AP_ProBar_modify v0.7.2
WEAKAURA Updated Jul 20th 2017 User sonarlunar Views 8,720 Comments 0 Stars 1
0.7.2: x Fix sister trinket
x Fix Incarnation wrong view cd and buff color

0.7: + Add sister moon trinket
+ Add 4T20 buff draft (sorry i don't have full set)
* Redesign colors for buffs, cds, stacks
x Fix Incarnation text overlap with +% haste buff
- Delete Incarnation +% haste buff

0.6: + AP Max = 130 if equipped 2*T20
+ Check No Blessing of Elune

0.5: + Add Heroism-style buffs
+ Add potions for balance (buff & cd)
+ Add control NO Form (no fight & DBM pull triger)

0.4 - Modify for 7.2.5:
+ Color Green for AP - predicted Starsurge is 35
+ Color RED for AP - predicted Starsurge is 30

0.3 - Add fixes from AP_Number 2.0.3 (fix AP costs & BOTA auras bug)

Based on AP ProBar by Cyous

+ add custom GCD
+ Add Whisper trinket buff / debuff
+ Color Green for AP - current Starsurge is 33
+ Color RED for AP - current Starsurge is 26
+ Add ED buff time
+ Add Wax & wine stacks & time
+ Add Onef buffs (from Cyous auras)

This is a collection of 34 auras:
AP_Number (text)
AP_Bar 3 (aurabar)
AP_CastBarLine 3 (aurabar)
AP_PredictBarSpark 3 (aurabar)
MF без таймера (icon)
Stellar Flare без таймера (icon)
SnF без таймера (icon)
T15_WOE (icon)
T15_WOE_CD (icon)
T15_FON (icon)
T15_FON_CD (icon)
T90_AC_Oneth (icon)
T90_AC_BG (icon)
CA_INC (icon)
CA_READY (icon)
CA_CD (icon)
INC_READY (icon)
INC_CD (icon)
MoonMoon (icon)
Бешенство совуха (icon)
GCD BAR Long (aurabar)
Звездопад (icon)
Солнечное могущество (icon)
Лунное могущество (icon)
Лунные циклы (icon)
Стаки ЛМ (text)
Стаки СМ (text)
Стаки Лунные циклы (text)
Воплощение: Избранный Элуны (icon)
Парад планет (icon)
Озарение КД2 (icon)
Время баффа Изумрудного ловца снов (text)
Штраф (icon)
Бафф (icon)
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AP_ProBar (2.0.3)
WEAKAURA Updated Jul 8th 2017 User Cyous Views 180,899 Comments 80 Stars 111
Please delete..or back-up then delete, any previous version of the AP Po Bar. Be sure you've updated your WeakAuras2 addon. Otherwise, you'll break the anchoring system. The names of the auras must be their original name (auras with "2" at the end are bad: "OKF 2").

Please check out my suite: Moonkin Essentials (collections). =)

I do not have an active subscription, but I can still update custom code.

Heavily Customized Class Module.
Version: 2.0.3 (Release)
Author: [email protected]

Animated / Shiny Bar not showing up?:
-- I removed it because of the "cinematic bug" couldn't be fixed after months of workarounds. I opted for reliability over aesthetics.
-- Copy a much older version of the bar, or other user-edited bars with the shiny bars, and reconfigure the aurabars on your updated AP Pro Bar. I no longer support the Shiny Bar functionality, but it's still relatively simple to emulate.

T20 2pc:
-- Bar will work with set bonus (130 AP cap).

