Naturally V2
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Based on the Natuarally Aura by Camperville, Original Link

Was too large in scale for my tastes so I toned it down and removed the background. All credit for this Aura Goes to the above stated Author!!!

This is a collection of 88 auras:

HP bar (aurabar)
Health % text 2 (text)
Mana bar (aurabar)
Mana % text (text)
Lifebloom Down (texture)
Lifebloom Up (texture)
Swiftmend 0 (texture)
Swiftmend 1+ (texture)
Swiftmend Prog (progresstexture)
Swiftmend Charges (text)
Efflorescence Prog (progresstexture)
Efflorescence Down (texture)
Efflorescence Down Ring Outline (texture)
Efflorescence Down Ring (texture)
Efflorescence Dur (text)
Lifebloom Dur (text)
Lifebloom Dur Reapply (text)
Lifebloom Prog (progresstexture)
Lifeboom Prog Reapply (progresstexture)
Cure CD (icon)
Cure UP (icon)
WG CD (icon)
WG UP (icon)
G'Hanir CD (icon)
G'Hanir UP (icon)
G'Hanir Running (icon)
G'Hanir Prog (aurabar)
Flourish CD (icon)
Flourish UP (icon)
Stonebark Passive (icon)
MoC Passive (icon)
Tranquility CD (icon)
Tranquility UP (icon)
Tranq RUNNING (icon)
Tranq Prog (aurabar)
Velens MISSING (icon)
Velens CD (icon)
Velens UP (icon)
Velents Running (icon)
Velens Prog (aurabar)
Innervate UP (icon)
Innervate CD (icon)
Innervate Running (icon)
Innervate Prog (aurabar)
CW UP (icon)
CW CD (icon)
Abundance Passive (icon)
Prosperity Passive (icon)
Germination Passive (icon)
Inner Peace Passive (icon)
Spring Blossoms Passive (icon)
Cultivation Passive (icon)
Tree UP (icon)
Tree CD (icon)
Tree Running (icon)
Tree MODEL (model)
Tree PROG (progresstexture)
SotF Passive (icon)
Vortex UP (icon)
Vortex CD (icon)
Typhoon UP (icon)
Typhoon CD (icon)
Mass Entanglement UP (icon)
Mass Entanglement CD (icon)
Mighty Bash UP (icon)
Might Bash CD (icon)
Barkskin UP (icon)
Barkskin CD (icon)
Ironbark UP (icon)
Ironbark CD (icon)
Rebirth UP (icon)
Rebirth CD (icon)
Wild Charge UP (icon)
Wild Charge CD 2 (icon)
Displacer UP (icon)
Displacer CD (icon)
Renewal UP (icon)
Renewal CD (icon)
Dash UP (icon)
Dash CD (icon)
Shadowmeld UP (icon)
Shadowmeld CD (icon)
Darkflight UP (icon)
Darkflight CD (icon)
Stomp UP (icon)
Stomp CD (icon)
Berserking UP (icon)
Berserking CD 2 (icon)
Restoration Druid