Fubar187421's Marksman Hunter Aura's
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I Did Not Make These, I Just Edited The Aura's To My Liking's Then Put Them Together In One Big Aura File To
Share With Everyone.

Thank You For Making The Aura's:

Putro, https://wago.io/p/Putro

Cheesepoof, https://wago.io/p/Cheesepoof

Reloe, https://wago.io/p/Reloe

Asakawa, https://wago.io/p/Asakawa

AmiYuy, https://wago.io/p/AmiYuy

Zevrim, https://wago.io/p/Oppzippy

Pattison, https://wago.io/p/Pattison

Aneri, https://wago.io/p/Aneri

Lonwang, https://wago.io/p/Lonwang

MaxDPS Spell, https://wago.io/HJ9YcrnEZ, http://maxdps.net/, http://maxdps.net/viewforum.php?f=11&sid=b4fef12c502c94d7b019740b3191f125

Laiken, https://wago.io/p/Laiken

Update 8/17/2017: Moved A Few Thing's Around To Better Fit The Screen.

Update 8/15/2017: Added Tarnished Sentinel Medallion Aura.

Update 8/12/2017: Added MaxDPS Spell WeakAura.

Update 8/11/2017: True Shot Has Been Updated And Modified.

This is a collection of 56 auras:

Barrage Ready (icon)
Barrage CD (icon)
Sidewinders 2 Ready (icon)
Sidewinders1 Ready (icon)
Sidewinders CD (icon)
BA Ready (icon)
BA Debuff (icon)
BA CD (icon)
Marking Targets (icon)
Hunter's Mark (icon)
MS Tracker (text)
Trick Shot (icon)
vulnerable (icon)
Bullseye (icon)
Bullseye timer (aurabar)
Steady Focus (text)
Trinket 1 (icon)
Trinket 2 (icon)
pot (icon)
AMoC Dur (icon)
Hero! (icon)
Misdirection (icon)
Aspect of the Cheetah (icon)
Aspect of the Cheetah CD (icon)
Aspect of the Cheetah Ready (icon)
Exhilaration (icon)
Exhilaration CD (icon)
Windburst CD (icon)
Windburst Ready (icon)
Aspect of the Turtle (icon)
Aspect of the Turtle CD (icon)
Aspect of the Turtle Ready (icon)
A Murder of Crows Ready (icon)
A Murder of Crows CD (icon)
Arcane Torrent CD (icon)
Arcane Torrent Ready (icon)
Lock and Load (icon)
Renew Volley (icon)
Focus BG 2 (aurabar)
Focus Sidewinders 2 (aurabar)
Focus Predictive 2 (aurabar)
Focus Current 2 (aurabar)
Focus Aimed Shot 2 (aurabar)
Focus Text 2 2 (text)
Focus Text 4 2 (text)
GCD (aurabar)
Trueshot (icon)
Trueshot Almost (icon)
Trueshot CD CD (icon)
Trueshot Reduction (text)
Trueshot ready (icon)
Legendary Belt (icon)
AAA Freezing Trap (icon)
BM/MM-Interrupt-Counter Shot (icon)
Traitors Oath (icon)
Fury of the Burning Sky (icon)
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Xerwo's Trinket's & Co WA's
WEAKAURA Updated Aug 12th 2017 User Xerwo Views 880 Comments 0 Stars 1
Displays various trinkets, offensive cds etc.

This is a collection of 79 auras:

Potion (icon)
Potion rdy (icon)
BL (icon)
Racials (icon)
CDS (icon)
Lessons of Space-Time (icon)
Sin'dorei Spite (icon)
Compounding Horror (icon)
Arc 2p (icon)
Nemesis (icon)
HAV (icon)
Avenging Wr (icon)
Symbols of Death (icon)
Ignition (icon)
Bloodfrenzy (icon)
Voidformstacks (icon)
Galatic Guardian (icon)
Nightfall (icon)
Guardian of Elune (icon)
Lock and Load (icon)
The Fires of Justice (icon)
Bullseye (icon)
Tornado's eye (icon)
Blessing of Elune (icon)
Darkstrikes (icon)
Rising Tides (icon)
Brand of the Legion (icon)
Seraphim proc (icon)
Crusade (icon)
Pyretic Incantation (icon)
maddening-whispers (icon)
Temptation (icon)
siphon power (icon)
Kael'thas's Ultimate Ability (icon)
Embrace Chaos (icon)
Chronoshard (icon)
Retribution (icon)
Cunning of the Deceiver (icon)
Fiery Enchant (icon)
Frost Enchant (icon)
Arcane Enchant (icon)
Accelerando (icon)
wakener's Loyalty (icon)
Nightwell Arcanum (icon)
Burning Intensity (icon)
Sephuz (icon)
Sephuz CD (icon)
Taste of Mana (icon)
Congealing Goo (icon)
Dirge of Angerboda (icon)
Howl of Ingvar (icon)
Wail of Svala (icon)
Collapsing Shadow (icon)
Arcane Affinity (icon)
norgannons foresight (icon)
Engine of Eradication (icon)
Twist of Fate (icon)
Shadow Power (icon)
Focus of Vengeance (icon)
Elemental Shield (icon)
Bloodtalons (icon)
Tiger's Fury (icon)
Empowered Moonkin (icon)
Solar Empowerment (icon)
Lunar Empowerment (icon)
Savage Roar (icon)
valarjar's path (icon)
Voidsight (icon)
Cleansing Flame (icon)
Countenance of Tyranny (icon)
Surge of Dominance (icon)
Surge of Conquest (icon)
Nefarious Pact (icon)
Devil's Due (icon)
Secondary Stats (icon)
Trinket 2 CD (icon)
Trinket 1 CD (icon)
Trinket 2 RDY (icon)
Trinket 1 RDY (icon)
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