Kittemz - Feral Suite
WEAKAURA Updated Oct 20th 2017 User Emz Views 8,006 Comments 1 Stars 7
My full feral WA Setup. Including Custom Personal Display weakaura.

Please make sure you have Masque: Caith installed for the clean look.

Replacement for the Blizzard Personal Resource bar + Cooldowns, bleed tracker + tick strength tracker & Savage Roar tracker.
Also has Focus bleed trackers.

Also decided not to use any Dynamic grouping. Which means you can move/remove whatever you want, to wherever you want. Without breaking anything.

Full credit for the Bleed power goes to MoonBunnie:

  • Full credit for the Absorb bar goes to Arbatra:
    Pictures are using Masque: Caith

  • Added Clearcasting stack counter in the unused space. 2x if MoC is chosen, 1x if BT is chosen.

  • Update 2:
  • Added Absorb bar for the healthbar.

  • Update 3:
  • New HP/Percent Text

  • Different Icon placements

  • Removed Clearcast tracker (Just looked stupid and didn't feel like it served its purpose).

  • Added Thrash Bleed power + Tracker (Only Visible if Luffa's = Equipped)

  • Known Problems:
  • (Should Be fixed with new version) Problem with Brutal Slash Icon when swapping specs. Appears as Swipe even with Brutal Slash talent selected.
    Refresh wow client, /reload usually fixes this.

  • If you have any problems or questions feel free to comment and I will do my best to sort it out.
    Basic Personal Resource Display WeakAura:
    This is a collection of 38 auras:

    HP (text)
    HP 2 (text)
    Cast bar channel (aurabar)
    E aaaaa (aurabar)
    Ashamane's Rip timer 2 (text)
    Berserk 3 (icon)
    Tiger's Fury 2 (icon)
    Ashamane's Frenzy 2 (icon)
    Brutal Slash 2 (icon)
    Brutal Slash 4 (icon)
    Brutal Slash 3 (icon)
    Savage Roar 2 (icon)
    Feral Bleed Rip Focus 2 (icon)
    Feral Bleed Rake Focus 2 (icon)
    Rake on Focus 2 (icon)
    Rip on Focus 2 (icon)
    Feral Bleed Power r14 (icon)
    Feral Bleed Rake 2 (icon)
    Rake on Target 2 (icon)
    Feral Bleed Rip 2 (icon)
    Rip on Target 2 (icon)
    cp 1 (texture)
    Bg cp (texture)
    cp 2 (texture)
    bg cp 2 (texture)
    cp 3 (texture)
    bg cp 3 (texture)
    cp 4 (texture)
    bg cp 5 (texture)
    cp 5 (texture)
    cp 6 (texture)
    BG (texture)
    Health (aurabar)
    ernergy (aurabar)
    mana (aurabar)
    rage (aurabar)
    Runic Power (aurabar)
    AP (aurabar)
    Feral Druid
    Twx's Guardian + Balance Druid + Feral HUD v1.7
    WEAKAURA Updated Oct 19th 2017 User Twx Views 12,357 Comments 2 Stars 4
    Guardian + Balance Druid HUD with WA for frenzied regen.


    v1.7: Added [FERAL] HUD
    v1.6: Added [Astral Power] bar for [Balance] with some changes
    v1.5: Removed [Mark of Ursol] (RIP re-roll DK) added [Pulverize] & [Thrash]
    v1.4: Added most PvP talents and used spells for [Balance Druid]
    v1.3: Added [Frenzied Regen] for [Guardian]
    v1.2: Updated some errors and overall functionality
    v1.1: Added more [Guardian] Spells

    This is a collection of 34 auras:

    Druid-Guardian Frenzied Regen v5.2 (icon)
    War Stomp Base (icon)
    War Stomp Ready (icon)
    War Stomp CD (icon)
    Stampeding Roar Base (icon)
    Stampeding Roar Ready (icon)
    Stampeding Roar CD (icon)
    Growl Base (icon)
    Growl Ready (icon)
    Growl CD (icon)
    ironfur Uptime (icon)
    Mark of Ursol Uptime (icon)
    Rage of the Sleeper Uptime (icon)
    Barkskin Uptime (icon)
    Survival Instincts Uptime (icon)
    Rage Bar DRUID (aurabar)
    Rage Bar # DRUID (text)
    Iron Fur Base (icon)
    Iron Fur Ready (icon)
    Iron Fur CD (icon)
    Mark of Ursol Base (icon)
    Mark of Ursol Ready (icon)
    Mark of Ursol CD (icon)
    Rage of the Sleeper Base (icon)
    Rage of the Sleeper Ready (icon)
    Rage of the Sleeper CD (icon)
    Barkskin Base (icon)
    Barkskin Ready (icon)
    Barkskin CD (icon)
    Survival Instincts Base (icon)
    Survival Instincts Ready (icon)
    Survival Instincts CD 0 (icon)
    Survival Instincts CD 1 (icon)
    Survival Instincts CD 2 (icon)
    Balance DruidGuardian DruidDamage DealingTankingPvE UtilityPvP Utility
    Ipse's WA's - Druid
    WEAKAURA Updated Oct 17th 2017 User Ipse Views 250,783 Comments 46 Stars 126
    7.3 Update

    If the cooldown timers aren't showing up you'll have have to enable action bar timers, in the default wow interface under Actionbars > Show Numbers for Cooldowns.

    Restoration auras have moved:

    My Discord:
    My ElvUI profile:
    Buff Tracker:

    Green and red colours on rip and rake denote snapshotting, and whether or not your cast will be higher or lower Thanks to MoonBunnie's great work.

    Change Log
    • Removed the ability to pick what spec you want because most people can't read

    • Some more cleanup

    • Fixed and issue that was causing the prediction amount being printed in chat

    • Fixed some druid power values, made the power bar one aura and added some options for it

    • Adjusted talents for 7.3
    • Power bar is now just 3 auras

    • Added a tracker for haste %
    • Added a timer for Ashamane's Frenzy and Predatory Swiftness

    • Huge cleanup of the whole set, and the removal of resto auras from the dps/tank set

    7.1.5 Changes
    • Changed some aura positions to reflect the class changes

    • Moved the resource tracker into the centre
    • No longer loads in pet battles
    • Added predictive lunar power text and an overflow notification
    • Fixed Sunfire and Stellar Flare

    • Fixed Rake pandemic timer and snapshotting

    • Pandemic timers
    • Snapshotting support

    • Now works on all language clients

    • Added a tracker for moonfire

    • Added a new moon tracker
    • Added a predictive power bar
    • Added scent of blood
    • Added a tracker for gory fur, fixed the tracker for pulverize and lunar beam
    • Added timers for guardian of elune and earthwarden
    Balance DruidFeral DruidGuardian Druid