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17/5 - Guardian Druid bugfixes

If the cooldown timers aren't showing up you'll have have to enable action bar timers, in the default wow interface under Actionbars > Show Numbers for Cooldowns.

You can now select which spec(s) you would like by changing the groups load conditions to the given spec(s)

Restoration auras have moved: https://wago.io/N1ENl-uCf

My Discord: https://discord.gg/hFtCmkr
My ElvUI profile: https://wago.io/NJKeS0baz#
Buff Tracker: https://wago.io/IpsesBuffs

Green and red colours on rip and rake denote snapshotting, and whether or not your cast will be higher or lower

Change Log

Huge cleanup of the whole set, and the removal of resto auras from the dps/tank set

7.1.5 Changes
Changed some aura positions to reflect the class changes

- Moved the resource tracker into the centre
- No longer loads in pet battles
- Added predictive lunar power text and an overflow notification
- Fixed Sunfire and Stellar Flare

- Fixed Rake pandemic timer and snapshotting

- Pandemic timers
- Snapshotting support

- Now works on all language clients

- Added a tracker for moonfire

- New design to match the other 3 specs

31/10 - Big update
- Added a new moon tracker
- Added a predictive power bar

- Added scent of blood tracker

- Added a tracker for gory fur, fixed the tracker for pulverize and lunar beam
- Added timers for guardian of elune and earthwarden
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AP_ProBar (2.0.3)
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Please delete..or back-up then delete, any previous version of the AP Po Bar. Be sure you've updated your WeakAuras2 addon. Otherwise, you'll break the anchoring system.

Please check out my suite: Moonkin Essentials (collections). =)

Heavily Customized Class Module.
Version: 2.0.3 (Release)
Author: [email protected]

Latest Micro-Updates:
○ TOTAL_DOTS_TRACKER text+icons can to be toggled to hide when out of combat. (Shown by default.)
○ Empowerments now properly respond to Border Glow settings made by the user. (Actions: OnInit: aura_env.glowy) (Enabled by default.)
○ TOTAL_DOTS_TRACKER has expanded to include Stellar Flare, but it will not be factored into anything where it does not belong (Such as Shooting Stars counter).
○ TOTAL_DOTS_TRACKER displays the active number of your Moonfire and Sunfire spells next to the T90 icon. (Enabled by default, go to TOTAL_DOTS_TRACKER, Display: Custom Text Editor, then set the variables to true to enable them as you please.)
○ TOTAL_DOTS_TRACKER expanded. Use %s on Display Text for :: MF_attn and SF_attn to display the number of DOTs active for each spell. (Not enabled by default.)
○ Empowerments now display stacks with %s in the text field. (Text shown with 1 or more stacks)
○ Celestial Alignment and Incarnation now displays the player's Casting Speed while active. This can be toggled true/false in Actions: OnInit, and is true by default.
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Smexy's: Trinkets - Etraeus' Celestial Map and Dreadstone of Endless Shadows (Haste/Mastery/Crit Buffs)
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**Version 7.2a Released 5/19/2017 - Please DELETE current string and replace with new one. Failure to do so can result in errors**

WeakAura icon and text trackers for the three buffs that can proc from the Etraeus' Celestial Map and Dreadstone of Endless Shadows trinkets.

These auras were custom made by request for Izabo. If you would like help customizing them further or fitting them into your UI feel free to add my US Battletag and send me a message: PenCap#1642

-Only loads if the trinkets are equipped and you are in combat.
-The timer in RED reflects the remaining time left on the buff.
-Each icon will glow when activated and has a unique sound attached:
. -Haste Buffs (Sign of the Dragon / Swarming Shadows)
. . +"Hiccup" Sound.
. -Mastery Buffs (Sign of the Hare / Shadow Master)
. . +"Blast" Sound.
. -Crit Buffs (Sign of the Hippo / Shadow's Strike)
. . +"Splash" Sound.
-Sounds can easily be turned off or changed by clicking each aura then clicking on the ACTIONS tab.

This is a collection of 7 auras:

Etraeus': Constellations Buff (PPM Proc: No Stat) (icon)
Etraeus': Sign of the Dragon Buff (Haste) (icon)
Etraeus': Sign of the Hare Buff (Mastery) (icon)
Etraeus': Sign of the Hippo Buff (Crit) (icon)
Dreadstone: Swarming Shadows Buff (Haste) (icon)
Dreadstone: Shadow Master Buff (Mastery) (icon)
Dreadstone: Shadow's Strike Buff (Crit) (icon)
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