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Tracks all my internal CD's, as well as Externals from other raid memebers. Helpful for knowing when important buffs like Heroism/Bloodlust, Potions and Trinket Procs are active.

The UI I use on all my characters. The goal was to make it Clean and Simple. It's uncluttered and only shows the information that is relevant in combat.

It's effective in raids, dungeons and general world content and is designed for Tank, DPS and Healers.

To be used in conjunction with my Addon settings found in the video.

ElvUI setup:

Balance Druid WA's.
Boomkin Buffs -
Druid Forms -
AP Bar:
AP Icons:

Unit Frames
Party Frame
Boss Frames
Overall Reskin
Embedded Chat & DMG Meter
Buffs & Debuffs
Databars & Datatext

Any questions? Contact me on.

This is a collection of 24 auras:

Lust Druid (icon)
Potion (icon)
Warrior of Elune (icon)
Incarnation Guardian (icon)
Incarnation Balance Buff (icon)
Incarnation Feral (icon)
Celestial Alignment Buff (icon)
Berserk (icon)
Starfall (icon)
Innervate Buff (icon)
Barkskin Buff (icon)
Frenzied Regen Buff (icon)
Survival Instincts Buff (icon)
Bristling Fur Buff (icon)
Rage of the Sleeper Buff (icon)
Stampeding Roar Buff (icon)
Dash Buff (icon)
Whisper Debuff (icon)
Frenzied Regen (icon)
Ironbark (icon)
Guardian Spirit Buff (icon)
Life Cocoon Buff (icon)
Metronome Buff (icon)
Whisper Buff (icon)
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Resto Druid HUD by Deptree Sargeras
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Update April 25 5:05 PM MST: Made better Mana bar and fixed innervate only being available on certain talents. Going to readjust some sizes to make some important icons more visible.

Update April 24 12:00 PM MST: This weakaura has been significantly updated. Made everything a lot smaller and fit in one box. Will be updating the weakaura tomorrow to clean it up before everyone gets to raid!

Update April 20 3:00 PM MST: Changed bar textures *STILL WIP*. Mana potion/prolonged power available is the light blue side bars. Innervate is the bottom bar. The mana bar is on top. Also deleted an accidental abundance icon. I am also planning on reducing the overall size of this weakaura by roughly 10-25% but this will be done at a later date. During this reduction I will add icons for auras and the trinkit of the legendaries. After, I will try to add popular trinkets into it also.

Update April 19 9:25 PM MST: Added icons for: Abundance stack count/missing, cultivation, typhoon, mass entanglement, wild charge, and renewal. Added temporary innervate bar for when SOTF isn't selected.

Update April 18 4:30 PM MST: Changed the ugly recycle innervate icon into a beam for when tree of life is selected. This beam is still WIP. Also added two TEMPORARY side bars for your Nature's Control Tier talent and ursols vortex and then your movement talent and dash on the left and right side. This is a temporary addition to this weakaura and will be its own independent import in the future. Debating creating a custom images folder that would be required for import of the weakaura because I would really like better images for efflorescence, sotf, innervate beam for when tree is selected, archdruid proc, clearcasting, and astral harmony. But this won't be for some time.

Update April 17 6:45 P.M. MST: Moved Tree of Life Icon Into Border. Created Recycle Texture for Innervate placed outside the border. This Innervate texture is only active when tree of life is selected and an innervate icon remains within the border when tree of life isn't selected. Please let me know if this doesn't feel consistent enough. Potion Ready removed as bar and changed into a drop for a drop of mana xD.

Going to probably add some height to the astral harmony t19 4pc proc bar in the next build.

Update April 17 6:05 P.M. MST: Added Soul of the Forest Animation. Currently implementd a temporary tree of life icon on the top right. I personally really don't like this and am in the process of deciding the best way of implementing it. Currently, the thought is to remove the innervate icon when tree of life is selected and create it into a texture outside of the box, and keeping it as an icon for when tree of life isn't selected. Thoughts on this are appreciated.

BTAG: Depti#11747 or Deptree on Sargeras

Hello. I am currently rerolling resto druid and thought the weakaura's that were currently available were insufficient for my playstyle so I started creating this weakaura group. While I am a weakaura veteran I consider myself an intermediate rdruid! I am still building this weakaura message me at Depti#11747 for suggestions! I will update this weakaura every patch.

Things being added already: Soul of the Forest and Incarnation: Tree of Life

I use Masque Shadow 4 in combination with this weakaura. This weakaura is WIP and updated almost daily
This is a collection of 37 auras:

Depti Background (texture)
Wild Growth (icon)
Wild Growth CD (icon)
Tranquility (icon)
Tranquility CD (icon)
Ironbark (icon)
Ironbark CD (icon)
EoG w/Flourish (icon)
EoG CD w/Flourish (icon)
EoG (icon)
EoG CD plain (icon)
Flourish (icon)
Flourish CD (icon)
SMend w/Cward (icon)
Smend CD w/Cward (icon)
Cward (icon)
Cward CD (icon)
SMend (icon)
Smend CD (icon)
Vate (icon)
Vate CD (icon)
NC (icon)
Cure CD (icon)
Lifebloom Buff 2 (text)
Lifebloom Buff Warning (text)
Lifebloom Buff Target 2 (text)
Lifebloom Buff Target Warning (text)
Clearcasting (icon)
LB Missing 2 (icon)
Astral Harmony (progresstexture)
Barkskin Self (progresstexture)
Barkskin R (texture)
Power of the Arch (texture)
Power of the Arch 2 (texture)
Efflorescence (text)
Efflorescence 6 (texture)
Efflorescence 5 (texture)
Restoration DruidHealing