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Tracks all my internal CD's, as well as Externals from other raid memebers. Helpful for knowing when important buffs like Heroism/Bloodlust, Potions and Trinket Procs are active.

The UI I use on all my characters. The goal was to make it Clean and Simple. It's uncluttered and only shows the information that is relevant in combat.

It's effective in raids, dungeons and general world content and is designed for Tank, DPS and Healers.

To be used in conjunction with my Addon settings found in the video.

ElvUI setup:

Balance Druid WA's.
Boomkin Buffs -
Druid Forms -
AP Bar:
AP Icons:

Unit Frames
Party Frame
Boss Frames
Overall Reskin
Embedded Chat & DMG Meter
Buffs & Debuffs
Databars & Datatext

Any questions? Contact me on.

This is a collection of 24 auras:

Lust Druid (icon)
Potion (icon)
Warrior of Elune (icon)
Incarnation Guardian (icon)
Incarnation Balance Buff (icon)
Incarnation Feral (icon)
Celestial Alignment Buff (icon)
Berserk (icon)
Starfall (icon)
Innervate Buff (icon)
Barkskin Buff (icon)
Frenzied Regen Buff (icon)
Survival Instincts Buff (icon)
Bristling Fur Buff (icon)
Rage of the Sleeper Buff (icon)
Stampeding Roar Buff (icon)
Dash Buff (icon)
Whisper Debuff (icon)
Frenzied Regen (icon)
Ironbark (icon)
Guardian Spirit Buff (icon)
Life Cocoon Buff (icon)
Metronome Buff (icon)
Whisper Buff (icon)
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Ultimate Feral UI 7.2
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A heavily modifyed version of Pawkets feral display with added cooldown tracking and other usefull things you can find his original work here:

Download this zip file (!FZtXGY6R!dp3J9Ee1sqEIzNC9JJo9X_M8ELzcnirGdmhryy6FkXw) and extract the contents to your Interface folder (World of Warcraft/Interface). Note that you do not extract this into your addons folder. The final path should look like "C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\ICONS" or similar with the included .blp files being inside the ICONS folder. It is important you place them in the correct directory or the display will not work, so read carefully.

This is a collection of 41 auras:

Brutal slash (icon)
Ashmane (icon)
Ashmane ready (icon)
Berserk (aurabar)
Berzerk (icon)
Berzerk ready (icon)
Blood talons 1 (texture)
Blood talons 2 (texture)
Energy Bar (aurabar)
Energy Bar Text (text)
Feral CP 1 (aurabar)
Feral CP 2 (aurabar)
Feral CP 3 (aurabar)
Feral CP 4 (aurabar)
Feral CP 5 (aurabar)
Feral CP Background (aurabar)
Feral CP Control (texture)
New 5 (texture)
Rake (icon)
Rake (Inverse) (icon)
Rake Overlay (icon)
Rip (icon)
Rip (Inverse) (icon)
Rip 2 (icon)
Rip Overlay (icon)
Savage Roar (icon)
Savage Roar (Inverse) (icon)
Savage Roar Overlay (icon)
Savage Roar Overlay 2 (icon)
Snapshot Controller (texture)
Snapshot Methods (texture)
Snapshot Target Watch (texture)
Thrash Cat (icon)
Thrash Cat (Inverse) (icon)
Thrash Overlay (icon)
Tigers Fury (icon)
Tigers Fury ready (icon)
Tigers fury (aurabar)
Moonfire (icon)
Moonfire (Inverse) (icon)
Moonfire Overlay (icon)
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