AP_ProBar (2.0.1)
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Please delete..or back-up then delete, any previous version of the AP Po Bar. Be sure you've updated your WeakAuras2 addon. Otherwise, you'll break the anchoring system.

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Heavily Customized Class Module.
Version: 2.0.1 (Release)
Author: [email protected]

○ "Mass Edit Config" was removed from all objects. It was causing major issues with positioning and was clunky to use.
○ "Mass Edit Config" (Cont.) It wasn't executed well, but it did work great for some. I am erring on the side of ~100% reliability over cool and complex features.
○ All objects anchor to "AP Bar" (except the lower icon row). Moving the AP Bar moves all objects.
○ All icons on lower row anchor to "OKF", which is anchored to AP Bar. Moving OKF moves the icon row.
○ T90: While Shooting Stars is talented, the icon will display the number of your active Moonfire and Sunfire effects. (This was always available, it is now by default.)
○ "Shiny Bars" removed. This is a fix to the "cinematic bug" due to how a cinematic will forcefully hide some objects.
○ Fury of Elune modules removed. Pruned due to code redundancy and lack of use.

Older versions:
I am no longer supporting older versions. Too many issues and whatnot.
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