Feral Druid WeakAuras

Parla Remodel
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This is a remodel / collection of Auras that I have copied and changed to my liking.
It includes Pandemic, Bleed Power, Pawket's Bleed power (Depending on liking).
Also has combopoint tracker for The Windshaper's Clutch.

All of the credit has to be given to Pawkets, Potatosaurus, Steinhaldi, Emilfb and Physx
I simply took what I think was the best from their WA's and made a mix.

If there is any additions that you want then feel free to message me.

Pawkets Icons are needed for this to work, you download them here and then you put them into
World of Warcraft\Interface\Icons

This is a collection of 40 auras:

Thrash Cat 2 (icon)
Thrash Cat (Inverse) 2 (icon)
Savage Roar 2 (icon)
Savage Roar (Inverse) 2 (icon)
Rip 3 (icon)
Rip 2 2 (icon)
Rip (Inverse) 2 (icon)
Rake 2 (icon)
Rake (Inverse) 2 (icon)
Savage Roar Overlay 3 (icon)
Savage Roar Overlay 2 2 (icon)
Rip Overlay 2 (icon)
Rake Overlay 2 (icon)
Thrash Overlay 2 (icon)
Snapshot Target Watch 2 (texture)
Snapshot Methods 2 (texture)
Snapshot Controller 2 (texture)
Pred (aurabar)
Tiger's Fury (icon)
Stampede (icon)
Dash (icon)
Survival Instinct (icon)
Wildshaper's Clutch (text)
cp1 (texture)
cp2 (texture)
cp3 (texture)
cp4 (texture)
cp5 (texture)
Energy Count (text)
Energy (aurabar)
Berserk (icon)
Ashamane's Rip Sound (text)
Ashamane's Rip timer (text)
AF (icon)
Feral Bleed Power r13 (icon)
Feral Bleed Rake (icon)
Feral Bleed Rip (icon)
Feral Bleed Thrash (icon)
Bloodtalons 2 (texture)
Bloodtalons 1 (texture)
Feral Druid