Effie's Beast Mastery Hunter WeakAuras for Wow Legion Patch 7.2
WEAKAURA Updated Apr 30th 2017 User Effie Views 31,474 Comments 26 Stars 18
All you need as Beast Mastery Hunter in Legion!
This Aura keeps track of all your vital abilities as a Beast Mastery Hunter and keep them neatly lined up in the center of your vision.

** Watch a demonstration of the Weakaura in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUHMLXZA2iQ

Here is what you get:
- Easy trackable icons for your major abilities neatly placed below your character:
Kill Command
Dire Beast
Dire Frenzy
Bestial Wrath
A Murder of Crows
Aspec of the Wild
Titan's Thunder
Chimera Shot
Feign Death
Binding Shot
Counter Shot

- Focus bar w/ Global Cooldown bar
- Countdown timer for Beast Cleave (the number in the middle of the focus bar)
- Counter for number of targets being cleaved (the number to the left of the focus bar)
- Countdown timer for Stampede (shows how long the buff is active)
- Countdown timer for A Murder of Crows (shows how long the buff is active)
- Countdown timer for Aspect of the Wild (shows how long the buff is active)
- Color changing focus bar to indicate when Bestial Wrath is active
- Color changing focus bar to indicate when Bestial Cleave is active
- Glowing icons for abilities ready to be cast or abilities that has procced
- Missing pet warning

For the ElvUI setup, go to https://wago.io/Ekz8goe-z

Update 01/05/17
- Enabled CleaveCounter again. To make it work, make sure you have your pet's main ability on your bars somewhere (Bite, Smack or Claw). Reload your UI after you put the icon on the bars (/reload).

This will be the last update I do as I have stopped playing the game and my subscription runs out in a few days.
Thank you all for your feedback and support, very much appreciated! Should I decide to play this game again for the next expansion, expect new WA sets to be published :)

Update 14/04/17
- Disabled CleaveCounter as it is not working atm. Will try to fix and activate
- Added warning if pet is dead
- Added Out Of Combat warnings for pet if dead or not summoned

Update 17/02/17
- Added Cobra Shot icon to help with rotation w/ glow if Killer Cobra talent selected and Bestial Wrath is active

Update 09/02/17
- Recreated Dire Frenzy and Dire Beast icons to properly work with The Mantle of Command

Update 07/02/17
- Redone Dire Frenzy to (try to) compensate for the legendary shoulders as it was not working 100%

Update 03/02/17
- Replaced Dire Beast counter

Update 20/01/17
- Added Killer Cobra
- Added Aspect of the Beast

Update 19/01/17
- Fixed overlapping numbers on focus bar
- Added animation to Bestial Wrath icon when active

Update 11/01/17 for patch 7.1.5
- Added stack counters for Dire Beast and Dire Frenzy
- Changed color attributes on Focus bar for Beastial Wrath and Beast Cleave
- Changed color attributes for Beast Cleave numbers
- Removed Cobra Shot
- Changed placement on Titan's Thunder, Aspect of the Wild, Stampede and Chimaera Shot

Update 18/12/16
- Added colored focusbar for Bestial Wrath and Beast Cleave for better visibility
- Changed Beast Cleave number color
- Minor fixes and tweaks for overall feel and ease to use

Update 09/12/16
- Added icons for Counter Shot, Binding Shot, Misdirection and Exhilaration
- Moved Beast Cleave timer into center of focus bar (previously big white number in center of screen)
- Moved number of cleaving targets into left side of focus bar (previously small red number in center of screen)
- Added timer on Bestial Wrath on icon
- Removed color change on focus bar for Bestial Wrath
- Did a couple of misc bug fixes/improvements
Beast Mastery Hunter
Vulnerable Bar
WEAKAURA Updated Apr 26th 2017 User Oppzippy Views 14,862 Comments 10 Stars 10
Shows the duration of Vulnerable with markers showing when to cast Aimed Shot to maximize the damage with Patient Sniper.

The width of the markers varies, with the left side of the marker representing the absolute latest you can cast Aimed Shot while still being able to fit the same number of Aimed Shots into the remaining duration of Vulnerable. The right side is the earliest that it should be cast in order to gain maximum benefit from Patient Sniper.

If you cast your Aimed Shot within this window, the marker showing the start of the cast on the cast bar will be green. If not, it will be red. Red does not mean to stop casting; it just means that you missed the window.

To Do:
- GCD "prediction" to see if you can fit an Arcane Shot in before your next Aimed Shot
- Focus prediction and an indicator showing if you'll have enough focus for your next aimed shot after completing the current one, maybe?

Change log (YYYY-MM-DD) sorted newest to oldest:
- 2017-04-26: Added an option to move the cast bar to the top. Inverse cast bar option now works properly.
- 2017-03-16: Replaced "Vulnerable" with "187131" for trigger1. Should work with all languages now.
- 2017-03-04: Casts other than Aimed Shot no longer display as a good/bad Aimed Shot (now always displays bad color). Also renamed from "VulnerableBar" to "Vulnerable Bar"
- 2017-02-16: Cast bar marker color changes to indicate if it is a "good" Aimed Shot (within the window of an Aimed Shot marker)
- 2017-02-16: Renamed functions to stop being special snowflakes. No need to update to this version.
- 2017-02-12: Refactored code and added more comments. No need to update to this version.
- 2017-02-12: Cast bar now also displays the global cooldown
- 2017-02-08: All bar orientations now work properly (Right to Left, Left to Right, Bottom to Top, Top to Bottom)
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