Arrowtree's Demon Hunter WeakAuras
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**Be sure to check in weekly for updates! :) **
Full package of Demon Hunter weakauras, including an animated Fury/Pain bar, important cooldown timers, aura bars, etc.

Current version supports 7.1.5 and most talent choices.

Description of features (shortly):

Upper left bar (above Metamorphosis icon) - interrupt cooldown.
Upper middle green bar(s) - Throw Glaive cooldown and charges.
Upper right bar (above big right icon) - Nemesis/Momentum cooldown and uptime.
Upper middle orange bars - Fel Rush charges cooldown and charges.
Fat bar in the middle - animated bar for tracking Fury and Pain.
Lower bar (under big right icon) - Bloodletting uptime tracking.
Left side big icon - tracks Metamorphosis cooldown and uptime.
Right side big icon - tracks Nemesis/Demonic/Fel Barrage cooldown, charges and uptime, depending on talent choice.
Middle icons - tracks cooldown of other important abilities that have a meaningful cooldown.
Lower bars (in order from left to right and top to bottom) - tracks cooldowns of Blur, Darkness, Vengeful Retreat, Chaos Nova and Netherwalk if specced in to.


Upper left bars (above Metamorphosis icon) - tracks cooldowns of Sigil of Flame, Sigil of Chains.
Upper middle bar - tracks Demon Spikes uptime.
Upper right bars (above big right icon) - tracks cooldowns of SIgil of Silence, Sigil of Misery.
Upper middle orange bars - tracks Demon Spikes cooldown and charges.
Left side big icon - tracks Metamorphosis cooldown and uptime.
Right side big icon - tracks Soul Barrier, Last Resort, Demonic Infusion cooldowns and uptimes, depending on talent selection.
Middle fat bar - animated bar for tracking Fury/Pain.
Lower icons - tracks all meaningful cooldowns.
Numbers inside upper middle bar (Demon Spikes uptime bar) - tracks Souls stack size.

20.03.2017 - added a Chaos Nova CD tracking bar (and updated the description of features).
18.03.2017 - moved some bars for pixel-perfect frames, added Bloodlet support, skimmed some edges and backgrounds.
12.03.2017 - added bars for blur, throw glaive, netherwalk, darkness and vengeful retreat. Also moved a lot of bars to different positions for aesthetics and comfort.
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