Arrowtree's Demon Hunter WeakAuras
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**Be sure to check in weekly for updates! :) **
To fix the Throw Glaive and Metamorphosis cooldowns (for Havoc), change your spec to Vengeance and back to Havoc;; This is a bug on Blizzard's part, not the auras.
Full package of Demon Hunter weakauras, including an animated Fury/Pain bar, important cooldown timers, aura bars, etc.

Current version supports 7.1.5 and most talent choices.

Description of features (shortly):

Upper left bar (above Metamorphosis icon) - interrupt cooldown.
Upper middle green bar(s) - Throw Glaive cooldown and charges.
Upper right bar (above big right icon) - Nemesis/Momentum cooldown and uptime.
Upper middle orange bars - Fel Rush charges cooldown and charges.
Fat bar in the middle - animated bar for tracking Fury and Pain.
Lower bar (under big right icon) - Bloodletting uptime tracking.
Left side big icon - tracks Metamorphosis cooldown and uptime.
Right side big icon - tracks Nemesis/Demonic/Fel Barrage cooldown, charges and uptime, depending on talent choice.
Middle icons - tracks cooldown of other important abilities that have a meaningful cooldown.
Lower bars (in order from left to right and top to bottom) - tracks cooldowns of Blur, Darkness, Vengeful Retreat, Chaos Nova and Netherwalk if specced in to.


Upper left bars (above Metamorphosis icon) - tracks cooldowns of Sigil of Flame, Sigil of Chains.
Upper middle bar - tracks Demon Spikes uptime.
Upper right bars (above big right icon) - tracks cooldowns of SIgil of Silence, Sigil of Misery.
Upper middle orange bars - tracks Demon Spikes cooldown and charges.
Left side big icon - tracks Metamorphosis cooldown and uptime.
Right side big icon - tracks Soul Barrier, Last Resort, Demonic Infusion cooldowns and uptimes, depending on talent selection.
Middle fat bar - animated bar for tracking Fury/Pain.
Lower icons - tracks all meaningful cooldowns.
Numbers inside upper middle bar (Demon Spikes uptime bar) - tracks Souls stack size.

12.04.2017 - fixed some background/overlay issues and hopefully fixed the animated resource bar (again).
02.04.2017 - fixed the resource bar, changed bar textures to a smoother texture, updated Wago description concerning the most recent Havoc bugs.
20.03.2017 - added a Chaos Nova CD tracking bar (and updated the description of features).
18.03.2017 - moved some bars for pixel-perfect frames, added Bloodlet support, skimmed some edges and backgrounds.
12.03.2017 - added bars for blur, throw glaive, netherwalk, darkness and vengeful retreat. Also moved a lot of bars to different positions for aesthetics and comfort.
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Malakree's Vengance
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Updated 1/4/17

Sigils are self explanatory. As is immolation aura.
Health and Pain at the very centre.
Small gold shield at the centre shows Demon Spikes is active.
Golden circle shows demon spikes charges and cooldown, Left is the first charge right is the second.
Green script below shows duration, cooldown and whether empower wards is usable.
Claws show metamorphosis cooldown, whether it's active and if it's ready to use.
Fire at the top shows duration, cooldown and whether Fiery Brand is available to use.

This is a collection of 29 auras:

Felblade (icon)
Immolation Aura (icon)
Sigil of Misery CD (icon)
Sigil of Misery (icon)
Sigil of Silence CD (icon)
Sigil of Silence (icon)
Sigil of Flame CD (icon)
Sigil of Flame (icon)
Health (progresstexture)
Pain (progresstexture)
Empower Wards Cooldown (progresstexture)
Empower Wards Active (progresstexture)
Empower Wards Avalible (progresstexture)
Fiery Brand CD (progresstexture)
Fiery Brand Avalible (progresstexture)
Fiery Brand (progresstexture)
Demon Spikes Up (progresstexture)
DS 1 Charging (progresstexture)
DS 1 Charge (texture)
DS 1 Charge back (texture)
DS 1 Both (progresstexture)
DS 2 Charging (progresstexture)
DS 2 Full (progresstexture)
Metamorphosis Right CD (progresstexture)
Metamorphosis Right Avalible (texture)
Metamorphosis Right (texture)
Metamorphosis Left CD (progresstexture)
Metamorphosis Left Avalible (texture)
Metamorphosis Left (texture)
Vengeance Demon Hunter