Vengeance Demon Hunter WeakAuras

Demon Hunter All-in-One 0.2 - 7.1.5 ready
WEAKAURA Updated Jan 15th 2017 User tomek Views 8,150 Comments 2 Stars 2
15.1.17 7.1.5 update to fit patch changes - As I found original was Ipse'z from mmo. You can find his weak auras over wago for various classes. Again I imported his ones and edited a bit to fit my elvui profile. Fury-pain bar exchanged with KIB one and moved/resized a bit icons to fit x-0 perfectly :)

At start I have to notice that those weakauras are imported from some guy - dont remember who was author at start, but I edited them a bit to fit pixel by pixel the elvui lines and be in center. Also some icons was not in same line with the rest. Now they work good. Also a fury/pain bar has been exchanged with Kib bar. If person who made base will contact of course I will credit You, just simply dont remember where I imported it while ago :P

This is a collection of 96 auras:

Fury of the Illidari (icon)
Fury of the Illidari cD (icon)
Soul Carver (icon)
Soul Carver CD (icon)
Fel rush CD (icon)
Fel rush CD 2 (icon)
Fel rush CD 3 (icon)
Infernal strike CD (icon)
Infernal strike cd 1 (icon)
Infernal strike cd 2 (icon)
Demon Spikes CD (icon)
Demon Spikes CD 1 (icon)
Demon Spikes CD 2 (icon)
vengeful retreat (icon)
vengeful retreat CD (icon)
Empower wards (icon)
Empower wards CD (icon)
Blade dance (icon)
Blade dance cd (icon)
Soul fragments (icon)
Soul fragments 0 (icon)
Eye beam (icon)
Eye beam CD (icon)
Chaos blades (icon)
Chaos blades CD (icon)
Fel barrage (icon)
Fel barrage 2 (icon)
Fel barrage 3 (icon)
Fel barrage 4 (icon)
Fel barrage 5 (icon)
Fel barrage 6 (icon)
Felblade havoc (icon)
Felblade havoc CD (icon)
Throw Glaive w/o bl (icon)
Throw Glaive CD w/o bl (icon)
Throw Glaive (icon)
Throw Glaive 2 (icon)
Throw Glaive 3 (icon)
Chaos nova (icon)
Chaos nova CD (icon)
Meta (icon)
Meta CD (icon)
Meta 2 (icon)
Meta CD 2 (icon)
momentum (icon)
momentum CD (icon)
Nemesis up (icon)
Nemesis CD (icon)
Nemesis (icon)
Fel eruption (icon)
Fel eruption CD (icon)
Fiery brand (icon)
Fiery brand CD (icon)
immolation Aura (icon)
immolation Aura CD (icon)
Fel devastation (icon)
Fel devastation CD (icon)
Blade Turning (icon)
Blade Turning off (icon)
Soul barrier (icon)
Soul barrier CD (icon)
Nether Bond (icon)
Nether Bond CD (icon)
Last resort (icon)
Last resort CD (icon)
Darkness (icon)
Darkness cD (icon)
Felbalde (icon)
Felbalde CD (icon)
Fel eruption (icon)
Fel eruption cD (icon)
Sigil off (icon)
Sigil on (icon)
Sigils BG (aurabar)
Flame CD (aurabar)
Flame up (aurabar)
Chains CD (aurabar)
Chains up (aurabar)
Silence CD (aurabar)
Silence up (aurabar)
Misery CD (aurabar)
Misery up (aurabar)
Meta Timer (icon)
Meta Timer 2 (icon)
Siphon (icon)
Demon soul (icon)
Demon soul 2 (icon)
Demon Spikes (icon)
Fiery brand timer (icon)
Empower wards (icon)
DH Fury/Pain (aurabar)
Background (aurabar)
L_txt (text)
R_txt (text)
T100 predictions (aurabar)
T100 predictions NUMBER-DEFAULT OFF (text)
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