Latest Micro-Updates:
○ TOTAL_DOTS_TRACKER text+icons can to be toggled to hide when out of combat. (Shown by default.)
○ Empowerments now properly respond to Border Glow settings made by the user. (Actions: OnInit: aura_env.glowy) (Enabled by default.)
○ TOTAL_DOTS_TRACKER has expanded to include Stellar Flare, but it will not be factored into anything where it does not belong (Such as Shooting Stars counter).
○ TOTAL_DOTS_TRACKER displays the active number of your Moonfire and Sunfire spells next to the T90 icon. (Enabled by default, go to TOTAL_DOTS_TRACKER, Display: Custom Text Editor, then set the variables to true to enable them as you please.)
○ TOTAL_DOTS_TRACKER expanded. Use %s on Display Text for :: MF_attn and SF_attn to display the number of DOTs active for each spell. (Not enabled by default.)
○ Empowerments now display stacks with %s in the text field. (Text shown with 1 or more stacks)
○ Celestial Alignment and Incarnation now displays the player's Casting Speed while active. This can be toggled true/false in Actions: OnInit, and is true by default.
Balance Druid
Nemo Moonkin(T20 supported) July 7th Bug/display fixed
WEAKAURA Updated Jul 7th 2017 User Nemolettinggo Views 8,200 Comments 4 Stars 4
It's a Balance druid Set contains the essential functions for Balance druid.

Leave comment if you have any problem , or find me in game [email protected] /
[email protected]

And if you also play both druid and priest like me :

Priest 3 spec
shadow https://wago.io/SyAyYCu4W
holy https://wago.io/S1xH2kmVb
disc https://wago.io/SyLk9El4b

Then Credit first : The astral bar itself was modified from the well know AP_Probar.

My original thread : http://bbs.ngacn.cc/read.php?tid=11864703 (In Chinese)

July 7th update - release 1.00

Finally got my 4T20 , so I can test how it works, and found some problems, this version would fix them.

And i gotta say : at the begining of a raid patch, plz also finish the Normal difficulty raid in order to get the Tier set ASAP, otherwise you'll be like me who only did heroic and get the 4T in the 3rd week.

Through half a month test and feed back from the local bbs, finally I could say that now it's a release version without bug and problem(should be , not granteed)

plz get the new strings

July 6th update

Update new strings, last time i accidentally updated the test code which override the 2T20 support , now it should work fine.

Add the concordance of legionfall aura

plz get the new aura


July 4th update

Fix some bugs

July 2 Update


Update all the texture, now it looks lot more cooler, added some new features

4T20 combo point display/flash within 5s dots expiration. See the last pic right there

I've up updated few times in the local community and it seems stable now , so I'd like to share it here.

The original thread could be found at http://bbs.ngacn.cc/read.php?tid=11864703&_ff=186 (In Chinese)

****PS:The astral bar part was modified from the well know AP_Probar.

And don't worry since I am using English WOW client and most of the sets are write in spell ID, the compability is pretty much ensured.

*it's a T20 test version, specifically on the T20 part, which means the Astral bar may not working on 2T20, but it should be, I rewrote the code to fit 2T20. And since I'm keeping looting the shitty in TOS, I can't test it myself.

It's a Balance druid Set contains the essential functions for Balance druid.
Solar/Lunar empower
Dot timer.
Dark whisper
Eluen Fury
Artifact ability (new moon)
legendaries(Dream catcher/Sephez/Oneth)

Z:[email protected]

This is a collection of 34 auras:

sunfire dot icon 2 (progresstexture)
sun emp1 2 (texture)
sun emp2 2 (texture)
sun emp3 2 (texture)
free starfall 2 (model)
free starsg 2 (model)
moonfire dot icon 2 (progresstexture)
moon emp1 2 (texture)
moon emp2 2 (texture)
moon emp3 2 (texture)
sunfire timer 2 (text)
moonfire timer 2 (text)
AP_Starfall 2 (aurabar)
background 2 (model)
Moon 2 (icon)
Moon 0 charges 2 (icon)
AP_Bar 2 2 (aurabar)
AstralBar_Shiny 2 (model)
AstralBar_fury 2 (model)
AP_PredictBarSpark 2 2 (aurabar)
AP_ASP_CALCS 2 (text)
AP_CastBarLine 2 2 (aurabar)
FOE_Smart 2 (text)
Shapeshift Form 2 (model)
Devil's Due 2 (icon)
Nefarious Pact 2 (icon)
LEGO_ED 2 (icon)
AP_Number 2 2 (text)
Stellar Flare 2 (icon)
T40 4P (icon)
sephz Icd 2 (icon)
sephz triger 2 (icon)

[email protected]
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