Boomkin hud (based off AP Pro Bar) v 1.3.2
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Note: This is based off AP Pro Bar, all credit to Cyous

I've made some changes to my preferences. I have removed most utility cd's from this group, since play resto, and bear as well, and I prefer to keep the utility cd's in the same spot for all 3 specs. Eye get used to where to look :)
However, if you do like to use this hud and feel that something is missing, feel free to leave a comment and I can see about adding it. :)

I've played resto more than I have boomie, so I added some symbols(!, x and green check mark) to Moonfire and Sunfire icons to be very clearly "in my face" to let me see if the dots are missing, or being less than 5 seconds from running out.
Added a big cute baby boomkin that pops up if Moonkin form is missing in combat, and not in travel form.
Added a castbar that will show spell name and cast time.
Added a CD timer for our interrupt, Solar Beam.
Added a tracker for the Emerald Dreamcatcher.
Added aura to tell if Blessing of Elune buff is missing if talented for Blessing of the Ancients - all credit to Vozlight for this one -

Updated 8/2
Added aura to show free procs from Oneth's Intuition
Added a bar to show stacks and timer for T20 4p bonus
Update 8/31 v 1.3
Added a icon for Promise of Elune, the Moon Goddess legendary boots. Used regrowth icon that shows number of stacks in the center and will flash when at 20 stacks and regrowth is insta cast.
Changed the icon on Emerald Dreamcatcher legendary to starsurge, and made it one size smaller than it previously was as the stack count and cd timer gets easier to see on the cleaner starsurge icon than the ED icon.
Update 8/31 2 v v 1.3.1
Fixed the stack count text size in POE tracker, had accidentally made it a lot bigger text size than intended last night
Update 9/22 v 1.3.2
Updated the blessing of Elune notification to include Blessing of An'she to avoid having it flash if one decide to use that.
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This is a collection of 91 auras:

化身:艾露恩之眷 (model)
化身:艾露恩之眷 4 (model)
半月 (texture)
台风 (icon)
台风 2 (icon)
哨兵 (icon)
哨兵 2 (icon)
巅峰 (icon)
急奔 (icon)
急奔 2 (icon)
急奔 3 (icon)
新月 (icon)
新月 2 (icon)
新月 3 (texture)
日光增效 (icon)
日光术 (icon)
日光术 2 (icon)
日光术 3 (icon)
星涌术 (icon)
星涌术 2 (icon)
星界能量 (aurabar)
星界能量 2 (text)
星界能量 2 2 (text)
星界能量 2 3 (text)
星辰坠落 (aurabar)
星辰坠落1 (icon)
星辰坠落2 (icon)
星辰耀斑 (icon)
星辰耀斑 2 (icon)
星辰耀斑 3 (icon)
星辰能量 (text)
星辰能量 2 (model)
星辰能量 3 (text)
星辰能量 4 (text)
星辰能量 5 (model)
昼暮祈求 (icon)
昼暮祈求 2 (icon)
月光增效 (icon)
月火术 (icon)
月火术 2 (icon)
树皮术 (icon)
树皮术 2 (model)
树皮术 3 (text)
树皮术 4 (text)
树皮术 5 (model)
树皮术 6 (icon)
树皮术 7 (icon)
欧奈斯的直觉 (icon)
欧奈斯的自负 (icon)
沟通星界 (icon)
沟通星界 2 (icon)
满月 (texture)
生锈的哨兵奖章-幽灵猫头鹰 (model)
生锈的哨兵奖章-幽灵猫头鹰 2 (texture)
生锈的哨兵奖章-幽灵猫头鹰 3 (text)
生锈的哨兵奖章-幽灵猫头鹰 4 (text)
自然之力 (icon)
自然之力 2 (icon)
艾露恩之怒 (icon)
艾露恩之怒 2 (icon)
超凡之盟 (model)
超凡之盟 2 (text)
超凡之盟 3 (text)
超凡之盟 4 (model)
超凡之盟 5 (icon)
超凡之盟 6 (icon)
野性位移 (icon)
野性位移 2 (icon)
阳炎术 (icon)
阳炎术 2 (icon)
黑暗低语-邪罪契约 (icon)
化身:艾露恩之眷 2 (text)
化身:艾露恩之眷 3 (text)
化身:艾露恩之眷 5 (icon)
化身:艾露恩之眷 6 (icon)
坠星 (icon)
新生 (icon)
新生 2 (icon)
星辰漂流 (icon)
星辰领主 (icon)
群体缠绕 (icon)
群体缠绕 2 (icon)
自然平衡 (icon)
艾露恩的战士 (icon)
艾露恩的战士 2 (icon)
蛮力猛击 (icon)
蛮力猛击 2 (icon)
远古祝福 (icon)
远古祝福 2 (icon)
野性冲锋 (icon)
野性冲锋 2 (icon)
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Ipse's WA's - Druid
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7.3 Update

If the cooldown timers aren't showing up you'll have have to enable action bar timers, in the default wow interface under Actionbars > Show Numbers for Cooldowns.

You can now select which spec(s) you would like by changing the groups load conditions to the given spec(s)

Restoration auras have moved:

My Discord:
My ElvUI profile:
Buff Tracker:

Green and red colours on rip and rake denote snapshotting, and whether or not your cast will be higher or lower

Change Log
  • Some more cleanup

  • Fixed and issue that was causing the prediction amount being printed in chat

  • Fixed some druid power values, made the power bar one aura and added some options for it

  • Adjusted talents for 7.3
  • Power bar is now just 3 auras

  • Added a tracker for haste %
  • Added a timer for Ashamane's Frenzy and Predatory Swiftness

  • Huge cleanup of the whole set, and the removal of resto auras from the dps/tank set

7.1.5 Changes
  • Changed some aura positions to reflect the class changes

  • Moved the resource tracker into the centre
  • No longer loads in pet battles
  • Added predictive lunar power text and an overflow notification
  • Fixed Sunfire and Stellar Flare

  • Fixed Rake pandemic timer and snapshotting

  • Pandemic timers
  • Snapshotting support

  • Now works on all language clients

  • Added a tracker for moonfire

  • Added a new moon tracker
  • Added a predictive power bar
  • Added scent of blood
  • Added a tracker for gory fur, fixed the tracker for pulverize and lunar beam
  • Added timers for guardian of elune and earthwarden
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