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For Vengeance and Havoc.

Does not include Fury/Pain bar.

This is a collection of 66 auras:

Recklessness: Bar (aurabar)
Fel Eruption: Cooldown (icon)
Fel Eruption: Ready (icon)
Soul Barrier: Cooldown (icon)
Soul barrier: Ready (icon)
Nether Bond: Cooldown (icon)
Nether Bond: Ready (icon)
Nemesis: Cooldown (icon)
Nemesis: Ready (icon)
Momentum: Active (icon)
Momentum: Inactive (icon)
Last Resort: CD (icon)
Last Resort: ready (icon)
Chaos Blades: Cooldown (icon)
Chaos Blades: Ready (icon)
Fel Barrage: Cooldown (icon)
Fel Barrage: Ready (icon)
Throw Glaive: Cooldown (icon)
Throw Glaive: Ready (icon)
Eye Beam: Cooldown (icon)
Eye Beam: Ready (icon)
FotI: Cooldown (icon)
FotI: ready (icon)
Fel Devastation: Cooldown (icon)
Fel Devastation: Ready (icon)
Spirit Bomb: Cooldown (icon)
Spirit Bomb: Ready (icon)
Metamorphosis: Cooldown (icon)
Metamorphosis: Ready (icon)
Felblade: Cooldown (icon)
Felblade: Ready (icon)
Bloodlet: Active (icon)
Bloodlet: Inactive (icon)
Vengeful Retreat: Cooldown (icon)
Vengeful Retreat: Ready (icon)
Darkness: Ready (icon)
Darkness: Cooldown (icon)
Demon Spikes: Cooldown (icon)
Demon Spikes: Ready (icon)
Blade dance: Cooldown (icon)
Blade Dance: ready (icon)
Sigil of Flame: Cooldown (icon)
Sigil of Flame: ready (icon)
Sigil of Misery: Cooldown (icon)
Sigil of Misery: Ready (icon)
Sigil of Chains: cooldown (icon)
Sigil of Chains: Ready (icon)
Sigil of Silence: Cooldown (icon)
Sigil of Silence: Ready (icon)
Empower Wards: Cooldown (icon)
Empower Wards: Ready (icon)
Chaos Nova: Cooldown (icon)
Chaos Nova: Ready (icon)
Soul Carver: Cooldown (icon)
Soul Carver: ready (icon)
Fiery Brand: Cooldown (icon)
Fiery Brand: Ready (icon)
FR: Cooldown (icon)
FR: Ready (icon)
WBElfs: CD (icon)
WBElfs: Ready (icon)
Consume Magic: Cooldown (icon)
Consume Magic: Ready (icon)
Souls (icon)
Demon Spikes - Active (text)
Demon Spikes - Active Splash (texture)
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