umbral Moonglaives (icon)
Umbral Moonglaives L (icon)
Havoc Demon Hunter
Arrowtree's Demon Hunter WeakAuras
WEAKAURA Updated Oct 15th 2017 User Arrowtree Views 25,983 Comments 12 Stars 15

All feedback about any changes, etc. is much valued.

Full package of Demon Hunter weakauras, including an animated Fury/Pain bar, important cooldown timers, aura bars, etc.

Description of features (shortly):

Upper left bar (above Metamorphosis icon) - interrupt cooldown.
Upper middle green bar(s) - Throw Glaive cooldown and charges.
Upper right bar (above big right icon) - Nemesis/Momentum cooldown and uptime.
Upper middle orange bars - Fel Rush charges cooldown and charges.
Fat bar in the middle - animated bar for tracking Fury and Pain.
Lower bar (under big right icon) - Bloodletting uptime tracking.
Left side big icon - tracks Metamorphosis cooldown and uptime.
Right side big icon - tracks Nemesis/Demonic/Fel Barrage cooldown, charges and uptime, depending on talent choice.
Middle icons - tracks cooldown of other important abilities that have a meaningful cooldown.
Lower bars (in order from left to right and top to bottom) - tracks cooldowns of Blur, Darkness, Vengeful Retreat, Chaos Nova and Netherwalk if specced in to.


Upper left bars (above Metamorphosis icon) - tracks cooldowns of Sigil of Flame, Sigil of Chains.
Upper middle bar - tracks Demon Spikes uptime.
Upper right bars (above big right icon) - tracks cooldowns of Sigil of Silence, Sigil of Misery.
Upper middle orange bars - tracks Demon Spikes cooldown and charges.
Upper middle green bars - tracks Sigil of Flame duration on target.
Left side big icon - tracks Metamorphosis cooldown and uptime.
Right side big icon - tracks Soul Barrier, Last Resort, Demonic Infusion cooldowns and uptimes, depending on talent selection.
Middle fat bar - animated bar for tracking Fury/Pain.
Lower icons - tracks all meaningful cooldowns.
Numbers inside upper middle bar (Demon Spikes uptime bar) - tracks Souls stack size.

15.10.2017 - added a Sigil of Flame duration tracker for Vengeance, changed some auras to take up less space.
13.10.2017 - fixed Soul Barrier errors with frame updates (credits to Morbidtaste), did some conditional color switching on abilities with stacks for ease of use.
02.10.2017 - fixed Soul Bomb/Frailty icon, added absorb tracker for Soul Barrier, made some fonts look nicer and fixed some icon colouring issues.
12.04.2017 - fixed some background/overlay issues and hopefully fixed the animated resource bar (again).
02.04.2017 - fixed the resource bar, changed bar textures to a smoother texture, updated Wago description concerning the most recent Havoc bugs.
20.03.2017 - added a Chaos Nova CD tracking bar (and updated the description of features).
18.03.2017 - moved some bars for pixel-perfect frames, added Bloodlet support, skimmed some edges and backgrounds.
12.03.2017 - added bars for blur, throw glaive, netherwalk, darkness and vengeful retreat. Also moved a lot of bars to different positions for aesthetics and comfort.
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